After some time passed, the three of us and the three men who were completely frightened went into a nearby alleyway together.

The dim light made it difficult to see them clearly, but I could tell from the atmosphere that Yukihana was incredibly pissed off. A demonic aura seemed to be rising from her body.

Nanase, on the other hand, has grown quiet like a scaredy cat and is hiding behind me, watching what is going on. Or rather, I don’t want her to grab my backside because it wrinkles my uniform.


“Ah, yes, um…….”

“…..Summarize it for me.”

“Y-yes !”

The guys were scared and told her what happened.

The summary of their story is that they were panicking when they saw Nanase and I in the transaction. And they thought that if they threatened us properly, we would be frightened and shut up.

(Yeah, so that’s why at that time.)

The man with the wooden sword was the first to kick me. But his speed was clearly out of control, and even if I didn’t avoid him, it was a blow that would have only been grazed. I wondered why he would land such a weak, lame blow, but it was probably because he didn’t want us to get hurt.

(Then that girl there kicked him in the face.)

I heard that he panicked when I, who had been holding back, showed obvious signs of being used to fighting, and Nanase, who kicked him with no mercy at all. Well, it was true that Nanase’s kick at that time was a brilliant blow. I will not tell her that I saw the black cloth in her skirt at the edge of my vision, because I don’t know what she will say.

“….I kind of get what happened.”


“……In conclusion, you guys are all to blame.”

[ [ [Geh !?] ] ]

Yukihana gave these three a fistful of fists with all her might. As proof, Yukihana looked more distressed than Nanase. She carefully rubbed her reddened fingers.

“……I knew I should have slapped you guys.”

“No, it’s still the same as hitting them after all.”

Nanase is amazed at the fact that there is no difference. While unintentionally smiling wryly, I alternately stare at the men and Yukihana.


Seeing the scene now, one mystery was solved. It was a time when Yukihana and Kisaragi’s relationship had become strained.

[Yukihana san?]


That was the conversation just before my step sister appeared in front of them. If my step sister had not shown up at that time, Yukihana would definitely have put her hands on Kisaragi without hesitation. I was wondering why she would take violent means…….

(So she was used to that kind of thing.)

From the way things are going now, similar incidents must have happened to Yukihana before. Perhaps these men are Yukihana’s subordinates (?). I think she was using this kind of measures as a sanction when they solved the problems caused by these guys.

“…..I apologize on behalf of these idiots. I’m sorry.”

“….No, no, I kicked him myself in the face with all my might.”

“… It doesn’t change that they made you feel scared.”

Yukihana apologize politely to me and Nanase. Bowed her head with all sincerity. It’s the first time I’ve seen Yukihana like this, so I’m frankly surprised.

“N-no, it’s okay Please raise your head !”

“….I understand.”

Today’s Yukihana was very honest. Well, I can’t help but feel sorry for that.

She was at the peak of her happiness from being able to buy a new book, and then she said that someone she knew was making a lot of noise, causing a lot of trouble to an acquaintance. It’s certainly a headache.

“……So what were you guys doing?”

Once she stopped to think about it, Yukihana asked again what her cronies were doing. They were certainly carrying a case that looked insanely sturdy and looked like they had just completed some kind of important transaction. Yukihana, who had heard the story, was also curious about it and put pressure on the men, pointing at the case.

“Eh, erm, the one for example…”

“……The example?”

The men were talking like that, but Yukihana herself didn’t seem to have any idea what they were talking about. That’s why she was skeptical.

They began to fumble with the suitcases, probably thinking that it was bad to see such a situation.

“P-please look at this, so you can understand.”

Then, a sturdy-looking case was opened with a creaking sound. Inside the case was……a doll?

“……Eh, this is fi….!?”

At first, Yukihana didn’t know what it was, but after a few moments, dark eyes I had never seen before were opened. Then, with shaking hands, she said.

“I-is that……a figure of the temporary rider’s theatrical version limited form that hasn’t even been decided on a release date yet?”

I don’t know for sure, but it seems that Yukihana was quite surprised. I wondered if Nanase was the same, and I didn’t know what kind of expression to tilt my head.

Upon closer inspection, I found that the figure was quite precisely made. I don’t know what era the Rider is from, but the wrinkles etched into the cloak he wears are very realistic. I’m sure this figure was popular among children.

“……W-what’s up with this?”

“Y-yes. The other day, Young lady saw a poster of this and muttered how cool it was, so I thought I’d make her happy and send the poster and photo to a friend of mine overseas……”

“……You mean, a knockoff made overseas?”


“……You idiot !”

The excitement from joy and anger came at the same time, Yukihana’s face turned red and she was trembling. I’m used to seeing Yukihana that was usually expressionless, so it’s strangely fresh to see her with such violently swaying emotions.

And then another lecture began. The cronies can only nod their heads in response to Yukihana’s browbeating. The two people standing next to her seemed uneasy, wondering when they too would be woken up.

“Um, so what’s the problem?”

Nanase was not quite understanding the flow of the conversation. Well, it’s true that what these guys are doing is probably bad. That’s why I explained to Nanase, including confirmation from Yukihana.

“I don’t know the details either, but I think they are limited edition figures based on tokusatsu heroes. They seem to have made it without permission, but the act and the result could infringe on copyright and trademark rights. In short, it wouldn’t be good if the higher-ups found out.”

“……That kind of thing.”

After the whole lecture, Yukihana returned with the figure. She seemed to be so angry at her cronies that they seemed to be in a complete wake atmosphere.

“……In case you’re wondering, this is something that shouldn’t be released to the world, so I’m going to take care of it and keep it in a glass case for safekeeping.”

“I assume that means adding it to your collection……”

“…You shouldn’t be too sharp on your intuition, junior.”

Yukika returned the figure to its case while saying so. Well, for the time being, the general situation has been resolved. If possible, I would like to go home as it is……


Nanase is still grabbing my back for some reason. I’m begging you to let go of me soon. There should be enough preparations for self-defense.

“……Once again, I’m really sorry about today’s matter.”

“No, I’m fine with it. Right, Senpai?”


I’m not going to bother to give my opinion, so I’ll just agree to that. My thoughts were pouring into how I could get out of this awkward place.


With Yukihana being Yukihana, what is she going to do now?

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