“Fufufu. I had a great time today.”

I finished my dinner and bath, and as I lay on my bed in my room, I thought about today.

After parting with Sakurai kun and others, I took the train back home.
As he said, the train was about to get crowded, so I think that timing was just right.

I am grateful for his kindness.

By the way, so many things really happened today.

When I went to school, I was able to befriend the vice president of the student council, who was very beautiful and thoughtful.

When I looked at the class assignments, I found the name of Sakurai Kirito kun, whom I had been thinking about for five years.

I told him my …… feelings for him….

…… I understand, I am sure he ‘likes’ Minamino san. I think there was some kind of misunderstanding between them.

I don’t know what happened between them.

However, I am sure that the pained expression on Sakurai kun’s face at that time was not a “trivial matter”.

Then I found out why he quit baseball.

He described it as a ‘rubber ball’, but not the soft kind that children play with.
When I was in junior high school, I once threw one when it rolled to my feet.
I remember it was very hard.

Then, at the arcade today, I saw Sakurai kun batting.

He was hitting the ball back with ease at a spot marked “120 km.”

But when I saw the ball flying with such force, I thought that if it hit my body at such a speed, it would be more than ‘ouch’.

If it hit me in the head……I was horrified just thinking about it.

I’m sure Sakurai kun must have felt the same way.

I said a few words to him as he was struggling with his thoughts.

[Sakurai kun, the kind man who saved me from bullies when I was in elementary school, has not changed at all since then. He is still a very kind person. The heart that doesn’t want to hurt others is not something that can be called uncool.]

He called himself uncool and pathetic. That is not true!

Someone who is kinder than anyone else like this, who cares about others and wants to share their pain, can’t be uncool!

[………… I see.]

Sakurai kun said to me after muttering to himself.

I will never forget the look on his face.

[Thank you, Kitajima-san. I feel a little better now]

As if a stake stuck in his heart had been pulled out, Sakurai kun smiled gently at me.

My words had saved his heart.

It was the moment I realized that.

At this moment, I thought to myself

[I want to spend the rest of my life with this person]

He is too kind, and there will come a time in the future when he will be troubled, over and over again, by the thought of others. And there will be times when he will be hurt.
At that time, I want to be the one who can gently support his back.
I want to be the one to hold him when he is hurt.

I made such a resolution.

Then, my phone alerted me to a message.

“At this hour? Who is this ……?”

Today. We exchanged contact information of the members we played with at dinner.

Is it Kirisaki san?

I have an image that that person would send me a good night message or something.

I was thinking that, but the sender was far above my expectations.

“Good evening, I’m sorry it’s so late at night. This is Kirito Sakurai”
“Sakurai kun?”

I exclaimed, clutching my phone.

And what surprised me was the message underneath.

“If it’s all right with you, Kitajima san, I’d like to go to school with you every morning from now on. Why don’t the two of us ride our bicycles to school together from the station closest to the school?
Just let me know when you plan to arrive and I’ll pick you up. I’m hoping to get a good response.”

Yes, it was written.

T-This is a great opportunity that I could not have wished for!

I have no idea what is going on here, but there is no reason for me to refuse.

“With pleasure! I look forward to working with you tomorrow!”

I replied.

“I was glad to hear that. I was freaking out what I would do if he turned me down.”

Sakurai kun immediately sent me such a reply.

Maybe he was looking at his phone the whole time.

When I think of him like that, he is a little cute. I thought.

So, what time shall we get together? Would such a talk start from now on? I was thinking like that, but things didn’t end like that.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but my younger sister is called Misuzu. My sister is talking about wanting to meet you. I’d like her to meet you if possible.”

H-His sister wants to meet me!?

W-Why? I knew that Sakurai kun has a sister, but she has never met me.

But if she is asking to meet with me, then let’s meet with her! It’s also a chance to appeal to his family!

“Yes. I would like to meet and talk with sakurai kun’s sister as well. I’m looking forward to it.”

I replied.

I wonder when we will meet or something like that. I wonder if I will be invited to his house after school or something like that…

But then, three times, I received a reply that far exceeded my expectations.

“Also, if you want, why don’t the two of us go out somewhere this coming Sunday? We can hang out somewhere in the morning and then I’d like to invite you over in the afternoon. I’m sure my sister will be waiting with her signature dish.”

H-he asking me out on a date!

“Yes! I don’t have plans on Sunday, so that’s fine! Is …… is this a date?”

He immediately replied to my message.

“Yes. I’m asking you out.”

When I saw that message, I thought to myself, “Isn’t this a dream?”

[Let’s go to school together tomorrow.]

[My sister wants to see me.]

[Let’s have a date this weekend.]

Three bombs this big have been dropped on me in just about 30 minutes.

I can’t help but think it’s a dream!

“For now. It’s late today, so let’s talk about our Sunday date tomorrow morning when we go to school together.”
“Yes. I arrived early today, but I usually arrive at the station around eight o’clock.”
“I understand. I’ll try to be at the station around that time.”
“Is that really okay? From Sakurai kun, it’s quite a detour, isn’t it?”
“It’s fine. I’m looking forward to going to school with you so much that I don’t think it’s any trouble at all.”


I got a heartbreaking message (Positively)

“Well, I’m off to bed. Please take care of me tomorrow. And I had a lot of fun today. Good night.”
“Yes. I had a lot of fun today, too. I also had a lot of fun today. Good night, Sakurai kun.”

I replied and closed my message with

“…… is this real?”

I look again at the message app on my phone.

The content of our current conversation is still there.

It’s a temp, but I pinched her cheek.

“What is this…..”

At any rate, I’m going to bed now so that I won’t oversleep tomorrow.

I can go to school with Sakurai kun, but if I oversleep, it will be ruined.

I connect my phone to the charger, get under the covers, and turn off the lights.

In the darkening room. I muttered the words I have continued to say since elementary school, which I always say before going to bed and then sleep.

“….. Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito kun with all her heart.”

Good night. Sakurai kun.

(TL/N : OMG this girl is so sweet)

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1 year ago

Shes cute but a bit too much. Just feels a bit forced as he didnt really do that much for her. It would be one thing if he solved her problems entirely, but he didn’t. He stood up for her once and viola, she cant live without him anymore. I feel for the MC though, he seems genuine.

Anyway, thank you for the translation as always. Looking forward to the next one.

1 year ago

E MC that is actually proactively pursuing the girl, and who clearly conveys his feeling? Color me surprised