It was another morning, a few days after Luvia had attacked me.


There were no windows in the prison I was in, and the light coming through the gaps in the brickwork and the chirping of sparrows told me that it was morning. This is a prison set up for upper class nobles who have committed major crimes against the royal family. So, except for the violence from Luvia, there is no one who would harm me. Today, too, I will spend the day under the watchful eye of that guard named Kelz.

Thinking this in my mind, I open my eyes,

“Eri samac, ……”

In front of me is Sera, dressed in a gorgeous maid’s outfit, staring at me with her eyes glistening. The languor of waking up had flown away.

So, I get up and walk over to Sera.

“Eric sama!”

But we can only hold hands due to the presence of an iron fence between us. But we were so happy to touch each other’s hands, that Sera even shed a tear. Still, as I gazed at Sera’s pretty face, wondering if it was all right for her to come here, she sensed my heart and opened her mouth, wiping away her tears.

“I have the Princess Luvia’s permission, don’t worry.”
“Well, that’s good to know.”

Sera then told me everything that had happened so far, without hiding it. Sera also told me that she had become a maid in Luvia’s service and that she was being taken care of. Sophia and Sera are working on a plan for me to reconcile with Luvia. I also learned that Luvia is being used by the forces that want war.

The information Sera gave me was almost identical to what Blinken-san had told me. But hearing directly from my personal maid gave a different sense of reality. And with the addition of Blinken-san, who had been secretly listening to our conversation, things got more exciting. However, as soon as we started talking about the fruit of the tree of life, Blinken san’s tone suddenly became more forceful.

“You can’t do that! A piece of the fruit of the tree of life is …… very dangerous! We can’t let the prince and princess Sophia do that!”

He suddenly changed his color, and I frowned at him and asked him a question.

“I-Is it that dangerous?”
“Yes, it is. The Titan District is located along the borders of the Henesys Kingdom and is an extremely dangerous and impregnable area inhabited by powerful Nephilim who have never been defeated even by the elite troops of the Henesys Kingdom!”

Sera and I were overwhelmed by Blinken san’s assertion. But I was inwardly attracted by the hopeful words, “a piece of the fruit of the tree of life”. So I decided to ask him.

“Has anyone ever taken a piece of the fruit of the tree of life?”
“There is one person who did, a hundred years ago.”
“Who is that person?”
“…… is Achaemenes the Great.”
“The greatest king in the kingdom of Henesys.”
“Yes, that’s right, …….”

 In other words, only someone with a vessel as great as that of the greatest king in history would be able to catch a piece of the fruit of the tree of life.

But now I don’t care about such kings and heroes,

I want to see Luvia’s smile.

“I’ll do it. I’ll go.”
“Tell Luvia. I’ll go. I will save Luvia’s mother!”
“As you wish!”

Blinken san tried to stop Eric for a moment. The relationship between the kingdoms of Ilas and Henesys is so bad that it is feared that a war could break out at any moment.

However, the eyes of Eric, the next king of that enemy kingdom, were burning too hot.

So Blinken was speechless and afraid at the sight of that noble figure, and could not say anything.


Sera went to Luvia’s room, where her schedule was jam-packed, and told her exactly what Eric had said, word for word. Then Luvia suddenly trembled, had all her schedules canceled, and ran with Else to the jail where Eric was, dressed to the nines.

“What do you think you’re doing? Have you gone mad?”

Not even five minutes after I sent Sera home, you’re biting too fast, aren’t you?

I was momentarily dismayed, but was relieved to find that it was rather expedient. So I turned my serious face to Luvia and said

“I will save Her Majesty Queen Esther and make peace with Luvia, too.”
“…… hahaha! You are foolish! I’ve sent the strongest soldiers I’ve ever had over there. But not one of them came back alive. Even when I offered mansions and titles to those who brought the fruit of the tree of life, no one would even go near that area for fear of the giants called Nephilim!”

Luvia’s words are getting stronger and stronger. She also looks sad.


“I’ll go. I want to see Luvia’s smile.”

“! What are you saying ……”

Luvia is revered as the most beautiful woman on this continent. But more than her beauty, I want to see her as an innocent girl with a bright smile.

“…! Y-y-y-you!! What a way to talk to me. ……”
“Let me go. If I don’t go soon, Her Majesty Queen Esther will not be saved.”

I looked at Luvia seriously, and she looked away, her mouth agape.

“……If you are in such a hurry to die, then go. You will lose your life because of your foolishness.”
“No. No, I will not die. I will make up with Luvia and live happily ever after.”
“!!! Shut your mouth!!!”
“Fufu, I’m sorry.”

It seems I have your permission now. I’m going to turn that rage into happiness.

So I left the jail, washed myself clean, and went into the noble room where the three of us were staying. Then,

“Eric-sama !!!”
“Eric !!!”

“Everyone ……but, three people jumping into the room at the same time …… Vuah!”

I could feel their warm body heat for the first time in a long time, and all three of them were draped over me, their heads attached to my chest.

B-bad…oh no……… I didn’t realize it because we always together…but they smell so good……………I don’t want other guys to smell this scent. I want it to be mine alone.

I hugged the three of them tightly with both arms, feeling such exclusivity begin to grow in my heart.

“Sorry …… Sera, Sophia, and Mandane have done so much for me, and I’m the only one who can do something like this for them. ……”
” Eric-sama …… I’m good at this.”
“Eric …………. I am Eric’s woman. It’s only natural that I would give my life for the man I love. So …… that’s why ……”
“Eric, when you and Luvia make up, let us drown in your love.”

“Yeah. of course. I pledge my undying love to you.”

I whispered softly and we shared a sweet moment together. We didn’t cross any lines, but our love for each other was already at its maximum.


A few mornings later

Sophia and I left the castle on horseback to go to the giant settlement. Even though the war clouds were in the air, the royal city was still bustling with activity.

So we decided to stop the horses and look around the city for about half an hour.

“Thank you, Sophia, for being there. Thanks to Sophia’s presence, I feel very much at ease.”
“Fufu, what are you talking about? I belong to Eric, so it is only natural that I am always by his side.”
“When I get a piece of the fruit of the tree of life, when I make peace with Luvia, and when world peace is achieved, let’s have lots of fun!”
“…… I’m going to be queen, and Eric will be king. So I don’t think we’ll have much room to play. ……”
“A king can do whatever he wants, can’t he? I used to wield power for my own pleasure, but from now on, whether I am a prince or a king, I will do my best to make everyone else happy.”
“……After all, I’m glad to be Eric’s woman. ……”

We were walking hand in hand. Then,

“Excuse me! Eric-san!”

I heard a man’s voice from behind me. I moved my face to see Kurtz-san, the guard, gasping for breath.

“Kelz san!”
“Haa…… haa….Eric san, here! Please take it!”

Kelz handed me something with a bag on a string. I received it and asked him what it was with my eyes.

“This is a weapon I developed called a rock sling! Put a rock in this big bag, grip both ends of the string, and turn it powerfully. When it gains speed, release one end, and the stone will fly to the target with great speed! It is easier to aim and more powerful than a bow!”
“Y-yes. Thank you!”
“I have that Eric-san will be back. ……”

Seeing Kelz san shyly racking his head, I put this rock sling in the bag and reply.

“Yes, I’ll be back! I will definitely come back! Let’s have dinner together sometime.”
“No, no! I’m a commoner, so I don’t think that’s an option for me.”
“I don’t care if you’re a commoner or royalty. You are a kind-hearted person who helped me.”
“I understand ……. I will support you!”


Someone peeks in on Eric, Sophia, and Kelz as they are conversing with a smile on their faces.

“Well,……, Your Highness,……, although you have given full authority to the one you trust,……, it is dangerous,……,…….you should turn back to the royal palace. ……””
“I bet that man will run away anyway. Elze, if he escapes, catch him.”
“Yes,……, I understand.”

The immense beauty was wearing a scarlet cloak and was following Eric and Sophia with a powerful guard man named Elze.

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1 year ago

The technology of this world is roughly Medieval era and slings are something a random guard recently invented?

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Love the novel, thanks for the translations and replying to emails I sent