Onii may be deranged by Kanna.

Now that he knows that, all he has to do is–

“I’m going to hold the ‘second stepsisters’ meeting’, onee-chan.”

I shamelessly called out to the onee-chan who was studying before going to bed.

“Stepsisters meeting? What is on your agenda, Kairi? And we’ve already split up and are complete enemies, aren’t we? It’s too late to cry about it now.”



“…… I think he’s in love with Kanna.”


After wiping off all the lotion that had dripped onto her hands with a tissue, she sat down next to me on the bed.

It’s too good to bite into, isn’t it?

As expected of onee-chan, she gets so anxious when there is a glimpse of the presence of the third party… 

“First of all, I’ll give you my information and I want to sign a ceasefire agreement with you.”

“No.’I can already see a way for me to win until I take onii chan’s virginity. It’s not like I’m going to admit to joining forces with Kairi that I’m going to do 3●.”

“Then I just won’t tell you. If you can see a way to win, you can just lose with me without knowing anything. If Onii can recover from her fear of women, I don’t any regrets even if Kanna takes Onii’s virginity.”

This is a bluff and a lie.

I want Onii too …….

However, if it would cure his phobia of women and make Onii happy, I think …… it would be fine with Kanna.

“…… Kairi, you’ve become a cheater without realising it.”

“Not as good as Onee-chan, though.”

Either way, I can’t solve this problem on my own.

This is where onee-chan’s earthly wisdom is needed.

The remaining one month until Valentine’s Day.

Onee-chan said that she would offer her virginity to Onii-chan and eat Onii-chan’s virginity along with the chocolate.

But if things continue as they are, Onee-chan will lose his virginity as well.

Now what are you going to do? …… Otaru Yuri.

“If I cooperate, will Kanekawa Kanna, no, Kanta’s situation be solved?”


“…. understand. I will cooperate with you after signing a ceasefire agreement.”

Good. ……

I am relieved.

“In making the agreement, we’ll make promises to each other that we can’t betray each other.”


Suddenly, an airdropper sent a photo to my phone.

What is it? When I opened my phone, a picture was shared by onee-chan, where she was taking a selfie at her desk with onii san’s trousers in her mouth.

“Whaa…… what’s this?”

“If I betray you, you can show this picture of me eating onii chan’s raw pants for dessert after dinner to him.”

“Ooo-oeee…… you’re dirty, onee-chan.”

I let out a sob as I distanced myself from my sister.

It might be dangerous if the world found out that our school’s proud student council president was munching on her brother’s freshly taken off panties.

“Kairi, send me embarrassing photos of you too.”

Perhaps it’s a relief that she still has a sense of shame about the photos of her eating underpants.

But still, embarrassing photos of me… …….

I opened my photo folder to look for photos, but I couldn’t find any.

Then, I’ll take a picture now.

I turned the camera on my phone, closed my eyes, pouted my lips and took a picture.

“How’s this? Kissing faces is more embarrassing than eating underpants.”

“How can you …… think of taking onii chan’s virginity with that? You must be a sex-educated first-grader.”

“It doesn’t matter! I’m ashamed of my kissy face!”

“……, that’s fine.”

We sent each other our nasty selfies to each other’s smartphones and made a pact.

“Now that the drama is over, can you talk to me?”


I told her what had happened so far.

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