“So, when should we schedule the study session?”

After getting ready for school, we walk along the path to school, chatting lightly.

I hear the voice of my childhood friend who I had breakfast with in the morning.

Apart from that, every time I approach the school, I feel a gaze from somewhere. This is probably also because there is a super beautiful girl beside me.

“Hmmm……… the scope of the test has been announced, and it’s better to be early than never, right?”

The test is next Thursday and Friday.

Since it is a regular exam, it is held over two days.

When I thought about it, I felt like I didn’t have much time left.

“How about tomorrow? How about we do the whole morning and then imm …… play in the afternoon?”

“I don’t mind, but …… why are you so nervous?”

“Because I still feel …… the way I felt when I hugged you in the morning.”

Stop it, don’t be conscious of it.

I’ll feel embarrassed remembering all this.

“So, what do you think?”

“I don’t mind. I’m fine with it. I was just going to spend tomorrow moping around or watching a cooking video.”

“I think I’ve seen a glimpse of your cooking ability, Tsukkun.”

No, that was surprisingly interesting.

It’s very helpful because I can quickly recall it when I’m having trouble deciding on a menu.

“Then, shall we do it at my place as usual?”

“Yes! I’ll bring snacks!”

“Ah, Then…”

“Norishio potato chips, right? Don’t worry, I’ll bring it with me♪”

Yuzuha walks alongside me with a big smile on her face.

For some reason, I think she’s even more happy than usual.

(……We always do the same thing before a test though.)

Still, it seems that what makes her happy is what makes her happy.

There may be many reasons for this, but …… well, if Yuzuha is in a good mood, there’s nothing better than that.

While walking like this, I finally arrived at the front of the school gate.

And then…

[Isn’t that Kirishima-senpai?]

[Is she waiting for someone? I mean, she’s really cute …….]

[She was on TV the other day, wasn’t I? That variety show!]

A young girl in front of the school gate.

She looked somewhat bored, looking up at the sky, as if she was waiting for someone, as I could hear from somewhere.

The girl suddenly turned her gaze toward us and waved her hand in a small gesture.

“Good morning, Yuzuha and Irie.”

“Oh, it’s Ku-chan!”

Yuzuha rushed to Kirishima.

As she approached, she grabbed her hand and started waving it vigorously up and down, looking happy.

“What’s wrong with you, Ku-chan? You’re usually in the classroom!”

“Well, it would have been fine if we were in the classroom. But I wanted to go with you at least to the halfway point.”



Yuzuha tilted her head, but Kirishima’s gaze turned to me.

Then, for some reason, she gave me a mischievous smile――

“Then, let’s go to the classroom together♪”

—She hugged me into her arms.


The plump feeling assaulted my arms.

Although it wasn’t as big as Yuzuha, the softness and sweet smell of a girl definitely stimulated me.

This is …… something I can’t describe, but I feel like I’m going to be in heaven in the morning.

“WWWWWWWWWWWWWhat are you doing, Ku-chan?!”

“Ara, I told you, …… I have no intention of losing. Unlike you, a childhood friend, I only get to see events at school. That’s when I have to be proactive, right?”

Please don’t say that in front of me. I’m not sure how I’d react.

“H-hey, Kirishima. This is as expected, …….”

“Hm? Then, should I stay away?”

“I want you to stay close.”


I don’t have a choice.

The boys literally love to get skin-to-skin with beautiful model girls.

If you’re worried about the eyes of the passersby, you’ll never get your hands on that favorite food.

“Fufu, I don’t mind an honest man. Rather, I have a good impression of you.”

Kirishima poked me on the cheek.

The expression on her face was somewhat amused, and even with all the eyes around her, it was hard to force it away.


Yuzuha, on the other hand, puffed out her cheeks cutely.

There was something cute about it, like a small animal that tickled my heart.

“As expected, there are people watching, so let’s hurry in. Also, make sure Yuzuha doesn’t spread her cuteness any further.”

“Ummm…… surely this figure is too cute to be a high school student.”

“It’s a cuteness that I can’t match.”

The two of us look at Yuzuha, who is puffing out her cheeks.

We think the same way. In order to prevent the childhood friend’s cuteness from spreading any further, it seems better to move on.

Thinking so, we both tried to walk ahead…

“I-I’ll do it too!”

—Just then, I felt a softness on one of my free arms.

When I lowered my gaze a little, I saw Yuzuha, her face bright red, hugging me with a somewhat desperate look on her face.

“….. you don’t have to do this if you’re embarrassed, okay?”

“I-if I retreat now, I’ll have to fight with just my advantage…!”

“O-ou…advantage, huh?”

I don’t really understand what an advantage is, but it’s probably something I can’t deny.

It’s a little difficult to walk, but I can’t complain about the euphoric feeling.

“Fufu, that’s exactly what Yuzuha is.”

“Even when she says lines from a rival’s point of view, she stands up even in such a pinch.”

“Well, you’re good, aren’t you? Literally flowers in both hands…I don’t know if I say it myself, but you’re receiving skinship from two such beautiful girls.”

I glanced to the right.

A beautiful woman with a neat face and a mischievous gesture that strikes one’s heart.

When I turn to my left, I see a princess who exudes a lot of cuteness. Her face, which is desperate to hold back her loveliness and embarrassment, tickles my heart in any way.

And then—

[Hey, who’s that guy?]

[I’m so jealous …… I want to make out with Minase-san like that too!]

[Even though I’m in a hard mode just to talk to Kirishima-san!]

— faces of the people around me, filled with jealousy.

“…It seems like it’s not just goodwill that’s being shown to me.”

“Why don’t we call it a happiness tax?”

“Ugh,……, they’ve been staring at me for a while now.”

After this, it seems that for some reason a rumor spread throughout the school that a man who embodied a flower in both hands had appeared.

Of course, I made sure to tell everyone in the class that I had no idea what happened.

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