“Sorry we all got separated!”

After a while, Onii and Onee-chan came to the family restaurant.

The two went into the restaurant in a hurry and found our table. 

“It’s unusual for you to be separated, the firm Yuuri,……, did Yuto keep on drawing lots?”

“Eh? W-well. Yeah it’s like that. I’m sorry, everyone.”

Eh. Onii, What’s wrong with him?

Whenever mother makes fun of him, he usually makes a strong rebuttal, but …… he just lets the conversation slide.

What’s going on

“Now that Yuto and Yuuri have joined us, it’s time for us to go greet our relatives.”

Dad told me so, and after paying the bill, we got into the car.

With Oni in the middle, the three of us sat in the back seat.

I think I’ll put my chest against Onii’s for a bit. ……

“Hey onii”

I pulled out his hand and sandwiched it between my own cleavage.

“Come over here more.”



“Hmm? Ah, oh, sorry. Kairi, what are you talking about?”

What’s that ……?

This is not the reaction I expected.

I look at the onee-chan sitting on the other side across my onii


She looked at me with a sideways glance while keeping her mouth shut to hold back a smile.

I don’t think …… onee-chan did something to Onii at the beginning of the New Year,…….

“Kairi? What’s wrong?”

“……, I-it’s nothing, after all.”

I said to Oni and turned my attention to the window.

If it was inevitable that the two got separated, it’s possible that Onee-chan did something to him.


In the past, the onee-chan said that Valentine’s Day is the day of the decisive battle.

There is only one month left for Valentine’s Day.

If that is the case, it would not be surprising if Onee-chan did something to Onii

This may be something I need to find out.

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