With a bang, the door of the house opens.

“Let’s go buy some furniture. Ren sa-, Ren-kun.”

“You’re in a hurry this morning…why are you coming in here without permission?”

“This is my house, so it doesn’t matter if I come in here without permission, does it?”

“It’s not Shinju’s house to begin with! It’s my house!”

“Let’s go to Ni◯ instead of this.”

“Saying that, hey, you are trespassing!”

“Come on, dear.”

“Since when did I become Shinju’s husband?”

“Since forever. We’re married.”

“I keep telling you, we’re ex-fiancee.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Shinju was already standing at the door of the house, ready to go.

“Well, I wanted the furniture, so I’ll go…”

A few stops on the train, and…wait, where is it?

I followed shinju…

“Shinju. Where’s the place?”

“Dear, You were going to buy furniture without even looking it up? You’re screwed without me, aren’t you?”

“Do you know where is it?”

“Yes, of course.”

She told me to follow her, and I did.

“Here it is.”


“So what should we buy? How about a bed? A double bed would be nice. We’ll sleep together, and of course we’ll have sex there.”

“I don’t need a bed because I have a futon, and I don’t want a double bed in my room.”

“Ara, you didn’t mention anything about sex.”

“Why do you keep mentioning it after I’ve already gone through it?”

“Because Dear, you’re an adolescent, too, and I thought you might be interested in that kind of thing…”

“No, I’ve been spending time with you since I was a little boy, and I thought it was too late for that.”

“Well, I’m real, I’m always thinking about you, and I’m always ready to conceive your child.”

“Don’t even joke about that, Shinju…”

“Oh, I would never lie to you.”

“That’s a lie already…”

I want to buy some cooking utensils, but Shinju goes to the corner, which has nothing to do with cooking.

“Dear, why don’t you buy a study desk now for when you have kids?”

“At least get me one of those…”

“Then you’ll need a school bag, too.”

“I’m not going to get into it anymore.”

“How about a sofa?”

“A sofa… that’s what I want, but…”

“When I go to your house, there’s nowhere for me to sit.”

“What is it!? I thought you were just going to recommend it to me, but it’s for you after all!”

“I don’t mind if you don’t buy it if you let me use your leg as my chair Dear.”

“What’s that?…”

“Look, you came here to buy cooking utensils. Let’s go.”

“I like this knife. I’ll buy it.”

“Shinju, you can’t cook.”

In fact, Shinju can’t cook. I think I once told you she once made porridge for me when I had a fever, and I was sick at the time, but to my dismay, I vomited.

“Since when do you think I use a knife to cook?”

“Hey, Stop it.”

“All those women who came up to you…”

“Stop it, that’s all! That’s a crime!”

“I don’t care if I get caught, as long as I can protect you.”

“It’s not a big deal!. Stop it.”

“Well, you know, if you don’t get involved with any other girls besides me…”

Ah, absolutely impossible. Because Ruri-san is next to me because I’m a neighbor, and Rin-senpai is at my part-time job, so it’s impossible. Well, I think you’re joking…

I managed to withstand Shinju’s attack, finished my shopping, and came home…

“Hey, Ren-kun! Welcome home.”

“Dear, Who is she? You’re awfully familiar.”

“Ren kun, who is the person next to you? Could it be… your girlfriend?”

“Umm, Ruri san, she’s my friend from back then.”

“So, Shinju, Ruri san is my neighbor.”

“Mistress? That’s terrible! You have me, and you’re…”

“Neighbor! How can you mistake me for his mistress?
Ren kun, is she really your friend?”

“Yes, she’s just my friend.”

“His wife. Ren kun’s. But you are so familiar with my dear, aren’t you?”

“I’ve told you many times it is Ex fiancee!”

“What do you mean by “ex-fiancee”?”


“Do you know the Takiyama Group?”

“Yes, that big company…”

“Ren-kun is, you know. Ren-kun is the son of the Takiyama Group’s.”

“I know that, of course I know that.”


I was surprised together with Shinju because I didn’t think she knew.

“…… can I talk to her. Can you go home first?”

The house I’m going home to is my house, Shinju, not yours.

There was no way I could say such a thing, so I tried to enter the house.

“Ruri-san, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to come to my room!”

“Oh no, Ren-kun, you suddenly invited me to your room…”


“Dear go inside quickly, I’ll take care of everything…”

Shinju pushed me into her house, and I was anxious, but I couldn’t talk to her, saying I had something to tell her…

Then I remembered to use something she bought today…

“Wait a minute! Shinju, she bought that knife like that, didn’t she? I don’t think so…”

Ren’s anxiety grew even greater.

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