“Good morning.”
“Good morning. Please take care of me today.”
When I went to the office, Akasaki-senpai was already there.

“Well, this is what we’re doing today…”
He told me what I had to do today.
“I understand.”
“I’m counting on you.”
I immediately set to work.
I was told through Mirei san that I should not worry about it because the welcome party was held because the director, who knew my true identity, had not been able to have a party recently.
Mirei san said, “I will warn him today, though, because he is a little not exactly considerate.”
So now the director is not at his seat.
What is she doing? I was concerned but proceeded with my work.

It was a little difficult this time, but I managed to finish it.
“Senpai, I’m done.”
“Thanks for your hard work. Shall we take a break together?”
I had been holding it in for a while, so I went to the bathroom. Senpai seemed to be buying something from a vending machine.
When I came out of the restroom
He was tangled with those guys again.
I recorded the incident with my phone. It is important to collect evidence.
“Are you okay, senpai?”
“You again? You’re persistent, aren’t you? You’ll rot if you stay with him.”
“People don’t rot.”
“Can’t you even take a joke from the guy you’re teaching?”
“I-I’m sorry.”
“You’re a failure. And you, by the way…”
He pointed a finger at me.

“I’ll end your training tomorrow.”
“Because I don’t like it.”
No one in high school would say something like this.
I think these three are by far the dumbest people in the company.
“That’s great. If we tell the manager, he’ll cut you off right away.”
“The boss is supposed to be here until tomorrow, and if he finds out, that’s not good.”
“Stop it, you guys.”
“You’re a failure.”
“See you later. Goodbye, trainee”

“I’m sorry, if I’d said something stronger…”
“That’s not true. Aren’t you tired of dealing with all those people?”
“I guess I’m used to it.”
“I wish those people would just go away.”
“Well, they’re not popular with the company, so one day they’ll get over it.”
They’ll get over it tomorrow! I said in my mind.

After returning home, I played the audio I had recorded on my phone to Mirei san
“This is pretty bad. If someone like this is allowed to stay in the human resources department, the company will lose all credibility.”
“Are you going to make everyone listen to this tomorrow?”
“Don’t you think it’s funny?”
Mirei san says with a smile. I’m sure she won’t make enemies, but if she does, it’s going to be bad.

“But I’m sure it will be fine?”
“What do you mean?”
I say and she hugs me.
“I mean, have you got a scar on your heart?”
“I’m fine. I’m strong now. No matter what they say, I have a kind partner like this.”
“I see.”
She looks happy.

“‘Well then, our president, Wakata Mirei san, has a few words for you.”
The next day, all the employees assembled in the large hall focused their attention on one person.
“Thank you all for coming so early in the morning. I am glad that we have this kind of meeting a few times a year, and I am happy to see you all here.”
Mirei san began to speak without hesitation.
“I can’t believe she is a high school student.”
“She looks even mature than us.”
the older men were saying.
To be honest, I look like an adult too. She looks really cool after all.

“I would like to introduce you to my future secretary,”
She looked at me from among many people and beckoned me to her.

What? Am I going to appear in front of this large group of people?
I had forgotten something important.

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