While we were playing like this, my time with Misaki sensei came to an end. We left the swimsuit store and headed for the hamburger shop where we were to meet.

[Even though it’s only for a short time, I hope that he was able to have a good time with me. I must have done rather well to fit in with the high school boys. Yeah, yeah. I did my best ! I’m great !]

I still have some lingering blush left, but I’m a little soothed by the sound of Misaki sensei’s heart. I knew it, but I still think Misaki sensei is a wonderful person, and if I had the chance to go out with her, I would go out with her unconditionally.

To compare her with other girls…what an extravagant person she is.

“Um…there were some things that were too stimulating for me, but it was fun… Thank you very much…..”

“I’m satisfied if you enjoyed it. ….If you wish, Fujisaki kun, I will always invite you to various places again, as many times as you want, okay?”


The days I spent with Misaki sensei……. It will be fun……

On the way, Misaki sensei suddenly stops in front of a certain poster.

“Ah, there’s a Van Gogh exhibit at a nearby museum. Fujisaki kun, are you interested?”

“Yes, I am. Van Gogh’s paintings are unique and interesting.”

“Yes, they are. By the way, Van Gogh’s paintings are great, but he also has many anecdotes that are also interesting.

He says he can only paint what he sees, but he painted a picture that looks like the night sky is circling. Another humanizing story is that he really wanted to be a clergyman, but for various reasons he could not become one. There’s also the story that he allegedly committed suicide, but that’s not true. I hope we can talk about these things again, just the two of us, at length.”

[If I tell you this, do you think you’ll want to go on another date with me? It’s called planting seeds.]

Misaki sensei is really cunning in letting me know that she’ll be looking forward to the next time.

“…….True. I’d love to go again.”

Well, while we were doing that, we arrived at the meeting place in a blur. As we approach the table where Saki and Misaka san are, Misaka san stands up.

“I’ll be next.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’ll be waiting with Saki chan. I’ll see you later.”

“….Onii chan, see you later.”

“Yeah, see you later.”

[Let’s go on a date one by one and have him decide who he wants to go out with……. I think it’s a reasonable method, but I still don’t like the idea of Onii chan being alone with a woman other than me……. I wish I could confess to him right here. I will definitely make Onii chan happy.]

Saki’s eyes begged me not to go. If it was Saki’s request, I would listen to it, but not now.

It took a lot of mental strength to ignore Saki’s gaze, but I left the place with Misaka san.

“Fujisaki-kun, is there somewhere you want to go?”

[It’s good to go where the other person wants to go, right? But what kind of place would Fujisaki kun want to go? When I think about it, I still don’t know much about Fujisaki-kun…… I think I know his personality, but I still don’t know what he likes……]

“Hm…I wonder where. I don’t really enjoy shopping. I usually shop only at used bookstores……”

“Ahaha. I guess most boys are like that, right? But, don’t you go shopping with Saki chan?”

“Well yeah. Mainly I go with Saki when she goes shopping.”

“I see. So your clothes are coordinated with Saki chan’s?”

“I guess so. I’m not really interested in fashion.”

“Don’t you use it as a reference when you draw illustrations?”

“I refer to them when I draw illustrations, but not when I wear them myself.”

“What’s that? You mean you are not interested in dressing yourself?”

“Yeah. I don’t even like to look at myself in the mirror.”

“……Is that so? Hmm…..?”

[Hm? Fujisaki kun doesn’t like himself that much? People who don’t like mirrors must have had a lack of confidence or a complex……

It’s true that he’s not a standout, but he’s not the type to be disliked either. Besides, it shouldn’t be hard to feel self-assured when Saki is being so delirious with you and appealing to you…….

You don’t like your looks? You don’t have a bad face, in fact, You’re a rather well-rounded person…… Your style is not bad either….. Strange……]

“Fujisaki kun, do you dislike your own appearance?”

“……I don’t dislike it, or rather, I’m not interested in it.”

“Is that so……. I think your appearance is cool.”

To be honest, I feel embarrassed.


“You don’t have to be so confused. But anyway, why can’t you be interested in your appearance?”

“…..I can’t say it well, but it’s more like I’m not comfortable looking at my own face and feeling something….. I don’t want to feel like a narcissist, and I don’t want to think that I’m cool, like someone I don’t like. It’s not like I’m sick of being concerned about my appearance……. Sorry. You don’t understand me when I say this. Maybe I simply don’t like myself that much.”

“I see……. It’s complicated.”

[It may be difficult for me to understand properly. I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror, and I think I’m a bit of a narcissist. I think I’m a cute girl and I enjoy dressing up.

I wonder if Misaki sensei would understand this kind of thing……? Maybe she could say something witty and make Fujisaki kun smile. If so, it’s frustrating. I want to be able to understand Fujisaki kun too. But I don’t know if I can force him to change that right now……

I am fed up with my immaturity, but I will do what I can do ! For now, let’s just think about having fun with Fujisaki kun ! We should head to a place where we can both have fun……]

“Hey, there is a store that has all kinds of goods and manga. Let’s go there.”

“Ah, yeah. Okay. I mean, I’m sorry. I’m not good at leading this kind of thing……”

“It’s okay. Fujisaki kun is that kind of person. That much I understand.”

[If anything, He’s the type of person who gets into his own world. He may not have much interest in the outside world or is not good at entertaining people. It’s not that he has a communication problem. He can talk normally.

If I become his girlfriend, I may have some difficulties, but if I think that he will let me do whatever I want, in a way I will be grateful. The key is that the compatibility and balance between the two people is important !]

Misaka san took me to the general store [Viridian World]. There are a variety of miscellaneous items, some ordinary bags and CDs, but also manga-related items and character goods. There are chain stores all over the country, and I like it a lot. There is nothing new about it, but I think it has a different feeling when I go there with Misaka san.

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