The sports festival goes on. The second year class 1, who had been the winners of the scavenger hunt, lost easily in the second round. They must have used all the weapons they had in the first round. There was no one to blame them for their disappointment. And I was still watching such a scene on the rooftop. Miura was next to me and was just about to tell me the details.

“Then I’ll ask you again, what’s hidden?”

“You’ve finally thrown away the honorifics. Well, I don’t mind.”

Miura scratched his cheek. I stopped using honorifics because I thought there was no need to cover it up. Besides, there’s still no proof that this senior is really an ally. I was also annoyed by the gambling element, but I allowed it this time. If I failed, that would be the end of it anyway.

“Hidden facts of this sports festival, two events are taking place in parallel among the adults, including the chairman. To put it simply, the first one is gambling..”


“Yeah. It seems that there’s a betting game going on for millions to see which class will win. The participants are people from anti-social organizations and other dangerous people. And most of the bets are concentrated on one class.”

“…..1st year class 2.”

“You look like a quick thinker and you know what you’re doing. Maybe you’re right.”

(I see. If that’s the case, it’s certainly dangerous.)

I explored various situations in my mind and guessed what this senior was trying to say. The anti-social organization is participating in the gambling activities of this sports festival. It’s not impossible for that chairman to be involved in such a situation, a conclusion that can only be drawn because he knows the Yukihana family’s unique circumstances.

Perhaps, the people of the anti-social organization are not investing in the 1st year class 2. They are investing in a person named Yukihana Hisui. At this point, they’re probably just trying to flatter the Yukihana family. Or is it an action by the relatives to attract the future boss? The sign that was erected on the house of the Yukihana family. It was quite old, and the size of the house suggested it was a pretty big organization.

“The student council and the teacher shared the knowledge of Yukihana kun and your classmate Yukihana san’s situation at home. They have all decided to treat them like a normal student.”

‘Ah, so that’s why…..”

When I saw Yukihana’s house and her underlings, I thought that I recognized such a dangerous guy.

(Normally, I don’t think someone born in a family like that could easily attend school…..even a private school.)

No matter what, some schools would have refused to admit them because of their social image. But this school did no such thing. At first I thought this school was a good place that did not discriminate in such a way, but if the chairman was involved, the story would be different. He must have arranged for students related to the Yukihana family to be admitted. To gain connectivity with the Yukihana group.

(I can’t imagine what Yukihana is like on a day-to-day basis, but I’m sure that household is a very dangerous organization.)

When I first met Yukihana, I had a strange impression of her. It was as if she was asking for help from something. However, I had put it away as my imagination, since such a thing did not suit her personality.

However, many of the members of that house were quarrelsome and rough-tempered. High school students such as myself and Nanase, who are not related to their world, were almost caught up in their assault. Perhaps……

“…Where’s the source of the money? If there’s gambling going on, there’s got to be a lot of money coming from somewhere.”

“As I said, I don’t know that much. Well, it’s more likely that the chairman has entrusted it to someone who is very knowledgeable about the area.”

I don’t know if this story is true or not, but since it’s possible for that chairman, it’s hard to judge. Still, I don’t see where this is going yet. What in the world is the board chairman doing……and this senior too?

“I checked and found out that the chairman and the head of the Yukihana group have been friends for several years.”

“Why do you, a mere high school student, know such a thing?”

“Originally, the person I was investigating was Shinya. That’s why I joined the student council, and I joined the soccer club to increase the chances of meeting him. And it just so happened that I learned about this chairman’s move when I was researching Shinya. By the way, Haruka chan also knows about this gambling thing. Whether she knows what it means or not is another matter.”

“About this……huh.”

Well, first he said that there were two events going on at the same time, and I can’t come to a conclusion without hearing all about it. Also, about my step sister, I’m sure she has a lot of insights. I wonder if she didn’t take action because she thought it wouldn’t affect the students, or because she was afraid of getting involved. Well, I’m sure she thinks it’s strange.

(I mean, Shinya plays soccer. Not badminton….huh. I knew there was something he was still hiding.)

I urge Miura to tell me the rest of the story, and he agrees. Now, I wonder what’s left.

“One more thing. I’ve been looking into this for a while now, apart from Shinya, but don’t you think there are a lot of spectators at this sports festival?”

“Ah, come to think of it, the media is also coming to this sports festival.”

“Yes, this is rather the main issue. The gambling with the students will have no effect on them once they go. But this is different.”

Sports festivals are basically for students only, but there were several cameras from outside coming to this festival. No one had heard that the media was coming, so everyone was a bit confused in the morning. I think they were going to take some videos and photos to promote the school. Of course, if I was filmed, I could get into trouble, so I tried to avoid being filmed in my previous competitions and activities. But what do you mean, this is more problematic? As expected, I couldn’t understand it either.

Then, the senior began to talk with a sad face.

“The images taken by that camera will never be shown on TV. They will explain tomorrow that the data was lost due to a malfunction of the machine.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that the footage will end up in the hands of someone other than the TV station for a very high price. Specifically, overseas.”

“That means…….”

“By the way, it’s mostly girls on camera. And they’re zoomed in on them a lot.”

“……I see.”

Well, I guess some people like that kind of thing. I can’t say it’s a good hobby and the demand is unknown, or rather nauseating, but I’m sure that person will do such an act with a cool face without thinking anything. What a shit story. Maybe the other organizations, such as Yukihana group, are not involved in this matter. This is probably a project being carried out solely by the board chairman. Aside from the gambling, this is a complete criminal act involving minors. It’s hard to believe that he would lend a hand so easily, no matter how anti-social the organization is.

‘Did you tell the police about this?”

‘I didn’t tell them. Because I used a few gray tricks when I looked into it. Well, the police are a last resort. By the way, if you were in my shoes, would you have thought of using the police?”

“……No comment.”

I wouldn’t have thought of using the police in this case either. I want to crush it thoroughly with my own hands. On that point, I seem to agree with this senior. Whether or not you will get the chance is another matter entirely.

Then the senior looked at me again with a serious face.

“I want to ruin both of these plans at the same time.”

“Ruin it, huh. It depends on how you define it.”

“Yeah. But the first one is possible if you cooperate.”

“Hee. As far as the progress of this sports festival is concerned, I thought that the 1st year class 2 was a solid candidate to win the championship.”

Yes, as a matter of fact, the 1st year class 2 has emerged as the leading candidate for the championship. In terms of points, some classes, including our class, still have room for a comeback, but the final event is the relay. 1st year class 2 students are athletic in general, and there are two students who are abnormally outstanding in that aspect.

Yes, Yukihana Hisui and Nanase Natsume.

The first plan will be completed and a huge amount of money will be given to the anti-social organization unless those two are dealt with. …..I’m starting to feel like this is more than just a sports festival. It’s not too late to call the police, right? Well, that would be troublesome, so I won’t do it.

“Currently, there aren’t many classes that can outrun that class. But there are still a few that barely stand a chance.”

“The final event, the relay, is the turning point right?”

“Yeah. There are several candidates that can beat that class in the relay. Speaking of the second year, it’s your class, second year class 1, and second year class 2.”

Indeed, this group is composed mainly of those with good athletic skills, such as Kisaragi, Hayama, and the others. I don’t know how Yukihana will come out, but there’s a high possibility that she can leave a pretty good result. The second group has Shinkai, who’s probably capable of running at Nanase’s level. To be honest, the two classes are evenly matched.

But perhaps that will not be enough. Kisaragi had already lost to Nanase in the obstacle race by a wide margin. Shinkai had also lost to Kisaragi in an earlier competition, so it was doubtful how far they would actually go. As a result, the team has been allowed to run alone.

“So there you have it. There’s one more class that could compete with them. That class is currently in second place, having won the first round of the ball toss. Oh, and they just won the scavenger hunt, too……nice.”

“…Finally, we’ve reached the beginning of the story. I’m going to ask you one more time, is that against the rules?”

“It’s fine. There’s nothing in the sports festival clause that says it is a violation of the rules. It’s a loophole.”

It’s true that I also have the rules of the sports festival in mind, but there are no rules that bind me to what I am going to do. I mean, even I hadn’t thought of this. Perhaps this plan includes Miura’s subjectivity and desires. Oh, by the way, Hayama mentioned something about this senior in the locker room. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Then, Miura, while stopping the chairman’s plan……

“Come on, we’re running out of time, so we have to move quickly. Come with me.”

“Before we do that, let’s take a short detour. It’s only for a moment, so we’ll be fine.”

“? Okay. Anyway, let’s go quickly. My classmates will be looking for me downstairs.”

Nothing will start unless we go down to the first floor, so we started down the stairs at a quick pace. What we’re about to begin is a legalistic act in the sports festival. And for me, a betrayal of my own class. My concern is my step sister’s presence, but I’ve decided to be prepared for that. And as I was running down the first-floor corridor with him, I remembered something I had forgotten to mention earlier.

“Oh, yeah, Senpai.”

“What is it?”

“The second thing you mentioned, about the camera, maybe we can work something out about that too.”

“!? Seriously !”

“Yes. As for this one, I’ll leave it up to other people… long as they do what I expect them to do.”

As a premise, I don’t care if the girls are being voyeurized. In any case, it doesn’t affect me in any way. But I don’t like the fact that it benefits the chairman. I don’t usually take chances, but I can’t say that. So I took a detour to a place with Miura and soon joined in one of the classes.

Now, let’s go wild for the first time in a while.

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