“Then, I’ll be in your care. Nekura Ryoga kun.”

I came up behind Nekura kun from the entrance of the gymnasium and put my hand on his shoulder.

He looked surprised and turned around.

“W-why Hazuki san?”

Nekura kun looks upset. It’s kind of cute.

“I just came here today because it’s ‘Girls’ day’. So it can’t be helped, right? Yeah, it can’t be helped.”

Well, that’s a lie.

“N-no wait a minute–“

“Then I want you to break into your pairs and start with the warm-up exercises.”

“Then let’s go that way !”

I pulled Ryoga kun’s hand and took him to the corner of the gym.

Now, let’s spend some time alone together, shall we?

Ryoga kun–

I moved to the corner of the gymnasium and helped Nekura kun with his flexibility.

I snuggle up against Nekura kun’s back as he’s spreading his legs.

A chance to legally flirt with Ryoga sama. Guhehehehe…..

Opps, no, no.

I tighten my loose cheeks.

“Look, concentrate. You have to relax, Okay? Ryoga kun.”

“No, it’s more like you’re hitting me on the back……”

The reaction is very naive.

Is he not used to girls?

It makes me want to tease him.

“Fufu, what’s hitting? If you don’t tell me properly, I won’t know.”

“L-like I said. Y-you’re breasts……”

“Hey, what are you thinking, Ryoga kun? You have to do it seriously, look.”

After all the teasing, I think it’s time to get down to business.

“Hey, are you Ryoga sama?”

“L-like I said, I don’t know that person. I really don’t know anyone like that.”

“You’re lying. I know, okay? I know your voice when we bumped into each other in the hallway. That was Ryoga sama’s voice, right?”


Fufu, understandable silence.

But let’s try a little bit more.

“Why are you hiding it?”


Nekura kun looked down and fell silent.

I think I teased him a little too much.

It’s time to stop now.

“Well, I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m looking forward to working with you in the future, Ryoga kun.”


This time it was before morning homeroom.

I was sitting next to Nekura kun’s seat–with him.

Today, Nekura kun was unusually looking at his smartphone happily, so I thought I’d tease him, but he ended up attracting the attention of those around him.

Well, I didn’t mind.

But he, sitting next to me, doesn’t seem to think so.

“Hey, they were looking at us.”


“I-I have to go to the restroom !”

“Ah. W-wait.”

Nekura kun went away without listening to me.

I was going to get the proof that he was Ryoga sama.

(Sigh, another failure…..)

I sighed in my mind and looked at my desk.

Then, there was・・・・・・Nekura kun’s phone left there.

Hm, is this, by any chance……

I operate his phone and tap the Line app icon.

Then, the app launched easily.

(It’s no good, right?. I can’t believe he didn’t lock his line. Hey, Ryoga kun.)

I chuckled inwardly and somehow looked at the top talk room.

Elena: ‘Where do you practice, Ryoga?’

Ryoga: “Hmmm, usually at home or karaoke. At school, I do it on the rooftop during lunch break.”

Elena: “I see. By the way, when do you think we can go to the next Suipara?”

Elena? Who is this woman? She was familiar with my Ryoga sama……!

And at Suipara? You’re not alone with her, are you?

(No, calm down, Rinka. Now is not the time.)

I took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to unintentionally block this person.

At any rate, I found out that Ryoga sama is practicing something…on the rooftop during lunch break.

I’ll go there tomorrow.


A smile leaks out of my mouth.

I won’t let you go, Ryoga sama.

At that time, I had not expected this.

I had no idea that I would meet him・・・・ on the rooftop.

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1 year ago

The FMC is a trash stalker. Messing with someone else’s phone without permission. Elena is much better.

1 year ago
Reply to  canalnoodle

Agree….but we can say that she’s a little proactive