“Our boyfriend, Ryoya, we’ve been waiting for you.”
“Ryoya, you look like you want to say something.”

After the stage presentation of the festival was over, I was standing in the back of the school building, cornering Reona and Riona. The reason for this, of course, was to confirm the truth of the statement made earlier that they had decided to go out with me.

“Hey, what do you mean Reona and Riona are going out with me? I don’t remember confessing to them at all, and on the contrary, I don’t think they even confessed to me. ……”
“I knew that Ryoya-kun liked us, and Riona and I also loved Ryoya-kun, so we were very much in love with each other.”
“So I didn’t think it was even necessary to confess.”

I see. Apparently, the two of them were aware that since We were in love with each other, They were going out with me even without a confession.
At any rate, I understood that Reona and Riona like me, but the question as to why they needed to make a big announcement at the after-party has not been resolved. While I was thinking about this, Reona opened her mouth.

“By the way, the reason I went to the trouble of announcing in front of everyone that we are dating is because I wanted to show everyone that Ryoya-kun belongs to me and Riona.”
“Everything about Ryoya is mine and my sister’s alone now, and I will never give it to anyone else. Now and from now on, forever and ever.”
“No, no, I think forever is a bit of an exaggeration.”

I’m happy that Reona and Riona thought so much of me, but I think it’s too much of an exaggeration. When the two of them heard my muttering, they turned straight-faced and opened their mouths.

“Ryoya-kun is ours forever and ever, until the day you die. I will never let you go again, and I will never let you go.”
“Ryoya is ours from head to toe. I don’t want to give even a hair of your head to anyone else.

At first I thought he was joking, but then I saw the seriousness in Reona and Riona’s eyes and began to think they may not be joking at all.

“Besides, Ryoya took away my and onee chan’s precious first time, so I think he owes it to us to take responsibility and make us happy.”

I didn’t understand what they meant by me taking away Reona and Riona’s first time, but when I thought about it, I had kissed them both, albeit force majeure.
I had kissed Reona on the Ferris wheel at Kurashiki Milano Park and Riona on the water slide at Tokyo Summer Hills. It was quite unexpected, but I guess that was their first kiss.

“Oh, I’m sure you know, but when I say first time, I of course mean virginity.”

When I heard Reona’s words, I forgot that I was outside and screamed. In the first place, as a virgin, when did I take Reona’s and Riona’s virginity?

“On that day when Ryoya-kun first came to our house, we had sex and had our first experience.”
“No, no, I don’t remember that!?”
“No wonder Ryoya doesn’t remember. It was while you were sleeping with sleeping pills.”

I was on the verge of overheating from the astonishing facts that were being revealed one after another. The fact that I was no longer a virgin was a surprise enough, but the fact that the two of them had put me to sleep with sleeping pills was even more shocking.
I recall that there were times when I had doubts about Reona and Riona, because I had been feeling extremely sleepy only when I was spending time with them.
But I had quickly dismissed the idea of them drugging me with sleeping pills because I didn’t think there was any advantage in doing so.

“W-why did you do that ……?”
“Because I didn’t want to give Ryoya-kun’s virginity to anyone else, and in case Ryoya-kun had sex with another girl, you would be tainted.”
“And also onee chan and I wanted to give our virginity to Ryoya.”

The two are remembering their first experience, and they have a bewitching expression on their faces, which is not something that can be shown to other people.

“T-Then, could it be that there was some trick behind the two of you appearing at the right time wherever I went…? ”
“I’m surprised you noticed that, that’s right.”
“I also installed a surveillance camera in Ryoya’s room, so I know everything, including that he masturbates using our pictures as a side dish.”

I was no longer able to get any words out. I had always thought of Reona and Riona as beautiful twin sisters who were sometimes scary but basically kind. But that was only a superficial image of the two of them.

“Yes, yes, It’s okay, but don’t ever cheat on me, okay?”
“If that happens, I don’t know what either me or onee chan would do to Ryoya.”

The moment I heard their words, I got a tremendous chill. The day in which I cheat is the day I really feel that Reona and Riona might kill me.
There was no way I could escape from them. It seems that the beautiful twin sisters I risked my life to save were a terrible Yandere monster.

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