〇 Past

“I’m quitting my job.”


I couldn’t take a break in the middle of the day so I was killing time in the break room before hanging up my time card when Hikari came in and I told her that.

“……,I’ll ask you why.”

“Why……isn’t it obvious? I’m going to quit my job and concentrate on making videos. Hikari, l;et’s quit and concentrate on making videos.”

When I told her the perfectly reasonable reason, Hikari leaned forward on the table in front of me without even sitting down in the chair.

“……,Are you serious about that?”

“I’m dead serious…but, how about you, Hikari?”

“Maybe in terms of money, but…..are you sure? Putting aside me and Shinobu senpai, you won’t have the opportunity to meet Midori senpai and Paa san.”

“What an exaggeration…. I could always meet them if I wanted to.”

“You know that’s not what I mean, right !? …..Senpai, you know how precious and important this time is, right !?”

“No, what are you talking about when we’re working part time…..? Certainly, it’s been fun, but it’s tiring…so let’s invite Midori and the others to join us. Seems like Paa san can edit our videos.”

“W…what are you talking about…..!?”

“….Am I saying something funny…..?”

Hikari was shocked beyond belief, but I was the one who wanted to react like that. I’m pretty sure it was Hikari who suggested we start posting videos….though I don’t remember it very clearly.”

“Sorry for the wait~”

“Ah, Shinobu !”

As I was tilting my head at Hikari’s incomprehensible reaction, Shinobu, who finished at the same time as me, came into the break room and hugged me.

“I’m tired~I need a heal~”

“Me too-“

Shinobu asked for a kiss, so I kissed her on the mouth. This is great. She’s really cute. I still can’t believe that such a wonderful person is my girlfriend.


As I surrendered myself to the temporary healing with Shinobu, she unusually pulled he face away from me.

“Something’s different than usual…..”

“Eh? I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. Then I’ll take the lead today~”

“For real? I’m looking forward to it……

“Stoooooop !”

A nuisance person interrupted me when I was making out with Shinobu. I’m sure you don’t want to have this kind of interaction right in front of you, but……

“What the hell, it just like usual, right?”

“Shinobu senpai is clingy just like usual ! But it’s strange for you, senpai to not understand time and place !? Think about how old you are  !”

“Well…you’re right. I’m not a high schooler….”

“Yes, but……huh !?”

I really don’t know why, but something is wrong with Hikari. Is there something she doesn’t like about it?

“Well, if there’s something I can do, just tell me. I’ll marry Shinobu and make her happy, but as a friend, I want you to be happy too, Hikari.”

“……Why are you saying those words so lightly? To Senpai, marriage is…..”

“Kouki kun, are you thinking about getting married !? I’m so happy~! I’m sure we’ll be happy ! I’ll do my best to make you happy too !”

“I’ll definitely make you happier.”

“Eh~? I’ll definitely make you happier than me~!”

I’m so happy. I’m sure this kind of happiness will go on forever…. When it comes to this…..

“I won’t be able to care about my family, huh…..!?”

I said that casually. Hikari stomped on the table and grabbed me by the chest while brushing the shinobu off my lap.


“What are you talking about? To Senpai, family is….is like Daiki kun. right? Are you going to give up just because you can’t win….!?”

“What do you mean you can’t win,……? It’s not about winning or losing, right……? I’m just saying that you and Daiki and the others are living in the countryside and I’m going to go on with my own life…..”

“I know, but ! I’m telling you that’s not the case ! I can’t forget the humiliation for the past 27 years, but Senpai is doing this right now……!”

“27 years……?”

“……Senpai. Do you know the word “agent”?”

“Agent …..? The amazing guy who works in movies and stuff like that……?”

“……No way…’re beaten by Daiki kun and……became the former senpai? But….such a thing…”

Hikari mumbled something and let go of my chest and sat down on a chair. What’s wrong with Hikari today……?

“Hikari …….”

“One thing. One thing, I’d like to reconfirm.”

Before I could ask, Hikari asked.

Do you want to win against Daiki kun? Do you think you can win?”

He asked me a very abstract and nonsensical question.

“……I also think I want to win. I’ve been working hard to beat him. But it’s probably impossible… win against Daiki. He’s always better than me even though he doesn’t make any effort……it can’t be helped. So that’s why I’m working hard in another field….”

“You want to win, don’t you?”

“No, like I said I want to win, but…..”

“I’m not listening to your excuses. I’m asking you if you want to win against Daiki kun.”

“Like I said….I want to win, you know?”

“Then that’s fine. As long as I can hear that.”

Somehow she was convinced on her own then she straightened her clothes and went back to the kitchen.

“If you think you want to win, you haven’t lost yet, Senpai. For the time being, I will protect Senpai until he returns. That’s what an adult does.”


I can’t understand a single thing, but what’s with Hikari’s back? It looked dependable as far as I can remember.

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