During the activity, I had to spend more time in agony than ever before. Misaki sensei was thinking only about me the whole time, gradually becoming more and more extreme, imagining how interesting it would be to play like this, and how she would definitely do it when we started dating. Many of the words were too frank, and it was hard for me to remain unresponsive. Or rather, I struggled to hide my lower body from time to time.

What adult women think is really radical…….


The club activities, which were like mental training, ended and the three of us left the club room. Basically, the manga club is not a very enthusiastic club, so we only have one day a week when we all get together, but the rest of the time we are free to join in. Most of the students don’t attend on days other than the one on which the club holds its meetings. Today was one of those days.

You can draw manga anywhere, and you can connect with your good friends on your own via smartphone. There is no reason for you to come to the clubroom.

The reason I dare to come to the clubroom is to meet Azuma senpai. But it is not out of romantic feelings. I like her as a human being, of course, but I can’t leave her alone most of the time.

From Azuma-senpai’s point of view, it may be unnecessary. However, her likeability towards me isn’t too bad and does not seem to have any negative feelings towards me. I think it’s best to keep my distance from her.

After Sensei left for the staff room, I walked alongside Azuma senpai. We often walk about ten minutes to the station together.

“You were kind of nervous today. Did something happen?”

I was surprised when Azuma senpai asked me.

“Eh? I-I don’t think so?”

“You’re already flustered. Bullseye.”

“That is……”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I won’t force you.”

Ah, the number above Azuma senpai’s head dropped from [53] to [52]. She seems quite dissatisfied with the fact that I don’t talk. That’s easy to understand.

But I can’t tell the truth. The truth is that Misaki sensei’s head is full of trouble….and if I say something like that, she will question my sanity. I’m sure she’ll scold me and tell me to go to the hospital.

As a compromise, I’ll tell her a story that is not true but also not a lie.

“I have a feeling that my sister has been acting a little strange lately.”

“……What’s with that manga like title worrisome?”

“Eh? Is that what it sounds like?”

“……If you don’t know, that’s okay. So, in what way is it strange?”

“She feels strangely close to me. The distance between us when we walk side by side is a little closer.”

“Hmmm…..? I always thought you were close though? Did you get even closer?”

“I feel that way. I guess it’s because something like that happened today, Saki fell and hit me, and I started to suspect that she was intentionally trying to fall and come into contact with me. I was wondering if Saki likes me? Not as brother and sister, but as man and woman. That’s what I’m wondering…….”

When I said something like that, Azuma senpai frowned in a really complicated manner.

“…Fujisaki kun is the type who has surprisingly fantasy-like  imaginations. There’s nothing wrong with imagining things, but I think your sister just likes you as a sibling.”

“Does it look that way to you?”

“That’s what it looks like, or rather, that’s the only way I can think of it…… It’s not every day that a younger sister falls in love with her older brother. I won’t say anything bad about it, Fujisaki kun, so you might as well let that fantasy be just that, a fantasy.”

“……I suppose so. After all, this is just my own delusion.”

I really wish it was just a delusion, but as long as I’m listening to an inner voice, it’s not a delusion.

But as for Saki, she seems to want to keep her love affair a secret from everyone around her. If so, that’s exactly what she’s aiming for.

“……Fujisaki kun, you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

“No. I have never had a girlfriend. As you can see.”

“Right. The reason why you are so delusional is because you have never been in a relationship. If you don’t mind, would you like to go out with me?”

“…..Eh? What did you say?”

Azuma senpai came up with an outrageous proposal so naturally that I couldn’t understand its contents.

“Would you like to go out with me?”

I knew that I had not misheard her when I heard her say it again.

“Um….why are you saying that?”

“I thought this was a good idea because Fujisaki kun was having so many pity fantasies. I would hate for you to attack your sister because of a misunderstanding and turn out to be a criminal.”

“……I see. But Azuma senpai, do you like me?”

“If I say I like you or not, I rather like you. To the point where I’m wondering if it’s okay if we start dating.”

“I-I see……”

You don’t have clear romantic feelings for me, but you like me as a human being, is that about it? The idea of ​​starting a relationship seems like a romance expert. ……But it doesn’t seem like Azuma senpai has ever dated anyone. At least, she must not have had a boyfriend in high school.

But Azuma senpai is a mature person, so she may think that she can develop romantic feelings only after going out with someone.

“Is there anyone you like or are interested in, Fujisaki kun?”

“No one in particular that I like……”

“So there is someone you are interested in?”

“No, I don’t.”

“That’s……well, okay. You look very reluctant to talk about it, so let’s end this conversation. But the delusion that your sister might like you as a man is really quite dangerous, and you should change your mind as soon as possible. If it’s okay with you, I’ll help you correct that misconception. Let me know anytime.”

“Thank you. If I feel like I’m about to do something to my sister, I’ll talk to Azuma senpai first.”

“Yeah. Do that. I don’t want to see Fujisaki kun become a criminal or your sister will feel sad.”

The number of above senpai’s head returned to [53] and we ended up having a casual conversation as usual.

When we arrived at the station, we each took a train in the opposite direction, so we parted ways there.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yes. See you again.”

“……Will you come to the club room at lunch time tomorrow, too?”

“That’s…..I’m not so sure.”

“Yes, I don’t know yet. I’m not sure yet.”

“I see. ……Well, if you feel up to it, come by.”

Azuma senpai, who looked a little sad, waved a little before leaving. …..If that number is likeability, how much is [53]? I wonder if it’s something that would make her happy if I could be with her.

I just saw Azuma senpai off.

[I-I found Onii chan ! This is yet another fate ! It’s fate, isn’t it ! I didn’t use anything today, but I saw him, so there’s no doubt about it ! Maybe I should just hug him from behind like this? It might be a bad idea. Should I blindfold him and make him guess? I want to do it ! Okay, let’s do it !]

“Who is this?”

“Whoa, S-Saki, what’s with you all of a sudden?”

I had a hard time pretending to be surprised by being blindfolded because I could hear her inner voice.

“Ahaha. I’ve been found out.”

“I could tell. There’s no way I could have misheard Saki’s voice…….”

“Thought so. Then, Onii chan, let’s go home together.”

[There’s no way I could have misheard Saki’s voice. There’s no way I could have misheard Saki’s voice. There’s no way I could have misheard Saki’s voice. There’s no way I could have misheard Saki’s voice. All I need is Saki’s voice. Saki’s voice is everything to me. Saki is my everything…….

Ah, I should have recorded it ! Onii chan’s love message !]

Saki takes off her hands and walks alongside me with a smile on her face. The part I could see was so cute, but I knew it was terrifying to hear my words being falsified little by little.

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