“Eh, aa….. ah~”

Asahina-san is glancing at me in confusion.

“Hey hey, don’t annoy Asahina-san.”
“W-Well, besides, Kogure-kun also has someone he likes.”

The disparity between Asahina-san and me in terms of appearance is quite large to begin with.
Hiyori was here today, so it wasn’t like that, but if it was just the two of us, I’m sure she would have been told various things.

Even here in the food court, Asahina-san is getting a lot of stares.

At a quick glance, the most beautiful one among the hundreds of customers here must be this girl in front of me.

“But Onee-san and Nii-nii got along great.”

Hiyori takes out the phone I had lent her, operates it, and hands it to Asahina-san.

The moment she saw the screen of the phone, Asahina-san’s face turned bright red. Look at what screen …….


There was a row of photos of her hugging me with all her might at Horror World and Roller Coaster.

I thought Hiyori was taking pictures of scenery, but she was taking pictures like this. I was so focused on Asahina’s body that I didn’t notice it at all.

“I-I …… was hugging him like this.”

“It can’t be helped that you were shaking! I’m sure you would have done the same thing even if it wasn’t me,…….”

” …”


“I’ve never done it to anyone other than Shizuku or Kokoro. What is it …… Kogure-kun?”

“I’m not the one asking you. Hya!”

In the bottom photo of the photo folder on the screen, there is a picture of me looking at Asahina’s cleavage. Luckily, Asahina-san doesn’t seem to have noticed yet. This is bad. I need to erase it immediately!

“P-Please give me back my phone!”

“Eh, Kyaa?”

This was my fault too. I was in such a hurry to grab the phone that I ended up in a position where I had to cover Asahina-san.

As a result of my legs getting tangled up, I inadvertently buried my face in Asahina’s chest.

My hands were hugging her back, and my face was amazingly warm and soft from her soft skin.

But my heart was chilled.

“Heee,…… I hugged you a lot, and now you hugged me back.”


“Hyan, hey, don’t breathe on me in any strange places. Mouu!”


A slap with a nice sound and a painful sting on my cheek brought me back to reality.

“Mouu…! You have Shizuku!”

Asahina-san was still a little angry, but not fatally so, thank God.

She seemed to think it was just an accidental happening. And the photo that caused the problem was erased without being noticed.

I’m glad I detected it beforehand because it would have been too bad if this one had been found out.

“Ni-ni, does your cheek hurt?”

“Not too bad.”

“Onee san, they are very soft. Do you think so, ni nii?”


“Giro” (Stare)


Even though I had to pay for the slap, it was great.

I wonder if the reason things didn’t turn nasty after all this was because of the morning’s incident.

As it was a good time, we moved to the venue for the Cure Cure show. We sat down near the stage.

“Hiyori, let’s get changed.”


“Eh, Here? Ah.”

I took some clothes from my luggage and put them on Hiyori’s body.

It was a homemade Cure Cure costume.

Of course, it was made of cheap fabric, so it wasn’t that good.

“Whaaa, it’s so cute! It’s like having a CureCure!”

“Ni-ni made it for me.”

“I remember Shizuku said he showed her too. It’s amazing that you can sew as well.”

“It’s just an amateur’s hobby level. When I thought about how to make the angelic Hiyori more like an angel, this is what I came up with.”

“Kogure-kun’s siscon is also considerable.”

“I will take that as a compliment.”

The audience began to gather at the venue and the seats were filling up fast. I and Asahina-san sandwiched Hiyori between the two of us and waited for the show to start.

“The front girl’s costume is very well done,”

“The couple in front …… might be their daughter. No way.”

Thanks to Hiyori’s conspicuousness, I can hear voices about me and Asahina-san, and it’s kind of awkward.

After all, if you go out with a woman, will you be treated as a couple?

A five-year-old girl is a bit too much to ask for. I hope Asahina-san doesn’t mind. …… I glanced in Asahina-san’s direction.


I met Asahina-san who looked a little embarrassed! Feeling awkward, I look away.

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