It has been about a year since I left my parents’ house.
Although they send me money, I have never been back to my parents’ house.

In a normal parent-child relationship, it may be called disobedient.
But, my father and I don’t have a normal relationship.

“I’m just going to my parent’s house but I am nervous.”

Griefing will not change the reality, and if I take a step forward, I will be crossing the threshold of my parents’ home.

“What are you doing ? Oni chan?”
“Ah….I’m home, Kaede”

So, when I was stuck in front of the gate for a while, I was approached from behind by my sister on her way home from shopping.

“If you’re back, that means you couldn’t keep your promise to dad, right?.”

I sat down on the sofa and opened the door. Kaede makes a pity smile while petting Kemi the cat and saying that.

“So when will you move back home to our parents?”
“Hey. Why are you going on the assumption that I couldn’t get a girlfriend? Isn’t it possible that I came back to report because I have got a girlfriend?”
“Impossible ! No one likes to go out of their way to choose a normal person like onii chan”
“Is that what you say to your brother? Oii”

Ahaha, Kaede laughs happily and makes fun of me completely.
But, This is not because she doesn’t like me and is making fun of me, but it’s like communication between close siblings.

Sometimes she makes fun of me, sometimes she is happy when something good happens. It is a very normal relationship between siblings.
Well, it’s not wrong that she underestimates me though.

“Well, Don’t be discouraged. You didn’t get a girlfriend, but you got a fiancée, right? Congrat—”
“But, what a shame.”

I interrupted Kaede while making hand gestures.

“I came home today to tell that I have a girlfriend.”

I laughed, proud of myself.
You made fun of me a lot, but now it’s my turn.

“……..Oni chan. You don’t have to be so delusional just because you couldn’t get a girlfriend. You don’t have to force it. I’ll comfort you if you’re having a hard time…..”

Hey, don’t pat my head, and don’t cry.

“No, It’s real”
“Yes yes. You don’t have any proof anyway, do you? I don’t think dad would be fooled by that.”
“Proof ? I have though?”

I took out my phone and operated it to display a two-shot photo of me and my girlfriend, Ichikawa san, and showed it to Kaede.

“……Ha!? What is this ?! Why is my brother taking two shots with a girl!? This is impossible ?!”

By the standards of taking two shots with a girl, of course, it’s possible. What do you think I am?
Then Kaede takes the phone from me and stares at the screen as if it were pierced.

“….Oni chan. Editing is not okay. There’s no way my brother could be in a relationship with a beautiful woman of this level, no matter how much he wants to be. rush too much, you are more likely to fail.”
“What do you mean by fail? I’m not editing it. Come on, Look at this”

I take the phone back and this time display the line talk screen and show it to her. If you see the exchange, you will know that we are lovers.
The content that Ichikawa san sends is a bit unusual, but it should be fine since there is also daily conversation.

“I-It’s real…It’s a real lovers talk..”
“Finally believe me huh”
“But…..But…This is that right ? Punishment game ? Because otherwise, onii chan wouldn’t be with someone like this….”
“Saying that again. I was really appropriately confessed to, and she denied about the punishment game too.”
“Well, If it really was a punishment, you wouldn’t be stupidly honest about it.”
“That is right though…”

Those eyes were very serious.
Remembering her confession, my face naturally heats up.

“I know. It’s the beauty bureau ! Oni chan, Later a scary man will come out and ask for money…..Aaa !!”
(Beauty bureau is “A man extorting money by deceiving another man with a beautiful woman”, well, that’s what I found on the internet…the kanji was 美人局)
“You are Persistent!”

I’m gonna be anxious if you say that much!!!!
I’m very aware that it’s not balanced.

“Uu…..even so…It’s kind of hard to be shown a relative’s girlfriend line chat”
“Don’t say that.”

I know the feeling.

“Ee….But, You’re making her send this stuff?”

Scrolling through the photo folder, Kaede found something and showed it to me.
There is displayed a photo sent to me this morning showing a glimpse of her bra strap.

“Wai– That’s !!”
“Uwaa, I’m shocked”

Why is this happening!?

After that, Kaede hit me and went out again.
She left a meaningful note at the end.

[But if you really have a girlfriend….a~a..]

“What was that all about?”

Meaningful words are prohibited. Even from Ichikawa san, when she confessed to me, she said something meaningful to me and I didn’t understand what it meant.

“These things are flags right..”

As I muttered this, the sliding door of the tatami room opened and a man entered.
The man, dressed in a kimono, sat in front of me across the table.

“I’m so glad you’re back. Youta.”
“I wouldn’t want you to call me that.”
“You don’t talk to your own father that way.”
“Don’t act like a father now.”
“Your mother will be sad, okay?”
“You’re trying to pick a fight?”

As you can already guess, my relationship with my father is hopelessly bad.
There’s a feud between me and my dad.

The reason for this was that my dad remarried soon after my mom died.
If it was just a remarriage, it was still good.

But that time …….
I couldn’t forgive myself for the loss of my mom, and I haven’t spoken to him since then, except for administrative matters.

And actually, my sister Kaede and I are not blood related. Kaede is my stepmother’s daughter.
Still, I was lucky that Kaede missed me.

The rest, I have one brother, but he left home early and I haven’t seen him in a while.

Putting aside the family structure, I came here today for one reason.

“You are gonna talk about that thing right?”
“Aah, As promised, I got a girlfriend.”

My father looked surprised as if he hadn’t expected what I had said.
I look at it and burst out laughing.

It felt good more than anything to be able to give this man a shot.
I was able to beat this guy for the first time. I’m so happy about it, I can’t stand it.

“Oh, you doubt it, aren’t you? I have proof. Here.”

I say so, and try to put a two-shot of me and Ichikawa san on the screen with my phone, just like what I did to Kaede earlier.

“No, that much is not necessary.”

But he brushed it off with his hand as if to say he wasn’t interested.

….damn. It’s disappointing. I thought I’d see the look of frustration on this guy’s face…..!


But I succeeded in making him sigh. Well, I guess that’s good.
That’s what I thought.

“Youta. No matter how much you don’t like me, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“Ha? What are you talking ab–”

At the same time I spoke, the sliding door next door slammed open.
Standing there was a girl with beautiful hair like golden threads.

“Hee? You’re my fiance?”

And with that one word, I was reminded.

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