Episode 31 – Magazine Interview



“Phew~…… I guess it’s time to call it quits.”

After I got rid of Shiina, I played the game mindlessly and the time was 12:30 across the date.
It’s time to go to bed. I have school today.
I lay down on my bed and picked up a magazine.

“Seriously, that girl’s a model.”

I’m reading a fashion magazine with Shiina on the cover.
I was curious about it when I was leaving and ended up buying it at a convenience store.

“It’s not just pictures, it’s an interview, too.”

As I was flipping through the magazine, the interview page caught my eye.

[It was an interview with model Yukio-san!]

The interviewer said,
[Do you have a boyfriend right now?]

Yukio: [Yes, I have a boyfriend of the same age.]


Interviewer, [What is he like?]

Yukio: [He is a gentleman who is kind and always thinks about me. Besides, we’ve known each other since childhood and even live next door to each other.]


Interviewer: [Well, that’s great. He’s truly a man of destiny.]

Yukio: [Yes! It’s fate! I will never leave him for the rest of my life!]

“…………… this is me, isn’t it~!”

I jump up from the bed and slam the magazine on the floor.
What is she talking about? And on a place where it will be broadcast to the whole world!

It’s not enough to tell people at school that we’re dating …………… No, that’s bad enough, but…!

Saying it in a magazine interview would be a case of a blowout.
Exhaling roughly, I immediately took out my phone, unblocked Shiina’s line, and made a phone call.

“Pick up—that guy.”

I don’t care if it’s the middle of the night.
I’m going to feel bad if I don’t snap at this guy, even if it’s over the phone right now.
After about three calls, I hear the phone ring,

“What’s the matter, Saku-kun~, it’s already midnight?”

The yawning Shiina picked up the phone.

“You, that —–.”
“Could it be~you got lonely?~”
“Shut up and listen to me for once.”
“Mouu~ I’ll listen to you because I can’t help it~”
“Interview in a magazine! You did it, ……………!”

I yelled at her while keeping my voice down and stomped on the magazine on the floor.

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