I came back to my room and punched myself in the crotch first thing.

“What the hell was I thinking, I ……”

When Yuri straddled me, I unknowingly got …… excited at Yuri.

The way my lower body reacted and the way I was flustered were all seen by Yuri.

That large, grown-up breasts and cleavage are burned into my eyes and won’t go away.

“I …… why?””

There is no way to control what has happened, even if I regret it.

And for some reason, Yuuri …… didn’t hate the phenomenon, but embraced it.

She just accepted the fact that I was aroused by my younger sister.

I had told myself that I shouldn’t get aroused by my sister, so why …… was I so flustered?

My head was so messed up that I felt like I was going to lose control.

Everything I was thinking seemed wrong.

“I’m …… a bad brother.”

That’s right.

I’m a bad person who’s always getting healed by erotic ear licking ASMR and even my New Year’s money is going to be spent on V-tubers.

I’m not the same person I used to be when I was able to play sports and study like I used to.

Even my two younger sisters must hate me in their hearts.

Yuri might have done that to me because she thinks …… less of me.

“I can’t …… take it anymore, me.”

I wet the pillow on the bed while writhing in pain from the blow to my crotch.

It was at that time–.


A notification comes into lime.

“……K-Kanna san.”

I picked up my phone, a little nervous.

[Kanna: Onii san! Happy New Year!]

Come to think of it, I hadn’t said New Year’s greetings to Kanna-san or anything like that.

I send a safe reply, “Happy New Year,” and think about the lime that follows.

No, I’m not in the mood for that right now.

I put my phone next to my pillow and lay back on my bed.

For a moment I find myself wondering if I should ask her about this time.

But Kanna-san is like a two-dimensional being in my mind.

I’ve never talked to her, I’ve never met her, and there’s no way that confiding my problems to her would make any difference.

“It’s just a nuisance, right?”

Of course it is.

Then my phone vibrated again to notify me.

[Kanna: I talked to Kairi about this, would you like to go out together?]

Eh ……… eh?

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