“Kento ! You’re not putting any meat in it !”


After-school part-time job. I tried to concentrate, but my mind was so occupied with Riko that Emiko san scolded me.

I think that’s a reasonable attitude to take towards Riko. However, she was so shocked by my attitude that she cried.

I may have hit her a little too hard.

If she gets desperate and gets into trouble, I’ve robbed her of the chance for rehabilitation.


I sighed unintentionally.

“Kento, what’s with that sigh?”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want you to apologize, I just want you to know that you……a…..and I are friends, so I’ll at least talk to me about it !”

Emiko san must be worried about me.

It’s something I can’t imagine from her previous self, but I’m thankful for it.

…Maybe it’s not a bad idea to ask for advice.

The number of customers was just starting to thin out, so I told Eumiko all about the events of the day.

Of course, I left some parts out.

“In other words, a girl who did something to your sister confessed to you. When you coldly rejected her, she seemed to be greatly shocked and started crying. So now you’re wondering if you went a little overboard.”

“……That’s what I said. I would appreciate it if you don’t ask me what I did. It’s not something I want to tell people too much about,……but I will tell you it was pretty bad.”

“There are some parts I wanted to ask, but that’s okay……well, if there’s one thing I know from this story, it’s that you’re a kind person.”

“…….I’m not a kind person. I get angry at girls when I find something unforgivable.”

“I think getting angry is a form of kindness. And you don’t tell the other person’s bad parts. You also made me aware of some things.”

That’s a little off track, she continued.

“If you are troubled by this story, it means that you are concerned about the person who did something to your sister, right? At that point, the other girl is already in a happy situation. …..That’s why it can’t be your fault.”

It’s a little bit embarrassing, as if she’s praising me.

“……You’re right. Thank you. ……It makes me feel a little better.”

“I-it’s nothing special !…… if you have any more problems….p-please let me know ! I’ll at least listen to you !”

She’s like a good senior who cares about me for some reason.

“…There were some ups and downs, but I’m really glad that Emiko san was my instructor.”

When I revealed my true feelings, she turned away, her face turning bright red.

“C-compliments won’t get you anything !”

“I don’t expect anything to come out of it.”

That’s not what I meant !……I mean, Kento, you’re very popular.”

“T-thank you?”

Perhaps because it was so sudden, I somehow ended up replying in a question form.

“Why is it in question form !”

……As I expected, I was caught in the act.

After that, we talked about casual things until a group of customers arrived, but I noticed that Emiko san seemed a little displeased.


“Kento, you’re such a popular guy……”

On the way home. My monologue faded into the completely darkened sky.

When I heard from his mouth that he had been confessed to, my mind went blank for a moment.

“What the hell…..honestly.”

I was so disgusted with myself. The thought of him being pursued by another woman made my heart burst.

When things were getting rough with him, I felt irresistibly lonely. My part-time job was boring. We made up and I got to talk to him again. I was bewildered at myself for being so happy that I almost jumped out.

……It must have been around that time.

I desperately tried to deceive myself. The first time I fall in love, I think it will be as exciting as a shoujo manga.

But reality didn’t work out that way.

While we were together, before I knew it—

“….I fell in love.”

I loved everything about him. Just being around him made my heart skip a beat. Before I knew it, I was following him with my eyes.

This, this is–

“First Love……”

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