“Well, let’s make karaage.”

“Yeah !”

I regained my composure and stood in the kitchen.

The assassin’s eyes lit up as if a flower had bloomed, and she shouted energetically like a schoolchild. But then she suddenly cooled down and became embarrassed, coughed a little, and said again in a low voice, [H-hurry up.] I was beginning to think she was a little bit cute.

“First, add the beaten egg. Once the meat has absorbed the egg well, then add this—“

“S-stimulant shabu !? No, you can’t put that in ! !”

“Here are flour and potato starch.”

:Shabu lololol

:No, it’s white powder, but.

:I like Inami’s calm and cool attitude.

“It’s something you can buy at the supermarket. Don’t you know?”

“S-supermarket…? Ah, no, I know ! I know ! I already knew so much that I was surprised when it came around ! I never thought you’d use something so common !”

What’s with that excuse.

Of course I use it, it’s for frying.

“Now that it’s sufficiently coated, I’ll dust it with a little more potato starch before frying.”

“……Wow, a follow up shabu…….”

At those words I mumbled, I burst out laughing.

The viewers are also all at once, and the comments are accelerating.

“The oil temperature is about 160 degrees Celsius. I’ll put in the chicken.”

“Oh….it’s so juicy….!”

“If you put your face too close to the oil, the hot oil will splash and burn you.”

“It’s hot ! ! K-karaage is attacking me !?”

“I told you so.”

From here, the temperature is gradually increased, and finally fried in oil at 180℃.

The lower the temperature, the more tender and delicious the meat will be.

“Listen to the sound. Now you hear the sound of high moisture content. This will gradually change to a light crackling sound.”

“Hm……? Oh, it’s true ! The bubbles are also changing from big to small ! It’s like magic !”

:The assassin is so pure that it’s so adorable.

:I’m new here. What’s the situation?

:He’s trying to give a cooking class to the person who was trying to kill him and make her eat karaage

:I don’t know what that means lolol

Don’t worry.

I don’t know what it means either.

“Well, I’m gonna transfer it here to a bat.”

“Is it done !?”

“I’m gonna raise the temperature of the oil to 190 degrees Celsius and fry it more, so please wait a little longer.”


The understandably shunned killer.

……She’s like a dog. In terms of hair color, I guess a Siberian husky? When I think about it, that’s all I could think of her.

‘If you’re that hungry, would you like a snack and wait for me?”

“……N-no, thanks ! Because I want to eat karaage in the best condition !”

She snorted and crossed her arms with a hard will in both eyes.

It’s impressive, but it’s not cool because you’re just waiting for the karaage to be prepared.

“Now, let’s put the finishing touches on it. I’m gonna put the karaage that’s been resting in the oil.”

“Wow ! It’s making more noise than before, and the bubbles are getting serious…..! It looks like it’s gonna explode !”

“The surface of the karaage is crispy because the water has been blown off in one go.  ……Okay, I think that’s about right. It’s done.”

As I transferred the karaage to the bat again, the assassin said, [Yay !] and she raised both hands in the air.

The next moment, I remembered what she came here for and opened my eyes. I immediately put my hands behind her back and whistled, but nothing could fool her, and her eyes never left the karaage.

“You can have one right away.”

“Eh……? But it’s not good manners if you don’t get on the table properly,…….”

“I’m surprised that you care about that kind of thing.”

Is it OK to kill someone, but not to violate manners?

I think it is the law that should be observed……

She must have lived with a very particular set of ethics.

“Those of us who stand in the kitchen are given the privilege of being the first to eat freshly prepared food. It would be against manners not to eat it.”

“H-heh…..well, I knew that. It’s common sense.”

“Yes, yes.”

:Miss Assassin, why do you know everything lol

:She’s so cute!

:A cool beauty with silver hair and a black suit who can attract idiots.

When I showed her a piece in front of her, the assassin took one in her hand with a wary look on her face. She lifts it up, looking hot, and blows on it to cool it down a little.

Then she opened her cherry-red lips modestly and bit into the karaage.

“Mmmmmmmmmm ! ! Yum !! Yumm ! ! What is this ! ! I’ve never eaten such delicious food in my life ! !”

:Perfect reaction.

:Is this some kind of “Blue Sky Restaurant”?

:Oh man, I’m starving.

:Looks so good.

The assassin’s hands and feet flailed about, her emotions exploding.

Both of her eyes were shining dazzlingly, and she chewed the karaage with all her might while staring at me.

–I had never eaten such a delicious dish in my life.

Suddenly, I remembered what my mother once told me.

How many years had it been since I had someone eat my food and tell me how delicious it was?

I wanted this for a long time.

I wanted it, I worked hard, I did the best I could, but after the restaurant turned out like that, I gave up on it, thinking it wasn’t for me anymore.

The pit of my stomach grows warm, and at the same time I feel unbearably embarrassed.

My cheeks are torn with uncontrollable feelings, and I can’t help but grin.

:Inami looks so happy.

:I’ve been following him for a long time, but this might be the first time I’ve seen him smiling properly.


:You’re crying a little, aren’t you?

:For real.

:I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m moved.

Viewers saying whatever they want.

I turn my attention away from the comments section, wipe my eyes, and turn to face the assassin.

“I-is it really that good?”

“No, it’s not only delicious ! Can I have another one !?”

“Ah……erm, here you go.”

“Ohhhhh ! It’s so delicious…..! What’s this, my face is…..damn it, I’m grinning…..! So gooood ! ! It’s so good ! !”

:Thank you for the meal, grinning assassin.

:I’ve never tasted it before, but is his karaage really that good?

:I’ve made it many times using his recipe, but it really tastes like a restaurant.

:I’m an izakaya owner and I serve his karaage in my restaurant.

:Try it once, you’ll fly.

:Inami’s recipe is in the summary section, so you should try it.

:I bet it would be even more delicious if Inami san made it.

Perhaps because the assassin is giving her all to convey her excitement, many viewers seem to be intrigued, and comments flow at a tremendous rate. This would never happen if I did it alone.

“I want another one !”

“H-here you go. Do you still want more? Then I’ll make more.”

“You don’t mind !?”

“Yes. So as not to waste life, right? It would be a waste if we don’t eat them.”

“Eh? ……Ah, ah, yeah ! Yes, that’s right !”

She completely forgot as she was eating karaage, didn’t she?

“There is also white rice, so please pour yourself a bowl and eat it.”

“Ooooooh ! Such a devilish combination is sure to be delicious !”

“If you want, you can add mayonnaise to increase the calories.”

“That’s definitely a bad combination ! It’s the only way to make it taste good !”

“Then I’ll keep frying them.”

“Yes, sir !”

:That’s a good reply lol,

:I’ve raised my hand lol.

:I think her reply is too cute…….

:Inami is smiling too,

:It was a nice farce.

Karaage is not a special dish.

Except for the hassle of dealing with the oil, it’s pretty easy, and usually it’s almost a work in progress. It doesn’t require any emotion, and it doesn’t move me in any way.

And yet—.

White rice in a bowl, karaage on top of it, and the assassin waiting for it to be fried with a woozy smile. Just having her next to me was enough to make me enjoy making it.

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