Akaitohama station is crowded with many people today.

Due to the influence of a TV drama or something, the number of people has especially increased recently.

I find it terribly annoying.

Whether it’s that person on the platform or a couple taking a selfie with their phone in their hand, everyone is only looking at themselves.

Why doesn’t anyone help me when there are so many people around?

I have been suffering from a stalker for a long time now.

Ever since I started going to school by train in high school.

I’ve been getting a lot of dirty looks, and I’ve even heard the sound of shutters on the train a few times.

Maybe I’m being voyeuristically photographed or something.

But no one seems to know anything about it.

Even if I talk to the police, they just say they don’t know because I don’t have any proof.

Even if I talk to the station staff, they just say they will respond if there is a suspicious person.

In the end, everyone is intoxicated by the atmosphere of this town.

They are so happy to see their hometown flourishing that they don’t care who is in trouble.

The once beautiful beach is now completely covered with trash.

The area around this station, which used to be safe, has recently seen an increase in the number of strange people.

I think the increase in the number of people is partly to blame for the fact that I have been the victim of a stalker.

There is really nothing good about it.

As I’m not good with people, the current popularity in Akaitohama is nothing but a nuisance to me.

I get on the train again today in a depressed mood.

I stand by the wall so that I don’t make eye contact with anyone, and endure the swaying of the train, mindful of the hem of my skirt so that no one can peek at me.

I wonder if there is a pervert staring at me on this train today.

My heart aches at the thought.

Who is the enemy and who is not?

As I thought about it, I became even more afraid to be in contact with people.

Even at school, I don’t have many opportunities to talk with my friends anymore.

I guess it’s called distrust of people.

After all, I had no one on my side.

All the boys who came up to me had nothing but ulterior motives.

The way they stare at my chest and legs makes me sick.

Even if they approach me pretending to be nice, as soon as they realize that I’m not interested in them, they leave me alone.

In the end, it’s all about what they want to do.

All the girls who come up to me are nothing but self-interested.

The way they brag about me as if I were their own is disgusting.

They say, [Because you’re beautiful,] [Because you’re popular with boys,] [Because good-looking guys come to me when I’m with you].

That’s why they want to be my friend.

I can hear that kind of voice from my heart coming through.

It is neither self-consciousness nor paranoia.

In fact, all I’m told is that I must be popular with guys, or that I should introduce them to someone, or something like that.

When I tell them I don’t have anyone like that, they just shrug and move away.

No one wants to have a nice chat with me.

They only look to see if I’m worth using or not.

The world really is full of scum.

They should just die.

Let them all die.

I…..should die.


As I stood there in a daze, feeling like I wanted to die as usual, two men fell down in front of me.

One was a boy who was probably a freshman at our school, judging by his shiny high school uniform, and the other was a dirty middle-aged man.

They must have fallen down during the shaking earlier.

I wonder what they are doing in the morning.


As I was stunned, some photos spilled out of the man’s bag and scattered around my feet.

And when I saw what was inside, I was speechless.

They were all voyeuristic photos of the inside of a skirt.


“……I’m here.”

I knew immediately whose feet were reflected there.

I knew they were mine because of the socks and the shape of the feet.

I felt a wave of despair wash over me as I realized that I had been voyeuristically photographed, and then a man stood up to gather up the photos as if he were dragging them around my feet.

“I-if this happens, screw it !”

I looked at the man’s ugly face as he reached for me,

“Kyaaa !”

I exclaimed.

Thinking back, this was probably the first time I had ever screamed out for help like this.

As soon as I screamed to reject the man who was coming at me while protecting my body from his hands, the view I was seeing went into slow motion.

Everyone is looking at me.

They are looking at the man.

They’re looking.

Just looking.

No one is trying to help me.

I guess I was still hoping when I spoke out.

I thought there would be at least one person who would help me.

But the reality was different.

I’m sure that after this, I will be roughed up by a stranger in public.

I know this guy will probably get caught, and the people around me will be fine with it if the police or someone else catches the culprit.

I’m going to live with what was done to me for a long time.

I thought about this in a strangely calm way, but I was prepared to do nothing to resist.

That’s when it happened.


The male student who had just fallen down also fell toward the man.

The man who was approaching me in the form of a body slamming into me from the shoulder was pushed down, and then he hit his head on the floor and fainted.

The male student stood up painfully, as if he had hit his knee or hip a little.


…..That didn’t matter to me.

The person who had just saved me from a crisis was right there in front of me.

My heart fluttered at that fact.

I felt the blood rushing through my body, and at the same time, the flow of time, which I had felt slowly, began to move forward.

“Please stand back, there is a report of a pervert on the train.”

The train stops at the platform, and two station staff members enter the wagon, weaving through the crowd of passengers who are flowing down.

And the man who tried to attack me is subdued.

The station platform is in a state of panic.

I, too, find myself getting out of there.

A police officer was there and took me out of the station.

“……So I take it then that nothing happened?”

“Yes, because I was not touched.”

I was questioned by the police on the spot, and although I probably should have played the victim more, I wanted to get to school quickly, so I just told them that nothing had been done to me, and they let me go.

I may be contacted later when they find out that I was the subject of a peeping photo that will be confiscated later, but that’s for another time.

First of all, I was in a hurry just because I had to go to school.

I had to get to school as soon as possible to find out the identity of the man who had helped me earlier.

He seems to be a new student, so he was probably in the middle of the entrance ceremony.

When he comes out of the gym, that’s when I have a chance.

I can’t wait to find out who he is.

For the first time in my life, I was thinking about the person who bravely helped me.

That gentleman who saved me and then disappeared without a word.

Maybe even the first time he fell down, he must have bumped into me on purpose because he didn’t see the suspicious behavior of the pervert.

How casual, yet brave.

Just remembering his face makes my heart ache and my body burn.

What is this feeling?

What is it?

I wanted to find out.

I ran to the school.

“……I guess it’s about time.”

The opening ceremony was already over and classes had already started.

The first day of the new semester, I was late.

But it doesn’t matter if I explain the situation and ask the teacher to excuse my tardiness or not.

I was already absorbed in looking for him.

Just as I reached the courtyard where I could see the entrance and exit of the gymnasium, a crowd of new students came out.

I stare at them from this spot a little distance away.

For some reason, the new students are looking in my direction, but I don’t care about their stares.

Where is he?

Why am I so nervous right now?


As I take a deep breath to calm my racing heart and burning body, my eyes catch sight of what I’m looking for.

“I knew it was a new student.”

There he was, the guy who helped me on the train.

He didn’t seem to be talking to anyone, and as he moved forward, pushed by the flow of people, he, too, looked at me.

Then another stream of new students came out from behind him, and he looked away from me, off balance, as if he was being pushed.

Unlike the other boys who were staring at me, he was the only one not looking at me in an obnoxious way.

He helped me up earlier and didn’t make any pretense of ingratiating himself in any way.


In this rotten world, in this chaotic city, in this school where there are only really worthless people.

I can’t believe there was someone that lovely.

My body is burning.

Sweat is pouring out of every pore of my body.

Something seems to be overflowing.

I’ve already realized what this feeling is.

This must be fate.

All of my misfortunes and disappointments up until now have been for this reason.

That has to be it.

“……Love. I love you.”

I’ll come see you soon.

Wait for me.

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