Ding dong ding dong

“Okay, that’s it for today’s closing assembly ! Be careful when you go home !”

After school.

I change my shoes at the shoe box and go out the school gate by myself.



But still, a lot has happened today…… Seriously.

First of all, I was called out by Suzuki, which ended surprisingly easily when Suzuki passed out after just one real punch–

(After that.)

After that, I headed to the rooftop with Hazuki san, and for some reason she wouldn’t let go of my hand while we were holding hands.

“No, seriously……”

Looking at my right hand which Has been held by Hazuki san, I let out a sigh.

I still can’t believe that I was holding hands with that Hazuki san at school.

Because, it’s Hazuki san, you know?

And what I remember is the sight of an angel with semi-long black hair smiling at me at a close distance.

My heart is pounding loudly.

No way, Hazuki san–



I slapped my own cheek to calm myself down for once.

No, it’s only the voice actor “Ryoga” that Hazuki san likes, not me ・・・・・.

Her kindness is only directed towards “Ryoga” and the character I played, not me.

“Well, that’s……supposed so.”

I almost have a delusion that Hazuki san will like me as “Nekura Ryoga” but that’s just a delusion….

No matter how hard I try, it’s only in anime and light novels that a shady character like me can date a beautiful girl like Hazuki san.


I sigh for the umpteenth time today.

……Well, even so, it’s not all bad.


I can’t help but smile, a complete change from a moment ago.

Yes. After all, today is that day… that’s why.

Tap tap tap

I type into the search bar of my phone and search for the restaurant I’m looking for.

“Let’s see………..ah, this one.”

What I see is the name of the store, [The Four Seasons Café] and colorful text that says, [Half-price DX parfait campaign only on the 20th of even-numbered months !].

This café is located in a shopping mall a five-minute walk from the school’s nearest station, and has a stylish atmosphere, but it’s not just the café itself.

The “DX Parfait,” a parfait that is much larger than usual, is said to be exquisite.

The quality and quantity of the parfaits are quite good, as seen in the reviews and photos posted on [Eat Log] and [Hot Chili Gourmet].

I had been avoiding the parfait because of the word of mouth that most of the customers are women and couples, and that single male customers would not be able to enjoy the parfait, but I was not interested when it was half price sale.

(I have no choice but to go ….! I have to go to this battlefield ….!)

I took the first step with overwhelming determination to try the best parfait I had yet to see…

“Hm, Senpai?”

I heard a voice behind me that sounded like something I’ve heard somewhere before.

……But this is probably directed at someone else.

How do I know? The answer is simple.

In the first place・・・・I don’t know any girls who say [Senpai].

“Hey, I know you can hear me. Senpai?”

High, I don’t know who you are, but I envy you.

I’m sure he’s a pretty good looking guy to be stopped by a junior girl.


I was jealous of the good-looking guy. I didn’t even know what he looked like, but I hurried on my way to the shopping mall.

“Geez ! Are you going to ignore me? Then I’ve got an idea…….here !”



Suddenly, she hugged me on my left arm and I lost my balance.

W-what the? I mean–

“……What do you want? Yanagi Erika・・・・”

What I see is a situation where a woman with blond twin-tail hair・・・・・・・・gives me a cheeky smile.

“Fufu. Hello, Senpai♪”

To be honest, there are a lot of things I’d like to get into, but first let me say one thing.

“Hey. Why are you wearing your hair like that?”

When I saw you before, it was definitely long and straight.

I can still understand if it matches a popular hairstyle, but definitely twintails are not that that popular.

“Eh, don’t you like this kind of thing, Senpai?”


Even I could see that my mouth was wide open due to my surprise.

It’s true that I said such a thing at yesterday’s event and it was a big slip, but why does Yanagi Erika knows about it……?

As if reading me, Yanagi Erika pulls out her smartphone from her pocket and operates it.

“It’s a great topic of conversation on Twitter, you know? Senpai likes twintails with blond hair. Look.”

The hashtag “#Blonde twintails” appears at the top of the trending topics on the screen of the phone that Yanagi Erika held out to me.

N-no way…….

“I mean, my hair. Do you want to touch it? Here, give me your hand.”


I found myself with my left hand stroking Yanagi Erika’s blonde hair.

It feels nice and silky…….not that.

“H-hey. What are you doing, seriously?”

“I-it’s a service, you know? Sigh. I’m letting you touch it because it’s you.”

“N-no. It’s okay……”

When I let go of my hand in a hurry, Yanagi Erika looked at me with a dissatisfied face.

Putting aside the other day, seriously, what are you thinking……

“A-anyway. I’ve got something to do now, so see you later.”

I have a special business to eat DX parfait. I’m not lying.

“Is that about that parfait on your phone?”

“Hm? Huh…….”

Yanagi Erika points at the phone that was still on my right hand.

D-darn it…….

“Half price on the 20th of even-numbered months–that’s today, isn’t it ! Oh, I wanted to have a parfait too〜”

“No, you don’t have to, really.”

I mean, don’t come…….

It’s obvious that it would look bad if I went there with such a beautiful girl.

“Why are you being so mean to me?”

W-why do you suddenly look like you’re about to cry like that……

“O-okay. Let’s go together, yeah?”

“Yay ! Then let’s hurry up and go♪”

Yanagi Erika pulls me by the arm with a big smile on her face, as if her expression from a while ago was a lie.

W-was the crying face I saw earlier an act? No, seriously……

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Take a sip everytime this guy say “seriously”