Chapter 3 Episode 10 – Invitation


“Shi…… Shinobu san….!”

“Who’s that person~? She doesn’t seem to be from the school……”

It’s not good. It’s a disaster. The shinobu san from this time and the shinobu san from the future have met. She’s not a doppelganger, so she won’t disappear, but this situation is very bad……!

“C-cousin…..! You see, I’m living alone right now and she’s worried about me, so she’s hoing to live with me for a while !”


I thought it was a nice excuse for a quick deception, but Shinobu san is clearly suspicious. That’s no wonder. She doesn’t resemble me at all, I wouldn’t go so far to say that she and Shinobu san are identical, but they do look like siblings.

“Nice to meet you~ I’m Kouki kun’s cousin, Shinobu~ I hope we get along~”

“Whoa~. I’m Shinobu too. I didn’t know such a coincidence existed.”

In contrast to my impatience, the two Shinobu san greeted each other in a very friendly manner. But that’s alo no wonder……you wouldn’t think that the beautiful woman in front of you is you 10 years from now. No matter how much they look alike, they are undeniably different people. I know. I’m going to be like Nobu Nobu and treat her normally.

“But I’m relieved~ I can’t believe that Kouki kun has such a cute girlfriend~”

“Shinobu san !?”

I thought so, but corrected myself. This thirty-something lady was trying to quickly attach me to her past self.

“G-girlfriend, we’re not like that……”

“That’s right ! I’m Kouki senpai’s girlfriend !”

“Eh~? But Shinobu chan is more suitable for him~”

“I-it’s bad……. The pace is completely set by the adult Shinobu san. I’m the same as Hikari. I want to have a normal relationship. Even if I had decided to go out with Shinobu san in the future, she’s just a friend to me at this point. I don’t really see her as a woman. I think that she will gradually become aware of me and like me, but I definitely don’t want to skip that process and suddenly become a fiancée.

“Anyway….Shinobu Nee san. This is a school, so go home quickly……”

“Shinobu Nee san !? What’s up with that, so cute ! Hey, I’d like you to call me Onee chan….”

“Go home, Onee chan !”

I half forcibly kicked out the adult Shinobu san and sighed once. I was sad when I couldn’t see Nobu Nobu anymore, but when I see her again, it’s a pain in the ass. I’m not sure how I feel about human relationships.

“So, Shinobu-san,……what can I do for you?”

“I just happened to see you, so I called out to you ~I haven’t seen you two much lately~”

It is true that I have been busy shooting videos recently and have reduced my shifts. I enjoyed my part-time job so much right after I came back in the past and after I left the hospital, but within a few months, my perception of it had changed to a trivial routine. I know better than anyone that I can’t stay in this kind of relationship forever.

‘So I’m about to take the entrance exam too~ I’m thinking of taking a break from my part-time job~’

That’s right. In the second semester of my second year high school, Shinobu san quit her part-time job for a while to take exams. It continued for a while after she entered college, and it was just about a year later that she returned. And by that time, I had stopped going to the part-time job to study for the entrance examinations too. We had some private playtime, but it was only once a month. In other words, about two years from now. Me and Shinobu san almost never see each other anymore.

“I see…… I’ll miss you…….”

Hikari must’ve also recalled that memory. She had tried so hard to stop me and Shinobu from going out, but she honestly missed her.

 “Well, it can’t be helped….. I’m rooting for you, so do your best. I’m sure you’ll get accepted !”

“I wonder~…… I’m aiming for scholarship…… so I’m a little worried~……”

I would like to tell her to rest assured that she will be absolutely fine, but I mustn’t say that. If my irresponsible remarks could make Shinobu san’s mind let down her guard, that alone could change her future. That’s why I can only give her a conventional kind of support. I really can’t do anything about it.


When I was thinking on how to encourage her by not interfering the future, for some reason, Shinobu san in front of me was fidgeting her fingers as if she was worried about something. Her cheeks looked redder than usual.

“It’s about time for the cultural festival, right ……? In my mind, I wanted to start with this and concentrate on my exam…I was thinking……I wanted to enjoy it because it was the last festival of my high school…… but um…. I was feeling a little depressed because we won’t be able to see each other for a while,……so…um…how can I say….”

Shinobu san, who lowered her eyes while muttering something, looked up as if she had made up her mind.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t we go around the festival together? Um…..just the two of us…… at…….”

Even 10 years ago, I would’ve realized the meaning of those words. An event that didn’t happen 10 years ago that I know of. Such a big event was about to begin.

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