[Hello? Fujisaki kun, can I have a word now?]

“Yeah, sure. What’s up?”

[Are you free tomorrow?]

“……Sorry. I have plans tomorrow and the day after.”

[Oh, is that so? Are you meeting someone?]

“Tomorrow I’m going out for a minor business. The day after tomorrow, I’m going out with my sister.”

[Hmmm. Hmm……? Minor business, huh. Sigh…Fujisaki kun also uses quite shameless words…..]

…Why does Misak -san say things like Misaki sensei and Azuma senpai? Did the meaning of [minor business] change without me knowing?

“Minor business is not something lewd, right?”

[Anything you can’t talk about to a girl is definitely something shameful.]

“…..I see. Well, that’s fine. Anyway, I have plans tomorrow for a shameless errand.”

[I see. Well, I wanted to meet up and talk to you about something. ….]


I thought Misaka san would give up at this point, but that was not the case.

[By the way, do you have plans for tomorrow all the way from early in the morning?]

“Not really, but…..”

[Then, can’t we meet and talk tomorrow, even if it’s only for a little while? I’m going to Fujisaki kun’s house early. Okay, please !]

“Please you said….. Is it something urgent?”

“Yes ! I really wanted to talk to you !]

“Ah……yeah. If you insist, I guess it can’t be helped…..?”

We meet for a little while, talk, and then part ways. If we do that, there may be no problem. If I had to, I would like to help Misaka san. 

But I guess it’s probably not a big deal. I wonder if I should flatly refuse.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Misaka san says happily.

[Really? Thank you for listening to my selfishness ! I’ll be sure to repay you !]

“There’s no need to be so formal about it. But what’s the matter? Your urgency….. Can you tell me now?”

[Eh? Uh, no. It’s okay. It’s not a phone call, okay? It’s better to talk about important things face to face, right?]

Misaka san answered in a panicked tone. Well, I guess it’s not a big deal, as expected.

“Shall we do a video cal?”

[T-that’s not the point ! It’s not like we can just see each other’s faces or anything ! You know what I mean, right !? Fujisaki kun, you’re being kind of mean today !?]

“I don’t mean to be mean…”

Well, actually, a little bit.

“Anyway, you want to talk to me directly, don’t you, Misaka san?”

[Yeah ! Is there a problem !?]

“……By the way, what’s your business?”

[Eh? No, like I said…’s urgent anyway ! No unnecessary prying on the phone !]

Misaka-san forcefully terminates the conversation. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem if I refused, but it’s my indecisiveness that prevents me from clearly refusing here…….

“…..Okay. If it was for a bit.”

[Yeah ! Thank you ! Then, can I come over there tomorrow……around eight o’clock?]

“Ah, wait. It’s hard to talk when my younger sister is home, so let’s go outside. How about somewhere like a train station or a park?”

[I’d like to see Saki chan once in a while, though.]

No, it is better not to let Misaka san and Saki meet as much as possible. I didn’t know what Saki was planning.

“…No, but Saki knows that Misaka san is dating Takuma, so wouldn’t it be strange if you came alone?”

[I see. In that case, it can’t be helped.]

“Yeah, so we’ll go somewhere else.”

[Understood. Shall we choose the station closest to Fujisaki kun’s house? Fujisaki-kun, the fact that you suddenly started asking about it at the station means that you have something to do by train, right? It’s less of a burden for Fujisaki kun to take the route.]

Another great detective here……. No, can anyone understand this much?

“Uh, yeah. Something like that.”

[Well then, at the station. How about around 8:00 a.m.?]

“Yeah, sure. Okay.”

[……Hey, by the way.]

Misaka san’s voice becomes a little darker. What happened?


[Fujisaki kun, perhaps you don’t want me to meet with Saki?]

“……Huh? Why are you saying that? How can that be?”

It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just being cautious.

“I just think it’s better to avoid it now, given the circumstances.”

[I see. You’re right. I’m sorry, it’s nothing. I just had a feeling. My misunderstanding.]

“Please come and see Saki after all the things you are carrying are gone.”

[I agree. But, even if I break up with Takuma, will I be able to go visit Fujisaki kun’s house again?]

“Isn’t that okay? Misaka san and I started talking because of Takuma, but now we’re like friends even if it’s related to Takuma, right?”

[Yeah. I guess so. Takuma is no longer necessarily involved in our relationship.]

“That’s what I meant.”

[I’m glad to hear that. Even if I break up with Takuma, I don’t want to break up my relationship with Fujisaki kun.]

“I’m glad to hear you say that.”

[Fufu. Ah, by the way.]

“Yeah. You seem to be having a lot of things to say. What is it?”

[Sorry, sorry. Fujisaki kun……who are you meeting tomorrow?]

Eh? Why is she asking that?

“No, it’s not that I’m meeting with anyone…….”

[Hmm……. Oh…….]

“…What? You don’t believe me?”

[I mean, if there’s nothing wrong with that, you wouldn’t fool around with your minor business, right? Well, I’m not Fujisaki-kun’s girlfriend or anything, so I don’t care who Fujisaki kun meets, right? However, you’ve been asked for advice on various things, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me for advice, okay? Um……for example, that you’re secretly dating someone with a boyfriend, and you’re worried because you can’t tell anyone about it?]

“No, no. I’m not capable of that kind of complicated relationship.”

……It’s really impossible. My sister, my teacher, my friend’s girlfriend, etc. I’m just not naturally capable of that kind of complexity. I want to live a simpler life.

[I see. I’m sorry for prying. But if you’re really in trouble, I’m always here for you, so just let me know, okay?]

“Yeah. I understand.”

[Then, have fun with your minor business !]

“Ah, yeah.”

[If you said yes without hesitation, it means that you are at least enjoying yourself, right?]

So what’s with these great detectives……

“No comment.”

[Fufu. I’ll see you tomorrow, anyway !]

“Yeah, see you tomorrow…….”

The call disconnected.

A deep sigh. I’m not dating anyone, and I’m not having an affair. However, just talking normally makes me feel quite tired. Misaka san insisted so we made time to meet, but should I have said no?

If she had been right in front of me, I could have seen through it if she didn’t actually have anything important to say. It’s a little inconvenient because I can’t do that on the phone…, this is natural, but. Anyway, since we made the promise, let’s just talk a little bit.

I’ll meet Misaka san, Saki will follow me, and even if she doesn’t, I’ll be in a lot of trouble, right?

As for tomorrow’s outing with Misaki sensei, I might really have to consider canceling it. Should I talk to Misaki sensei about it…… no, if I make a bad call, Saki will also be in trouble…… What should I do….?

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