“Pardon for the intrusion !”

Saki greets me with a smile, thinking that I have accepted her into my house. She’s not a college student, and it’s insane for her to come suddenly in the middle of the night. I shouldn’t be disturbing the neighbors by talking to someone with no common sense at the door. That’s the only reason I let Saki into my house. I would not even serve tea to such a crazy person.

“So, what do you want?”

“You’re so cold–Kouki kun. We’re on good terms.”

Saki headed to the living room with a familiar footstep and said something that doesn’t make sense. She’s a fine young lady, right? At least in the original history, it must’ve taken her quite a while to become this frank. Well, whatever.

“Hurry up and get the hell out of here. There’s nothing between you and me.”

“That’s not true. Kouki kun,……you still like me, don’t you?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not soft enough to be that single-minded. I hate you so much that I don’t want to talk to you, you know? ”

“Fufu, Kouki kun, you’re not that type of person, right? You don’t have enough self-confidence to hate people just because they’re cheating on you.”

“Well, I won’t deny it. The truth is, if we’ve only been dating for a week, I might’ve been convinced that we just weren’t a good fit even if you cheated on me.”

“Right? Rather than cheating….my feelings were just getting carried away.”

Saki stood up while taking off her jacket. Her shoulders and cleavage are visible, and her clothes are very revealing. I was surprised to see it, but felt nothing.

“I’ve realized. I realized that who I really love is you, Kouki kun. So let’s start over, shall we? I’m sure we’ll work things out.”

“I see. I don’t think so.”

“I’m sorry. To be honest, I was deceived by Daiki kun. I was deceived by such an evil person who’s a scum…..who was just after my body.”

“I see. I think you both like each other.”

“I was under a lot of pressure …..because of my strict household. So I made the wrong choice. I really should have chosen someone I loved with all my heart.

“I see. That’s enough of that, right?”

Enough already. I’ve heard more than enough excuses. I told Saki off, who’s coming on to me with her body.

“No matter what you say, it won’t change. You’re my enemy. An enemy I must overcome. Someday I will beat you with my own strength.”

Oh right, and I also have to tell her this too.

“I know you’ve been clinging to me since Daiki disappeared, but don’t worry about it. I won’t be satisfied if he ends up running away from me. I’ll go find Daiki myself.”

“Eh? Really?”

This bastard ….she’s easily convinced. But she may be realized her own shallowness, and hurriedly tried to mend it.

“I’m not interested in Daiki kun anymore. The only one I love is Kouki kun, you know?”

“I see. But too bad. I’m the only one who likes Kouki senpai.”

When I was tired of her, who was being persistent like a zombie, Hikari came out of the bathtub. 

“Unlike you, I won’t ever cheat on senpai. You won’t stand a chance.”

“….What the hell.”

Saki glared at Hikari, who was hugging me in her maid outfit.

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I hate NTR
I hate NTR
1 year ago

Fuck off bítch……what a golden spoon..are you retarded……how can’t you even know who’s bad and good…