─ ─ Eh?”

Jinguji, my classmate in front of me, said that with a laugh.
I was not expecting a refusal, so I froze in place.


I barely managed to get the words out.
Jinguji must have been good friends with Ichikawa san.

“I was so surprised to hear that Aoi was being harassed by Minami, did Aoi himself tell you about it?”
“…… No.”
“Then, did Komiya see the scene? Or did someone else see it?”
“That’s ……”
“I can’t talk about it. Why should I suspect my friend’s south without any proof?”

Jinguji is right.
I didn’t directly see Ichikawa-san being harassed at the scene either. All I know is what Sakino-san and Aki told me, and Ichikawa-san’s attitude. I am only saying that based on those circumstantial evidences.

“But Jinguji was still good friends with Ichikawa-san……, right? You must have noticed that Ichikawa-san has been acting strangely lately, right?”
“Aoi and I are certainly good friends, and I don’t think our relationship will end with us just being friends.”

The words that I said bounced right back at me.

I felt a strange ache deep in my chest.
I felt as if I had been shown that he knew a side of Ichikawa-san that I did not know.

I know that Ichikawa-san was close with Jinguji and the others in the same group until she started going out with me. I have not heard anything from her about whether or not there was a relationship beyond that.

“Well, I know Minami well, and I don’t think she’s the kind of girl who would bully Aoi. I don’t think it’s something that Komiya has a hunch about. ……Why do you care so much about Aoi in the first place?”
“That’s ……”
“Ah, maybe you like Aoi or something?”
“Haha, did I hit the nail on the head? I’m not saying you should give up, but maybe you should look at the reality.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Exactly what I mean. I think it’s true that Aoi is a very attractive girl. You are free to like her, but I don’t think she is compatible with an ordinary person like you who has nothing to offer.”
“Even if there was a chance, it is you who would suffer from such a gap, and Aoi might also suffer from it. Well, what I want to say is that you should know your place.”

Jinguji spat at me in passing. Jinguji, perhaps having finished what he wanted to say, turned his back on me and left the scene.

In the end, Jinguji was not going to cooperate with me.
The words that Jinguji had said to me kept ruminating in my head.

You should know your place.

I know that better than anyone else. And it’s true that I’ve had a lot of trouble with it, just like Jinguji said.

But for some reason, it made me angry to hear Jinguji say that to me. And it was frustrating.

“Ah, well.”

As I was holding on to these unresolved feelings, Jinguji looked back at me.

“But if it bothers you that much, I’ll ask her.”

A complete turnaround from the refusal I had received earlier. Jinguji’s words surprised me.

“…. ah. Please.”
“Well, don’t get your hopes up too high.”

I barely managed to squeeze out a few words, but Jinguji snickered and left the place.


Was Jinguji such a jerk?
I thought he was just a normal, fresh, good-looking, popular guy.
Either that, or he simply had always had this attitude toward guys like me.

Something about that made me feel quite caught up.

“Hey, how many times have I heard that sigh? That sigh. You got something on your mind? I’m curious.”
“Ah, no. ……”

It was unconscious. I sighed too much in front of Naka, and Naka, who had been wondering about that, asked me about it.

” If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. But, you know, the way you’ve been acting the last few days…”
“Am I that strange?”
“Ah yeah. Whenever I invite you out for lunch, you always go off on your own. I suspect that you finally got a girlfriend and are meeting her secretly.”

He was very perceptive. It happened a while ago, but it’s almost right. It’s not exactly what’s bothering me right now, but I’m a little upset.

“My guess is that you stepped on a land mine because you don’t know how to treat a girl. And you’re in trouble regarding how to deal with an angry girlfriend. How’s that! Am I wrong?”

I can’t deny that this is a rough description, but it’s not far off and almost right.

“That’s a good point. You stink of water. I know you’re not good at keeping secrets from your best friend. But you can count on me once in a while, right? We’re best friends, right?”

I had never thought that Naka would say something like that to me. I had never thought to ask Naka for advice.
I felt a little bit of heat in my chest.

“I forgive you for not telling me. Come on, talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong with you. And I, Naka-sama, with all my life experience, will give you some advice.”

Thinking about it, we’ve known each other for a long time, but ……. Seeing Naka so proud in front of me cheered me up a little.

I knew that what I had was a friend.

“All right, I’ll talk.”
“Oh, yes, of course! Okay, first of all, am I correct in assuming that you have a girlfriend?”
“W-well… ……”

I am a little embarrassed, but in order to help Ichikawa-san, I need a little help from other people. I can’t hesitate at a place like this.

“Seriously?! What, when! When! Don’t tell me! You bastard!”
“What, wait! Naka!?”

Naka suddenly lost his temper when he heard my reply. He then put me in a headlock.
What about the emotional narrative that you had just told me?

“Ora ora ora ora! Tell me who you are! You didn’t really think you could do it, did you!”
“You didn’t think so! Hey, Can’t breath ……!”

I tapped Naka as I was about to reach my limit, and he released me with a gasp.

“Gohohohoho! Calm down, …….”
“Haan. That’s your punishment for not telling me, your best friend. Now, let’s talk about how you met.”

What happened to your earlier words of forgiveness?

“B-But first, a correction.”
“Yeah, it’s true I had a girlfriend, but she actually …… dumped me.”
“……………………, don’t mind it!”

Naka remained silent for a while and then patted me gently.

“I see. It’s too late for that. So that’s what’s been bothering you.”
“That’s what I meant.”
“Fuu, Don’t be shy, man, get on with it. There are plenty of women out there!”

This must have been Naka’s way of consoling me. I thought I had gently told him off, but he suddenly lost his temper and …… comforted me this time. I don’t know what’s going on emotionally.

“I don’t deny that I’m upset, but that doesn’t mean I was just dumped.”

It doesn’t mean I’ve been dumped, but

“What do you mean? People don’t like a man who’s still hung up”
“Listen to me. Don’t talk to me like I’m running away from reality.”
“I need an explanation.”

I told Naka how I had been dumped and what Ichikawa-san was going through.

“I see~so that’s how it is. I’m sure that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you anymore. I guess it’s just a way to keep Yota out of it.
“…… Oh.”
“What a great girlfriend you have! I’m jealous! So? Who is this girlfriend?”

Oh, I haven’t told you yet.

” Ichikawa-san.”
“…………… hmm? Who is she?”
“I said Ichikawa san. Ichikawa Aoi!”
“What the hell???????????”

Naka exclaimed again.

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