–I’ve never eaten such a delicious dish in my life.

I got my start when I made curry for my mother, who was busy with work.

I was so happy to hear her words at that time that cooking became my hobby.

Someday, I would like to open my own restaurant and have more people enjoy my delicious food.

I had such a dream when I was in junior high school. When I entered high school, I worked part-time to save money, and even after I started working, I never missed saving money…….

Finally, in the summer of my twentieth year, I opened my own restaurant.

Life was promising–but from then on, it was an avalanche of steady decline.

On the first day of opening, a truck plowed into the store as the first customer and wrecked it.

I somehow managed to reopen, but this time I was robbed, robbed of the change money I had in the cash register, and beaten up.

The morning…..I opened the store for the third time. The tenant next door started a fire and my restaurant was reduced to ashes without ever serving food to customers.

I heard the sound of my heart breaking.

There was no way I could afford to get back on my feet.

But I didn’t dare to give up, and since I had borrowed a considerable amount of money to open the restaurant, I needed to pay it back somehow.

That’s when I started posting videos, hoping to make a penny.

I made a video in which I just cooked food and introduced the recipe.

Thankfully, the number of views has been good, and with 50,000 channel subscribers, I have been able to make ends meet. Recently, I have been cooking and streaming, and the money I earn from that is not insignificant.

“I use this kind of seasoning for karaage. I give the detailed recipe in the video, so please refer to the URL in the summary section.”

It was past seven o’clock in the afternoon.

Just an hour or so ago, I had a sudden craving for fried food and was doing a cooking stream.

:Already looks so good !

:Please switch place with my husband.

:I made it by referring to the recipe !

“Ah, you did? I’m so glad. Thank you.”

The number of viewers is a little over 300.

My channel–[Inami Kitchen] usually has about this number of people when streaming.

As I was watching the comments quietly flowing by, something caught my attention.

:Inami, you’re a criminal.

:This criminal.

:Wow, something weird happened again.

:He’s been here a lot lately

:Turn off the video.

:Delete the video.

:Inami san, are you okay?

:Delete the video.

“Ah, I’m fine. Sorry, I’ll block it right away, alright.”

I blocked the troll and prevented him from typing comments.

……Seriously, why am I in this situation.

It was only recently that I started getting these comments.

Someone from somewhere made a dish based on my video.

If that were all, I would be grateful, but it seems that while cooking, he gouged his finger with a knife and it bled quite a bit.

As a result, for some reason, he went on a rampage in the comments section and on social media.

He made a messed up complaint that this happened because he referred to my video, and to be honest, I’m quite troubled by it.

If it was my recipe that caused him to get an upset stomach or something, I could understand why he would be upset, but a knife injury, that has nothing to do with the recipe. What kind of thinking process would cause someone to get mad at me?

:Are the karaage ready?

:I saw a video of it and it looked really good.

:You’re making a huge amount of it, are you going to eat it all?

“I bought a lot of chicken thighs, but they were going bad. It’s my life, so I’m gonna eat it all.”

:Even though you look thin, you eat a lot.

:I love a man who can cook and eat a lot–

:Inami san, open a restaurant, I’ll go there.



:Don’t say that.

:Eh? What’s wrong?

:This person is shutting down the store without even a single customer coming.

:Screw you.

:Don’t ignore me, you piece of shit.

“I just talked about this yesterday, check out the archives. ……Well, but yes. I’ve spent my whole life wishing someone would tell me how good it tasted in person……”

I laughed sadly, and a few sympathetic coins flew in.

I thanked them and blocked the trolls.

I block them every time I find them, but each time I do, they set up a new account.

……When is this game ever going to end?

:I hired a top notch hitman to take care of you.

This was right after I blocked him.

I couldn’t help but gush when I heard such a comment.

:A hitman lolol.

:An assassin is too much lol.


:I guess we’re parting ways with Inami san today.

“Pfft, pfft……no, no everyone, don’t laugh……gufft, no……! You never know when the assassin might actually come !”

:You’re the one laughing the hardest.

: That makes me laugh lol.

:I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you.

:But wouldn’t it be better to report it just in case?

:Are you going to tell the police that some idiot who’s not good at cooking and accidently cuts his fingers off with a kitchen knife after he makes a meal based on your own videos then tries to hire an assassin to kill you?

:Looking at this situation, I feel sorry for Inami san.

“I think I’ll take appropriate action if the slander continues too long. I’m showing my face, too, so there’s a risk that I’ll get a rear-end call or something—“

Just then, the doorbell rang.

A chilling chill ran down my spine.



:Did the hitman come?

:It’s over.

:There’s no way an assassin is real. 

“…..Delivery, maybe? Excuse me, I’ll be out in a minute.”

I live in a cheap apartment for 30,000 a month.

There is no camera on the intercom, so I have to go to the front door and check it out.

I locked the chain lock and peek…..just to be safe.

I took a deep breath and fearfully opened the door.

Then, there stood a woman in a luxurious black suit.

She had long, silvery white hair that looked as if snow had fallen on it, and silver eyes as well.

Her face was uniquely Japanese.

Her long, slender arms and legs were like those of a model.

I admired her beauty for a moment, but then I raised my eyebrows because I didn’t recognize her at all.

“Are you Inami?”

Her voice was cold, sharp, and beautiful like a sharpened blade.

I was silent, unable to grasp the situation. The woman nodded her head in affirmation.

“—…..Don’t think badly of me.”

With a thud.

The woman cut through the chain lock with a concealed knife.

“Whoa !? Eh, hey, what’s going on !?”

“Be quiet. This will all be over soon.”

:Eh, what?

:Isn’t this bad?

:Did an assassin really come?

:I think it’s some kind of stunt.

My house is a typical 1 bedroom type with the kitchen right outside the front door.

I was surprised that the woman broke the chain, and immediately jumped backward to be caught on camera. Someone might see this and call the police.

“P-please calm down ! Let’s talk about it ! What the hell are you !?”


“Whoa ! Wait, wait ! !”

The woman swung her knife as hard as she could at me as I fell on my butt on the floor.

I managed to grab her arm and block the attack, but her force was too strong and the tip of her sword was coming at me hard.

:It’s really dangerous.

:No well, but the lady says she’s an assassin?

:I love this.

:I think he’s starting to make a gimmick because the fact that Inami san was lamenting that the number of subscribers wasn’t growing.

:Isn’t the assassin cute?

I looked at the sub terminal for displaying comments for a moment, but it didn’t seem to be taken seriously.

“This is a serious one ! ! Someone call the cops–“

“Be quiet.”

My appeal was cut off as my mouth was covered with the other hand.

The woman’s violently beautiful eyes were staring at me emotionlessly. My instincts tell me that these are eyes that really want to kill me.

“I don’t want people to come here. I don’t kill needlessly.”

:So cool ! !

:Did he told us to call the police?

:I’m sure it’s all staged when you put it on stream like this.

:A silver hair, a black suit, and a beautiful assassin, what a hobby.

No, I’m not being taken seriously at all.

Think about it normally ! My content is culinary !

What’s so funny about having an assassin appear during the stream !?

“If you want to die without suffering, be quiet. If you don’t, you’ll get stabbed in some weird place and meet your worst end—“

And then.

Guuuuuhhhhhhhh ! !

The sound of hunger suddenly echoed through the kitchen.

It is the loudest sound I have ever heard, and the woman who is the source of the sound turns her white cheeks into red with embarrassment. My body relaxes, and I dismiss her hand that was covering my mouth. 



“That sound……”

“It’s nothing—“

Guuuuururuururur~~~~~~! !

Her stomach rumbles again, and the woman clenches her back teeth in agony.

Suddenly, the tension is gone, and I’m beginning to think it’s some kind of stunt I just don’t know about.

“……The address they gave me was wrong, and I’ve been looking for this house all morning. That’s why I haven’t eaten anything ! It’s your fault !”

“No, that’s not……”

“Doesn’t this room smell really good to begin with? Did you use some kind of poison gas to make me hungry !?”

“…..I was just making karaage. I used garlic and soy sauce for seasoning, so I’m sure it smells good…..”


“Eh. You don’t know what karaage is?”

“N-no, no, no ! I know, I know ! That one, hm…..the one where you sing a song !”

“That’s karaoke.”

:The skit suddenly started.

:Calmly doing a joke lol.

:Doesn’t the assassin know about karaage?

:She’s so cute.

“You seasoned the chicken thighs, coated them with flour and potato starch, and deep-fried them. It’s crispy on the outside and juicy and delicious on the inside.”

“Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside…….”

Gruruurur, her stomach was already at its limit.

Drool was dripping from the corner of her mouth, and there wasn’t even a trace of tension left in her eyes.

“Um…..If you don’t mind, I’m going to fry it now, so let’s eat it.”

“Wha !? Don’t say something stupid ! I’m going to kill you-“

“Y-you said earlier that you wouldn’t kill any life in vain !? Food ingredients have lives, too, and if you kill me right now, they’ll rot and become useless ! Wouldn’t that be a waste of life…? ”

I’m aware that I’m talking nonsense.

But if I buy some time here, maybe someone will call the police.

…..I may be crazy, but as a chef, I couldn’t overlook a hungry person.

There is nothing worse than being hungry.

“If I kill you,……karaage, I will die,…….”

“T-that’s what I meant.”

Gurururur, her stomach rumbled again.

The woman’s cheeks flushed deeper and she looked away in a huff.

“…..That’s starting to feel like a no-no.”

“Right ! I know, it’s a no-no !”

“I’ll tell you what, this is just a temporary postponement of the killing in order to avoid unnecessary killing ! I’m not keeping you alive because I want to eat karaage ! Don’t get me wrong !

“What’s with that tempestuous tsundere dialogue…..”

:Don’t tell me you’re making karaage in this situation lol.

:It’s getting interesting.

:I like the good old tsundere feeling of the assassin.

:The assassin is cute.

:switch with me, Inami.

The comment section is accelerating with rapid development one after another.

And before I knew it, the number of viewers, which had been around 300, had ballooned fivefold to 1,500, as if they had gotten word of the assassin’s appearance during the stream somewhere.

If you enjoy our content, feel free to donate, Thank you in advance !

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