Episode 40 – Not Good



(sound of a door slamming)


I entered my room, sat down on my bed and took a break.


I’m really tired today.

It’s good that I invited Elena to my house for the first time to discuss cosplay, but there’s something wrong with her.

It’s like she was invited to her boyfriend’s house for the first time…..

–I mean, no, no, no, what am I thinking?

There’s no way that Elena, a very popular idol voice actress, and a lame-person like me are a good match……

While I was thinking that, there was a knock at my room door.



“I’m coming in, okay?”

It was Elena who came in saying that.

“I’ll sit next to you.”


Elena sat down next to me in a natural way.

Maybe it’s because I was thinking about that just now, so I’m more conscious than usual…

“I heard about it, but Akari chan is really cute. I was surprised…”

“Eh? You think so too, Elena? I knew you’d understand〜”

I’ve been talking to Elena about Akari for a long time, but I haven’t had the chance to invite her to my house so far, so today is the first time they met face-to-face.

“As I thought, Akari has an aura about her. Yeah, it can’t be helped since she’s that cute. Sigh……”

I’m worried now that my sister, the cutest girl in the world, might get hit by some pricks.

“Don’t you think so too, Elena?”

“….Creepy siscon.”

Elena looks at me with a blank stare.



“C-come to think of it, you want me to cosplay, right, Ryoga !”

“Eh? W-well, yeah. I mean, cosplay advice–“

“H-huh. Gees, you’re always like that, Ryoga…..”

Elena, whose face is slightly red, let out a frank sigh.

I feel like I’m making a serious mistake…

“No, that’s why I–“

“Look ! I’m going to change now, so get out.”

The door slams shut and I’m kicked out.


……No, let’s not think about this anymore.

I spent about five minutes mindlessly staring at the ceiling.

[You can come in, Ryoga.”

“Yeah, I’ll go in then.”

With that, I open the door.


“It took you quite a long time to get dressed–eh?”

My thoughts freeze for a moment.

No, no, what’s going on? Eh?

I rubbed my eyes again and again, but the scene in front of me didn’t change.

Because what I see in front of my eyes is…

“I-I’ll scare you if you don’t give me sweets, you know? ……Nya.”

——On the bed, Elena was wearing a bathing suit, posing like a beckoning cat with a bright red expression.

She was wearing cat ears on her head, and her body was covered only by a fur-trimmed purple bikini and thin strings.

“H-hey. What’s going on, Elena?”

“Y-you said it, didn’t you? To do cosplay. R-Ryoga, you should take off your clothes as soon as possible…….”

T-take it off? What do you mean by that?

No, I knew I was mistaken about something……

“No, I just wanted to get some cosplay advice.”


A moment later, Elena’s expression hardens.

“What do you mean? Explain.”

“Well, I have to cosplay at an anime talk event next time. The other party is Hinemiya san–“

“H-huuuuuh !? What does that mean? Why are you showing your face ! ! More importantly, why is that woman ! ! ! !”

A beautiful, silver-haired girl is coming at me.

A-as expected, this situation is bad…..

“C-come on. Calm down…….”

“I can’t calm down ! That’s a no-no. Of course it’s not good……., cancel it now.

“Right. I didn’t want to do it either, but Seki san asked me to do it and I couldn’t refuse.”

Sigh. Now that I remember, seriously, that manager…..

“Huh? Then what are you going to do ! But, no, if I do this–“

Elena is mumbling something.

“Hey, is everything alright?”

“T-then I’ll be at that event. I really don’t have a choice. Yeah, it can’t be helped.”

No, what are you…….

“No, first of all, you’re not in Animal Friends, are you?”

“Kuh……. B-but not with that woman. Do something about it !”

“Do something, there’s nothing I can do about it……”

Sighing inwardly, I held my head in my hands.

This is seriously not good……

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