Episode 5 – The School Idol Shouldn’t be My Taste



The following week, I went to school feeling terrified.

That’s no wonder.

The thought of being questioned by my childhood friend about what happened last Saturday makes me feel miserable. 

She saw my face up close.

So it was impossible for her not to notice me.

Then, I’m sure that her harsh words would come flying at me like the day I saved my step sister.

As I thought about that, I was walking alone on the school route when I saw a tall girl with long black hair that left a clean impression and my childhood friend walking in front of me. 

That person is Reizei Ayano, one of the three most beautiful girls in the class and the one who’s dominating at the top. 

She came from a high social standing family and she’s the daughter of a former Zaibatsu (conglomerate) company. 

Her personality is serious and well-behaved.

She has excellent grades and is also good at sports.

Furthermore, she’s a beautiful girl who seems to dominate at the top of the class….no, even at the top of the school’s. 

If my step sister is lovely, and my childhood friend is cute. Then, when it comes to Idol sama, she is…..overwhelmingly beautiful.

Because of her different vectors of beauty, no wonder she’s worshiped as one of the most beautiful girls in her class.

How lucky I was to meet her on my way to school.

Even, i, someone who isn’t really interested in romance, am curious about every move an Idol makes.

I walked slowly while watching those girls so I didn’t pass behind them.

….No, I’m not a stalker, okay. 

In contrast to my childhood friend who was laughing, all eyes were on the Idol who was giggling with her hand covering her mouth.

After all, she must be a natural-born young lady.

The way she smiles is different from her beauty.

Childhood friend? Hell no.

Compared to Idol sama, it’s like night and day.

I distrusted my childhood friend because of what she said and did on the day i saved my step sister, i’m definitely supporting the Idol sama.

Step sister? Outrageous ! !

When I remembered what my step sister and my childhood friend had said in the past, I got angry and clenched my fists. 

But today, I feel at peace.

After all, watching Idol sama heals me.

Meanwhile, my childhood friend brought up the story of what happened last Saturday.

“By the way, on Saturday, I had a fateful encounter ! !”

The Idol sama put her hand over her mouth and said [Oh my…] in surprise after hearing my childhood friend who was happily talking about last Saturday.

Her appearance is somewhat lovely and beautiful…..

“I was at a book signing for one of my favorite authors at the department store bookstore, and the person there was……my childhood friend ! !”

“That is considered as fate ! ! So what happened after that ?’

The Idol sama is glued to my childhood friend’s story as she talks happily. It seems that even though she’s a fine young lady, she is still interested in other people’s love affairs.

“He doesn’t seem to have noticed yet, but I recognized him instantly ! ! He became so handsome〜 ! !”

I’m a little drawn back as my childhood friend blushes while she talks.

No, I’ve noticed you even before you did !?

Rather, I’m behind you, so call me out ! !

I put a tsukkomi on each of my childhood friend’s statements.

“So he became handsome.”

“Un, i have taken a picture, do you want to see it〜?”

My childhood friend is happily operating her smartphone and showing the photo to the Idol sama.

“Hey, he’s cool isn’t he?”

The Idol sama tilted her head as if she wasn’t interested while she glanced at my childhood friend who talks happily.

“…..um, i see. I’m not very sure if he is my type.” 

 “Eh〜, he looks very cool and refreshing.”

The voice of my childhood friend , who was dissatisfied with the Idol sama statement, didn’t reach my ears. I was too shocked by the Idol sama’s words.

“Well, if you said that he’s refreshing, he is refreshing…but it seems, he’s too perfect, or rather, it looks like he’s too self-conscious.”

As if to add an additional blow on a weakened enemy, the Idol sama denied everything about the author Matsudaira Riku.

….No, that’s because Tamio san said that I should make a better impression.

In my mind, I’m making excuses to not make any excuses to anyone. And then, the Idol sama’s words came to an end, so i stopped listening to the two of them and quickly headed to school.

…..i’m not crying, no i’m not crying, but my tears.

While half-crying, I learned the darkness of the girl’s conversation and felt terrified.

But i didn;t know it at the time.

There was a continuation to the story between the Idol sama and my childhood friend.

It was a conversation between my childhood friend and the Idol sama after i went to school first.

“Then, what kind of person does Ayano san like?”

“…..hmm, maybe someone who’s flawed at something and cute?”

My childhood friend made a weird face at the Idol sama’s remarks.

“Reizei san, do you like a ‘no good’ men? What a bad taste.”

“It’s not like that. It’s just, there are so many perfect men around me that I feel suffocated….”

“Yeah〜, after all, Reizei san is a young lady. Then what about Kaizei? That person seems to have a lot of flaws…” 

Before I knew it, I went up to the point where I became Idol sama’s love interest….at least that’s what i thought.

“Hmm, he’s not quite the same. Actually, I have someone that I like…..”

“Eh? Reizei san, you have a crush on someone !? Who? Who? Same class?” 

My childhood friend excitedly bites into the Idol sama’s bombshell.

(By the way, I’m already at school.) 

“Hmm, he went to the same cram school as me. He said he was going to this school, so we studied together. But I haven’t met him yet, so maybe he failed……”

A dark shadow covering the Idol sama’s face.

“Maybe because he’s a no good man… well, just find your next love〜”

“Is that so…. Please do your best with your childhood friend too. I don’t know if you two can meet again or not…..”

The Idol sama, who shrugs off my childhood friend’s advice, strikes at her sore spot as if to counter attack.

At those words my childhood friend couldn’t help but say [Hey you〜].

……On the other hand, I was sneezing at that time.

“Achoo ! !”

“What’s that sneeze for?” 

“Oh… I suddenly got chills.”

When I arrived at the classroom, I sneezed loudly in front of Genpaku.

Little did I know that I was the one who’s being rumored by my childhood friend and the Idol sama. 

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