Unbelievable. Unbelievable, but not like it’s impossible, just like I was 26 and now I’m 16 again, and there’s nothing wrong with a 65 year old Daiki going back to being 15. But….even so !

“What are you …..doing ……!?”

That Daiki. That Daiki, who was at the top of his game at all times, would go all the way back to 50 years ago. And what he’s going to do is to kill me. It’s unimaginable. I don’t want to believe it.

Because he is ……65 years old !? He’s a grandpa ! A man who has lived more than twice as long as I have, a 26 years old man, and to do…something like this…..!

“Daiki….Daiki !”

“Let me explain it in a way so that a kid like you can understand.”

Daiki pulled the sword out of my belly. The sword was pulled out without pain and without dripping blood and disappeared into the void, something I’ve never seen before. My eyes saw something that is too complicated for me to describe in words.

“When you were in the hospital after protecting me. Our family ran away. The public eyes. The way society judged. The inferiority complex of losing to you, who I always made fun of. All of it tormented us.”

“That’s why I…..said I didn’t win…..”

“You’re the only one who thinks so. That’s why…..we couldn’t stand it. You don’t think anything of it anyway, that you covered for me. There’s no way you can say that you helped me proudly. From the outside, you’re a saint. Do you know what it’s like to be haunted by that kind of guy?”


“How can I….hold a grudge !? You’re still helping me and sure…’re very annoying sometimes, but you’ve always helped me !”

“I know, I know. And this is the result.”

His cheeks, skin, clothes. He looks so pitiful and broken. My thoughts drift back to the past.

What happened? Did I do something that caused this? Fifty years from now. Will the agents be so torn apart because of me !?

“….Do you remember my purpose?”

“To destroy the human race.”

It was me who returned the agent’s word. The agent’s expression showed no emotion. She just accepted the words without hesitation.

“That’s correct. But in reality… is it?Hey, Kouki sama. Hey, can you see any signs that I’m going to destroy humanity?”

“I mean, that was a……kind of joke, wasn’t it? The usual weird stuff…that you haven’t said recently.”

“I seriously…..seriously intended to destroy the human race. I spent time with Kouki sama for that purpose and learned from him. It was really a meaningless time. Kouki sama cried because he was rejected and can’t take the plunge into a new love for some stupid reason. And me giving him serious advice. Such days went on and on,……and really went on forever,……until I realized that my body had broken down. To put it simply, I was no longer able to gain energy from this universe. In other words, I went from being a goddess-type robot to a beautiful girl-type robot.”

“In that case….why don’t you get fixed?”

“My goal is to destroy the human race. Phoenix is aware of that. Even though I was bonded to Kouki sama for a long time ago.  But Phoenix doesn’t know that. The past has changed, and Shinobu sama, who was supposed to be working for Phoenix, has become a broadcaster with Kouki sama and Hikari sama. There’s no way Phoenix can fix me with dangerous thoughts. I have been abandoned.”


“I was fine with that. If I could stay with……Kouki sama forever with that. But look at this figure. I am sure that I will stop moving faster before you die. I didn’t want that. ……I absolutely didn’t want to be taken care of by Kouki sama. I want to repair my body. I am not going to be able to do that without Shinobu sama joining the Phoenix. But I don’t want to change Kouki sama’s future. This is the result of that.”

“…..Which is.”

“I used the emotional energy of Daiki sama, who holds a grudge against you, to return to the past. I am impressed that I could jump to this time, and above all, it was a gamble, but I succeeded. I am not sure if it is more correct to say half of it. Originally, I was going to use Daiki sama, who might hurt Kouki sama, only to discard him, but as a result of me overdoing it, my ability melted with Daiki sama’s body. And since I am locked to interfere with myself in this era, I cannot fix myself or stop Daiki sama. It is impossible for Daiki sama to freely kill people or move through time since he is originally a human being. At most, he can only move my sword in and out, but even that cannot be stopped by me in the past. Do you understand, Kouki sama? Because of me……”

“Yeah, I understand very well.”

She’s been talking forever, so that’s what it means.

“It’s enough if I beat Daiki. What I do is always the same.”

Daiki has been transcended. Great. He’s a guy that I could never beat no matter what I did. It didn’t matter if he was a little more powerful or not. Besides, I can heal my wounds. It will never be a physical contest. Winning in life has nothing to do with the power of the universe. I can tell you it doesn’t matter one bit.

“……Ha. You know what? My actual age is 65, and I have twice as much experience as you. I’m going to take serious action to ruin your life. There’s no way you can handle it.”

“Keep talking, old bastard. I’ll make you regret that you should have stayed in retirement.”

“The future retirement age is 80 !”

“I don’t fucking care…I didn’t want to hear that….”


[[I’m going to beat you.]]

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1 year ago

I wish this was just a wish fulfillment harem story, not really liking his “revenge” or his brother. I don’t get why his family running away in shame after he becomes a hero and his ex girlfriend’s family going bankrupt isn’t good revenge for mc… He feels like an actual high school kid or younger instead of a 26 year old in a teenage body. Unless he straight up kills his brother or personally makes sure he’s homeless and can never be successful in the future, then him want to bring his brother back for a “real revenge” feels pointless.