“So Kanta told onii chan that he had a sister called Kanna, and then took the liberty of becoming my onii chan’s advisor and even exchanging lime with him.”

“Yes! wait, When did Onii become your onii-chan’s ……?”

“Since I was born, onii chan and his virginity have been mine. I’ve only been thinking about onii chan while Kairi hates him.”

“You’re lying. Even though you’ve been making fun of him about things like the toilet.”

When I poke her where it hurts, she bites her lip and glares at me.


“Anyway, we should be thinking about what to do with Kanna right now. Shall we abduct …… her for now?”

“Soon onee-chan will force her hand like that.”

“But we definitely need to know Kanahara-san’s true intentions.”

Kanna’s, true intentions, huh?

Indeed, I’ve wondered about it ever since she contacted me.

[Kanna: I was wondering if you, Kairi’s onii san, I would like to go shopping together?]

That’s what she suggested to me in lime.

It was too sudden, but I’m glad she was worried about me and onii

“If Kanna-san had 100% good intentions, would you be willing to have onii chan taken from you?”

“That’s …… if it would make Onii happy, I am.”

‘If you don’t have ego, you’ll lose to me before Kanna, Kairi.”

“Ego ……?”

“Your feelings for onii chan are like that, aren’t they?”

When onee chan told me that, it clicked a little, but… she was right.

What we are fighting is a stepsister war.

Me and one chan have been in love with him for a long time, even before Kanna.

Onii is kind, smart and takes good care of us.

Recently, he’s into this V-tuber thing, but the real Oniiis even cooler.

“If you really like Onii-chan, Kanahara Kanna will definitely get in the way.”

Kanna will get in the way …….

“I will drop Kanahara Kanna from the race for onii chan’s virginity. Now that we have an agreement, I need you to help me with that.”

“‘…… I want to be best friends with Kanna.”

“You’re not ready for this yet.”

“But Onii belongs to me. So I want you to help me.”

“…… Finally, you’ve got the eyes of a beast.”

You can’t win this war without ego.

I’m sorry Kanna, but we need to hear the truth.


January. Finally, it’s the last trimester of junior high school.

Hey everyone – New Year’s Day. My name is Kanahara Kanna.

I changed my hairstyle from medium-short to very short early in the new term and now I go to school. …… What am I doing introducing myself all by myself? It’s hilarious.

I used to be the ace of the basketball team, and I’m often told I’m boyish, probably because I have a slender body that could be mistaken for a man.

I can’t say it myself, but I’m really popular with the girls, you know, even today.

When we came to the school gate of the junior high school, there was a very pretty girl who was a junior and she was wearing a scarf with white breath in it.

“Ah, Kanahara-senpai!”

“What’s wrong? What do you want from me?”

“Eh, let’s see, …….”

A bright red face and pink lips.

I wonder if this that, she’ll confess to me again.

“I heard that Kanahara-senpai is aiming for Shu high school. I went to the shrine and bought an amulet to pray for success!”

When the cute junior handed me the amulet, she said, “T-Then” and headed towards the school building.

“… prayers for success, huh?”

Onii san taught me a lot about studying, and I want to live up to his expectations, but …… it’s 50-50 right now.

When I was in a daze in front of the school gate, clutching the amulet, suddenly a hand was placed on both shoulders from behind me.


Extending from behind and touching both shoulders were the hands of Kairi and the student council president.

Kairi was holding my left shoulder with her right hand and the student council president was holding my right shoulder with his left hand.

“T-The two of you, what’s wrong? You’re acting like such a hothead.”

“”I need to talk to you.””

Why are these two …… like a duo?

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