Nanase, alone, makes her way to her classroom. She had originally stopped by the equipment room to pick up something she had forgotten and had no intention of staying long. However, the unexpected sight of her made her talk for a long time.

(Does that person maybe not have any friends or something?)

Last time I saw her when I was shopping with my step sister, she talked with her in a friendly manner, but perhaps she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the class as I had expected. Maybe that’s why she was eating her breakfast there alone and looking lonely.

Well, Nanase closed her eyes and said that there was nothing she could do about it.

And then she enters the classroom as quietly as possible…..but still everyone’s eyes turn to her once more. There is also about her hair, but in the end it doesn’t change that she stands out from the crowd.

Ignoring the stares as best she can, she makes her way to her seat. In the beginning, she talked a lot, mainly with boys, but recently that kind of thing has been decreasing. The reason for this is that more and more students are becoming creeped out by the fact that those two guys who were often involved with her have left the school. She felt bad for those two, but now that they have left the school, She’s getting closer to a peaceful everyday life.

Nanase then placed her bag firmly on her desk.

Nanase’s seat is the second one from the window in the classroom. She really wanted to go to the window, but she forced herself to accept it, telling herself that it would allow her to concentrate on her studies. She then turned her attention to the boy next to Nanase who was enjoying the window seat.


As usual, he is immersed in the world of music today. But today, unusually, he was playing a certain handheld game under his desk while listening to music. It was a remake of the recently released Pokemon game.

(He’s already almost done clearing the game.)

Gently looking at the screen, I was already walking almost to the point of clearing. He seemed to be enjoying the game, judging from the fact that he was struggling against the last boss.

While she was thinking this, his eyes left the game and turned to Nanase. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t had enough sleep, or maybe it’s because the battle situation on the screen is unfavorable, but he seems to be in a bad mood.

“What is it?”

“You’re having a lot of fun, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, until I saw your face.”

“Puh, you’re about to lose at the end.”

“Shut up.”

However, he is almost wiped out at the end, so he can’t say anything more strongly, so he closes the game while clicking his tongue.

“Hm, you’re stopping?”

“That was just a way to blow off steam.”

“It’s embarrassing when you lose in front of people.”

“You better remember that.”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. You’re still as short-tempered as ever, Hisui.”


Nanase Natsume and Yukihana Hisui talk like they’re used to each other. As for Nanase, she sighs in amazement that he is showing off again.

(Good grief, that’s why he can’t make friends)

Nanase originally lived abroad, but due to her parents’ work, she ended up living in Japan. She met Hisui at the elementary school she transferred to. And somehow, they have been in the same class together for a long time. In short, they have an inseparable relationship. It was only after the two of them entered high school that they found out that we both applied to the same high school.

They are not particularly close, but they trust each other to a certain extent.

Initially, Nanase was repeatedly warned by her classmates not to talk to Yukihana Hisui. Nanase did not take to it at all, but in the meantime, bad rumors about Hisui spread. Apparently, a male student who was jealous of the fact that she was talking to him in a friendly manner (from his point of view) made up a bullshit rumor and spread it.

Normally, this is an incident that you should be angry about. But Hisui said

[I don’t care, it’s such a false rumor. You should worry about yourself.]

He was not paying attention to it at all. The student who spread the rumor was expelled from the school, so I can’t even guess how he is feeling about it.

(Geez……he used to be more of a crybaby.)

Knowing such a past, Nanase was paying attention to him as much as possible. In addition to that, she owes him several debts, which makes her feel surprisingly shy.

Time passed as it did, and soon after the short homeroom, classes started.

(…..I wonder if Senpai will be there)

While listening to the class, I suddenly think about today’s morning.

I forced myself to invite him, but I really don’t know if he will come. Or rather, it is more likely that he will not come. But there is something I really want to check.

(After all, that time…..was)

Nanase suddenly remembered the old days. It was a time when both she and Hisui were still in elementary school and didn’t know what to aim for. Those days were hard for her. And even more than that, Hisui must have felt even worse.

(I want to know. I really want to know.)

I remember the words I threw at Senpai at that time.

[A smile is not something that can be taken for granted. Just seeing someone smile can make you happy, and happiness is contagious. It can even affect someone’s life.]

I was referring to him but Senpai did not seem to understand. It was described as a unique value system, but the person who instilled it in me is someone….who might be Senpai.

(It’s a bit nostalgic.)

Nanase decided to dwell on her past for a little while.

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