After that, nothing in particular happened…but to some extent I was able to understand what I didn’t understand in class.

During the session, my sister told me she was tired and asked me to borrow my knees, and when Natsuki was teaching me, she pressed her breasts against my chest a lot. It was so soft.

Other than that, nothing special happened and we proceeded with our studies as usual.


It was 5:00 p.m, so we decided to call it off.

I took Natsuki home (for some reason Segawa told me to). But I’m sure if I let her go home alone she will definitely get lost again.

Then my sister said she would come along, so the three of us decided to go  to Natsuki’s house.

Both of them snuggled up to me.

Um, the way people are looking at us… I’m embarrassed.

“Yuuki kun, I’m sorry about today. You’ve always taken care of me in so many ways.”

“No, it’s okay. I also learned a lot from you. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you today.”

“Well, if Yuuki kun says so….”

To be honest, I don’t really care if we get lost, and these feelings are too much of a reward.

I feel like this is a big win for me.

“Oh right, Yuuki. Since we went this far, I won’t allow you to get a red mark on the test, okay?”

“Ugh… I know, Onee chan.”

Back then, when I got a red mark in a regular test before summer vacation and had to take a make-up test, I guess I was supposed to go on a date with my sister? But I canceled it at the last minute.

After a week of supplementary classes (which I had very little to do), I went home and my sister abducted me.

As for what happened afterwards.

1, I was sleeping with my sister (she was on top of me and hugged me)

2. We’re taking a bath together (without a towel)

3, We’re eating a meal while I sat on top of my sister in her underwear.

This went on for a whole week.

During this time, my sister wouldn’t let me go except to go to the bathroom, and if I tried to run away, she would catch me three seconds later.

By the way, I couldn’t leave the house even a single step.

Some people might say it was great, but my sister, who has no sense of shame at all, and I, who has it, felt so wrong that I was the one who was overwhelmed.

If those things happen again, I don’t think I can stand it. So I have to avoid red marks at any cost.

 “That’s right, Yuuki kun. We’re going to have fun during the summer vacation together. You know, right?”

“I’ll be fine. I know what will happen if I get a red mark.”

“? Is that so? Then that’s fine. Let’s do our best on the test !”

“Right. ……I’m worried about those two.”

“…..I’m sure they’ll be fine !”

“What’s with that pause in the middle?”

Segawa might be able to handle it, but Ishizaki might be having a bit of trouble.

That guy was so focused on a game event just before the test.

After that, we talked about the food that I made and the test.

After a while, we arrived at Natsuki’s house.

 “Well, thanks for dropping me off today.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you on Monday. See you at school.”

“Yeah, see you later !”

Saying that, Natsuki went inside the house.

When I returned home with my sister, I found a new contact in the group chat.

I remembered that I had created a group with all the members from today’s study group.

I opened the chat

[Today was fun ! Let’s all avoid red marks on the test so we can have fun during summer vacation !]

Natsuki sent a message.

[You’re right. Let’s do our best.]

I returned the message and headed to my room.

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1 year ago

sis was mega ultra sus even b4 she knew they werent related O.O

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago
Reply to  4

Well atleast shes being honest unlike those twisted sisters from several novel i know of

1 year ago

Wow……his sister is way over too much (not that i hate it)……….but that’s also good

2 months ago

Too many chapters invested in a tedious study session and conversations full of obvious things.