Episode 37 – Not singing!?



“Saku-kun~, let’s go karaoke together~”

Shiina says as she grabs my hand again and wiggles her bottom.
I can’t run away anymore.
Even if I tried to escape, or even if I did, it would be a repeat of the last time.

I don’t want to experience that kind of horror again.
I have no choice but to go to the karaoke bar.
But I will do my best to get away from Shiina.
Carefully, though, so as not to let her get on nerves

“……………Yes, yes, I’ll go.”
“N~~! Yay! Then let’s go to the karaoke bar right away!”
“Wait, aren’t we all going?”
“Well, it’s better for everyone if we get a room first, right? Besides, if we all go together, we can’t make out alone.”
“The girl who usually sticks to me without hesitation is talking like that.”

I don’t understand the point of being embarrassed there.
You’re always doing things that make people around you uncomfortable.

“Well, it gives us more time together, and it’s good for everyone, so it’s a win-win!”
“………… Haa?”
“All right, let’s go!”

Then, Shiina pulled me by the hand and walked away.
I look up to see Hazuki and Sana sneaking a look at us through the classroom door.

The two of them had a small gut punch.
I’m going to make them ……… unable to have s*x for the rest of their lives.

“Haa~, karaoke. And Saku kun~”

The following is a list of the most popular types of karaoke.

“No, we went there a while ago.”
“That was different. We were just talking.”
“Who was that girl who was singing along?””
“I’m just going to sing this time, and you’re going to sing too, so I’m looking forward to it!”
“I’m not going to sing this time.”
“I told you, I’m not going to sing.”

I said as I put on my shoes and Shiina came next to me and brought her face close to mine.

“Why not?! Why aren’t you singing?!”
“I’m tired, I’m sleepy, and I’m a dedicated listener.”
“It’s karaoke! What do you do if you don’t sing?”
“Just listen to other people sing.”

There may be many people around you who are dedicated listeners.
I like the atmosphere of going to karaoke with others, but I don’t like singing.
This is usually the case with people who are tone deaf.

They eat a drink bar and soft ice cream, listen to everyone else’s songs, and get excited.
There may be one or two in the class.
It’s just that it’s me this time.

“Heyy~~! Saku-kun is going to sing too! That’s a done deal!”

I insist fiercely, waving my hands in the air.

“Why are you forcing me to do this?”
“You want to hear the person you love sing, don’t you!”
“I have no idea.”

Is this what you call a maiden’s heart? Or is it just Shiina?

“Besides, I want to know what kind of songs you sing! If you sing me a love song, I’m sure I’ll die of a swoon.”
“I guess I just have to sing ani-songs………”
“I’ll like anything you sing, Saku-kun, so don’t worry.”
“Then it’s best if I don’t sing.”

It’s not that I’m tone deaf. But I don’t want to sing.
Because, at any rate, it’s hard to sing in front of Shiina.
During the interlude of the song, she would call out love calls to the phrases, and she would do penlights and wotagei.

I’ve experienced this in the past.
When we went there after Shiina’s behavior started getting extreme, it was like a reverse version of a mini live performance at a maid cafe.

Nothing but hard singing.

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