“…… is it morning already?”

I woke up to the sound of a loud alarm blaring throughout the room and slowly got out of bed. I felt a little better than last night, but my body was still sluggish.
After changing into my uniform, I went to the dining room and opened the social game app while eating breakfast that was prepared on the table.
Then, after receiving a login bonus, I started to go around the appropriate dungeon. It is my routine every morning to consume the stamina that was fully restored while I was sleeping.
I always arrive at school just in time because I’m doing this from morning, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have any friends to chat with even if I go early.
By the way, since my father, mother, and Mio had already left home for work or school, I was the only one at home until this time of day.

“Hee, I guess they are going to have a swimsuit gacha this year too. Come to think of it, August is coming soon.”

After going around the dungeon, I saw the notice from the company and remembered that summer vacation is coming soon. The summer vacation is surely going to be a fun time for the people in the rear, but for a loner like me, it’s just like a long weekend.
In fact, last year’s summer vacation was basically the same as any other weekend, and there were almost no summer vacation-like events.
If I may say so, I went to my grandmother’s house in Kurashiki City, Chugoku-Shikoku with my family of four during the Obon season, and I went to a neighborhood summer festival at the invitation of Mio.
I also longed for a summer vacation where I could play with friends at the beach or in the mountains, or go to a fireworks display with my girlfriend, but it would be impossible for me to do so when I was a loner.

“This year’s summer vacation won’t be much different from last year’s, and I’ll most likely spend it doing whatever assignments I have to do while watching anime and playing shadow games.”

I was mumbling to myself, but before I knew it, I realized that it was almost time for me to leave home.
I was in a hurry to eat my breakfast, because it would be quite unfashionable to be late for class with my attendance days being so close to the end. As I grab my bag and am about to leave the house, the intercom suddenly rings.

“Who could it be this early in the morning, ……?”

Puzzled by the unexpected visitor, I looked at the intercom monitor installed at the entrance anyway. I thought I would ignore it if I didn’t know who it was, but then I saw a familiar face on the monitor.

“……Eh, it’s Reona and Riona!?”

How did they know where I live when I didn’t tell them where I live? While thinking about this, I opened the door and spoke to the girls.

“Good morning you two, what’s going on all of a sudden?”
“Ryoya-kun, good morning. I came to pick you up.”
“Let’s go to school together.”

Reona and Riona uttered this with a nonchalant expression on their faces. Apparently, they went out of their way to pick me up at home.

“…… Hey, how did you know where I live? I don’t think I told you two.”
“I know because I came with my dads once to thank Ryoya’s family for helping me.”
“Yes, when Ryoya was still in the hospital.”

When I heard the reason, it made a lot of sense to me. Then the three of us started walking side by side to school.

“But seriously, you came to my house at just the right time. If you had come too early, I would have had to keep you waiting, and if you had come too late, I might not have been home.”
“I guess that’s what you call a woman’s intuition….”
“……, yeah, it just happened.”

When they heard my words, they both fell silent for just a moment, but soon answered me as such. I felt something strange when I saw them. But since I was quite sleepy, I didn’t think too much about it.

“Speaking of which, Ryoya kun, where do you plan to go on your school trip? I believe the date for submitting the preference survey is this Friday.”
“Yeah, I’m planning to go to Kyoto.”

The three choices for the school trip were Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Kyoto, but as a history buff, I would choose Kyoto.
Incidentally, the school excursion is scheduled for the month immediately following the cultural festival in September, so there are a lot of events after the summer vacation.

“Hee, I see. There are so many places I want to go, like Fushimi Inari and Arashiyama, so I think I’ll go to Kyoto too.”
“If you want to go to Kyoto, then so do I.”
“Well, we still have time, so let’s take our time and think about it.”

While we were having a good time talking like that, we found ourselves at the school gate. Since we were near the school, we could see many students going to school like us.
And like yesterday and the day before, I was getting a lot of stares, which made me feel quite uncomfortable. I was also getting looks of jealousy and hatred from the boys, so I really hope they don’t give me a break.

“…… sorry, I think I’m going to go first because I can’t seem to hold it.”

I was so overwhelmed by the pressure that I left them alone and walked away. After changing into a pair of shoes at the shoe box, I ran into the private restroom and passed the time appropriately until just before the chime for the start of class rang.

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