I was surprised that she demanded petting as a matter of course.

“Ni ni quickly” demanded by Hiyori.

Asahina-san is probably just not thinking straight.

But I can’t just leave it at that. Let’s take this as a chance to legally stroke a girl’s head.

I touched her platinum blonde hair like I would Hiyori.


Oh, it’s too silky. Isn’t it more than Hiyori?

Well, the treatments we use are cheap, but…

This is about helping people. I don’t want to think about it in an evil way.


A strange voice leaked out from Asahina-san.

“Thanks ……. I’m much calmer now.”

“I’m glad.”

I would have liked to enjoy it a little more, but …… normally speaking, you’re guilty when you touch the hair of a girl you’re not in a relationship with.

I shouldn’t wish for more.

“Good work!”

The attendant told us, and we stood up.

But …… Asahina-san loses her balance and sits down again.

I guess her legs are still cowering.

The hand I held out to her was held and she slowly stood up.

This time she seems to be able to stand up properly.

Asahina-san smiled at me.

“Kogure-kun, you made me feel good, which made me lose my back, but it felt good,”

She said it so smoothly that it made both me and the attendant stop.

“Eh, What were you doing here?”

“I didn’t do anything! Asahina san, please stop using misleading language!”


With our backs turned, we exited the roller coaster attraction.

The time was past twelve o’clock. Maybe it was a good time.

“Ni Ni, I’m hungry.”

“Shall we have dinner? Is that okay with you, Asahina-san?”

“I might be really hungry after all that yelling.”

“That’s right, after all that screaming.”

We went to the Amazing Land food court.

It was after midday and the place was crowded, but fortunately there were a few empty tables, so we took turns buying our lunch.

I bought a hamburger set, and Hiyori bought a sandwich, according to her own wishes.

And the main dish?

“Oyakodon, udon noodles, and lots of fried chicken. You’re still the same daredevil, aren’t you?”

“Isn’t it normal to have rice, miso soup, and a main dish?”

“That’s too much to ask!”

Asahina san brought the amount of people as usual was twice as much as the others. I know, but that is still a lot. Where can you get such a meal with that thinness?

“Nii nii, you also need to eat a lot to grow up,”

“Well, I’m over 170 centimeters.”

Compared to Reo that is over 180, I cannot deny that I am a little frail.

“Hiyori-chan, is the sandwich good?”

“Mmm, it’s delicious! I really wanted to eat curry, but I had it yesterday, so I’m giving up. Do you like curry, onee-san?”

“Yes, I love curry. It’s sweet and tasty.”

“Sweet? Oh, ……. Asahina-san doesn’t like spicy food, right?”

“How did you know?”

If I think about it, she put so much sweet syrup on her pancakes too.

Spicy, expensive, scary, and dark. The parade of “no’s” continued.

“Curry is best when it’s not spicy. Shizuku makes the best sweet curry.”

“Ni Ni’s curry is also delicious and not too spicy! Hi loves it too.”

“Kogure-kun is quite homely, isn’t he?”

“Well, It’s a situation that can’t help but become family-like.”

my parents who work together and my younger sister who is growing up, my childhood friend is also a spoiled brat.

I have to watch them and worry about them.

I had lunch and sat around until it was time for the Cure Cure show.

About 15 minutes before the show, I would go to take my seat, but I think it’s still too early ……

“Hiyori-chan, you are really cute.”

Hiyori is now sitting on Asahina-san’s lap and being hugged tightly. She really likes kids, doesn’t she? But to be hugged by that body is honestly enviable.

“Don’t you have any siblings, onee-san?”

“I have an older brother.”

“Who’s better looking?”

“… Yes, Hiyori’s brother has some nice features too.”

What’s the in-between? I also feel like I’m being followed subtly.

Asahina san’s older brother? He must be quite handsome.

In addition, the bag and handkerchief that Asahina-san is carrying are brand-name items. ……

I think the story about the boss’s daughter is true.

I sipped a glass of water, feeling envious.

“I wish I had a sister like Hiyori-chan.”

“Hmm? Onee-san, I have a way to make Hi a little sister.”

“Eh, What is it? Tell me.”

“You just have to become Ni Ni’s wife.”


My sister said such a crazy thing that I let all the water out of my mouth.

(TL/N : Hiyori FTW)

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9 months ago

It was after midnight and the place was crowded, but fortunately there were a few empty tables, so we took turns buying our lunch

I think it’s noon and not midnight?

But lmao, imagine having sex on a roller coaster

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
8 months ago

I’m suppressing myself on commenting since I’m not good at mobile keyboard but-

You’re even better wingmsan than your big-bro, lol~