Episode 23 – Secret Consultation



That night, while I was wondering if I should contact Misaki sensei, Saki came to my room.

“Let’s study together !”

“…..Ng. Okay.”

[Now……I’m going to do it without any more tricks tonight ! I don’t know who you’re going to play with tomorrow, but I’m going to fill your head with me ! You better brace yourself, Onii chan !”

……No tricks, how far does she intend to go? I’m very worried.

But even if she is full of ulterior motives, Saki is going to study hard. She is a serious and good girl at heart. Really.

After about an hour, I finished my homework and took a breather, and Saki asked me with a slightly curious look on her face. …..I knew what she was going to say, I’d been thinking about it while I was studying. I tried to distract myself somehow, but it was no use.

“Hey, Onii chan. Can I ask you something……really weird?”

“Hm? What is it?”

[Would you be attracted to me if I ask you something like this? No, but if I pretend to be serious, I’m sure Onii chan will get into a naughty mood without damaging my image.]

“As an older brother……you do naughty things by yourself, right?”

“W-why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”

…..She finally came at me with full force. How should I react?

“I-I know it’s sudden, and you might not want to talk to me about this……”

[Ugh,…..I’m embarrassed that I initiated it myself, but when it comes down to it,…….]

“And, you know, I can’t talk about these things with my friend …… But I really wish there was someone I could talk to about these things.”

“……I see.”

“I…..wonder if I’m naughtier than the other girls? I do that kind of thing quite often…….”

[Ah, it’s so embarrassing that I feel like I’m going to fall down… I guess my plan to start talking naughty was a failure… But now that I’ve come this far, I have no choice but to do it !]

“Even though I’m a girl, I sometimes feel depressed and wonder if it’s weird for me to be interested in such things or want to talk to someone about it. I can’t really talk about it with other people, but I wonder if Onii chan would look at me funny. Would you be disillusioned with me for telling you this?”

“…..I’m not disillusioned or anything. I was surprised though.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that. I was so nervous. I was afraid that if I told you this, you would look at me very badly.”

“I won’t do that. Even I……like that kind of thing.”

“That’s right. I mean, there are some remnants of things like that left in the trash can.”

“Wha, no, that’s, um…… Y-you know?”

“I can tell by the smell and so on.”

“I-is that so?”

“At first I thought what that smell was…..but then I looked at it, and that’s what it was…..”

“I-I see…….”

“I do that kind of thing by myself too. So I don’t think Onii chan is wrong…..but rather, I’m very curious about it…….”

“What do you mean you’re curious……?”

“……Well, I’m going to say something very, very perverted,…..but I’d like to see Onii chan doing it alone…….”


I’ve said it, I’ve said it! The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you’re doing! I can’t take it!

[Ah, I said it, I said it ! As expected, this one caught his attention ! The way Onii chan looks at me hurts !]

This is a surprising statement. Today, she’s attacking me a lot…..

“A-as expected, forget that ! It’s nothing ! Forget it !”

[I want Onii chan to be aware of me, but I don’t want him to think I’m a pervert ! Why did I suddenly say such an outrageous thing? I’m certainly interested, but !]

“Oh, uh, well,……I don’t think it’s so strange that you’re interested in that kind of thing. There’s a lot I don’t know about how girls feel, but I think it’s natural to want to know what you don’t have or what you don’t know…….”

“Is that so? Do you think I’m normal?”

“I think so. Unless you’re a clean freak, I think you’d probably want to see something like that at least once. I don’t think there’s anything particularly strange about Saki either.”

[Uwaaaaaa. Even though I said something incredibly perverted, Onii chan accepted it easily ! After all, he has a big heart ! I love you, Onii chan !]

“……Hey, you really think so?”


“Then….can you show me?”

“Well…..I’m not comfortable showing you.”

“No? Can you look at me instead?”


“Kyaa ! I said something bold again ! Showing my own ! Showing each other ! How dirty am I ! I’m too perverted ! It’s true that I want to get closer to Onii chan ! It’s true, but ! There’s got to be a better way !]

Saki’s head seems to be in a state of confusion. However, Saki, who is staring at me with her upturned eyes, is in an atmosphere that only slightly exudes shame.

The gap between the outside and the inside is intense…….

“S-showing me?”


To be honest, I’d like to see it.

I know it’s a pervert to want to watch my sister masturbate, but I’m also a pervert. We cannot turn our eyes away from that fact.

I’m at a loss for words, torn between the desire to watch and the feeling that I should not watch.

In the meantime……

[Onii chan already thinks that I’m a pervert ! When things like this happen, I have no choice but to go as far as I can !]

“……If you’re not interested, just close your eyes.”

Saki stands up gently and begins to take off her pajama bottoms.

“H-hey !? What are you doing…..!?”

Seeing me panicking, Saki smiled wickedly.

[Seeing Onii chan flustered is cute……. The fact that you’re so flustered means that you’re very conscious of me, right? It’s a good response. I’m embarrassed though !]

Saki takes off her underwear with a thud, and her underwear peeks out slightly from the hem of her pajamas.

Is this the first time I’ve seen Saki’s underwear? The light pink underwear is cute and sexy at the same time, and the slender thighs stretching out from the underwear are too sensual.

“S-Saki !? No, you can’t !”

“Why? What’s wrong with this? We used to show each other our bodies.”

“I know we did that !”

When I was a child, before we knew anything about sex, I remember that we used to show each other the differences between our bodies.

But that was a long time ago. It is not something you do in high school.

“Onii chan, are you interested in my body? Is it that bad?”

“No, that’s not what I meant…….”

[Instead of talking about the pros and cons of showing it, let’s change the topic to whether he’s interested in my body. If I do that, Onii chan won’t be able to stop looking at my body… Ugh, but it’s still embarrassing !]

Saki strips down to her top half and is completely in her underwear. The top and bottom set of light pink underwear. It also has a faint stripe and is clean and stylish. She has a feminine roundness and waist that could not be seen over her clothes, and is very attractive. And, although I’m not familiar with her breast size, I would guess that they are about D size. They are quite voluptuous.

Before I knew it, she had become quite mature……

I mean, Saki’s sassiness is so dazzling that it makes me feel a little calm even though I’m excited. It’s a clever move on my sister’s part to intentionally change the subject……

“H-how is it? Is my body beautiful?”

“It it. Of course. I don’t know how long you’ve been an adult…….”

“Can you look at it more?”

Saki, whose face turned bright red, slowly put her hand on the shoulder strap of her bra.

[Aah ! Embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing ! Is this okay? Even though I go as far as I’m going, are you sure you’re okay doing this? Do you think I’m a shameless woman who wants to show her naked body to anyone? Since you’re my brother, I don’t mind showing you anything, and I just want to show it to you, so don’t get me wrong !]

I honestly want to see Saki naked so badly. I want to see her naked to the point that I want to poke a hole in her.

But I’m not comfortable doing that when we’re just brother and sister.

“Wait ! I’m really interested in Saki naked and the fact that she’s doing it alone, but we shouldn’t be doing that in our relationship !”

I grab Saki’s hand and stop her from moving.

“I-if you’re interested, that’s fine! ! I want to see yours, and I want you to see mine ! Then why don’t we just be honest with each other !?”

“You can’t be too honest with your desires ! If you go ahead just because you’re interested, you’ll regret it !”

“It’s not just about interest !”

[I’m saying this because I love Onii chan ! If I was just interested in sex, I wouldn’t have suggested showing each other off !]

“It’s not just curiosity……?”

No, I understand that. That feeling is all too obvious. It’s just that I’m acting insensitive to keep her feelings a secret.

“……If it’s not just curiosity,……then maybe.”

“Ah, uh, i-it’s nothing !? No, this is just curiosity !”

[Ah ! Stupid, stupid, stupid ! Why am I telling such a stupid lie? Onii chan, it seemed like you noticed my feelings ! It was a chance for me to confess my feelings to him ! I’m such a wimp for getting scared at the last step !]

“I’m sorry ! It’s really nothing ! I was a bit crazy too !”

Saki hurriedly puts her pajamas back on. Then, she left the room with her ears still flushed.

[Ah ! I finished halfway ! He thought I was a weird girl ! He thought I was abnormal ! If this is the way it’s going to be, I might as well have been thought of as a little sister who has a brother complex like before ! I want to die !]

Saki’s inner voice trailed off at that point. Should I say something to her? I don’t know how to talk to her to cheer her up, even though I understand everything she is feeling.

For now, I sent a short message on my phone.

[I’ve been with you for a long time, but there are still many things I don’t know about you. I’m glad to know a new side of you.

No matter what kind of girl you are, I still love you. Besides, I think you were a bit tense today, but I think you must have had a lot of feelings that made you tense.

Maybe it’s just my own way of thinking, but I’m not ungrateful for such feelings. I don’t know if it’s acceptable or not, but…..]

It’s a bit blurry and fluffy in a lot of ways, but that’s the best I can do. I hope this will lift her mood somehow…….

I mean.

“……Ah, I’m kind of super excited.”

I’m worried that Saki must be feeling depressed, but on the other hand, my lower body is in a state of war-readiness after what happened earlier.

I have the desire to vent, but if I do it now, I can’t help but think about Saki. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to stop now, so I feel uncomfortable about it.

“Haa. What should I do about my relationship with Saki…… We’re siblings, and I can’t just aggressively move forward with it, can I?”

I’m very curious about Saki. I’m curious. Even so, the barrier of being brother and sister is still huge. It cannot be overcome easily.

While I was in agony in many ways, I lay on my bed for a while and stared at the ceiling in a daze.


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