The next week, I went to school while feeling down.

After seeing Kawabe with another woman last Saturday, I couldn’t get that image out of my mind, and that night, I couldn’t even eat.

No wait, I might be jumping to a  wrong conclusion. But what if they’re really dating….. Such thoughts appeared in my mind alternately.

As I entered the classroom with a confusion in my head, I immediately caught sight of him, then sighed.

……It’ll be good if I’m mistaken it.

I think about it again and again, but only he knows the truth behind it.

He noticed my gaze and looked back at me, so I turned my face away from him and looked around the class.

After that, the class atmosphere became heavy…..

Kaizen san lays down her face on the desk, and Miuchi san is looking up at the sky with her mouth wide open.  

I was a little worried, but I realized that I wasn’t the only one who felt that.

I looked at Kawabe kun again and he also laid down his face on the desk. When I stared at his back, the scene from the other day flashed through my mind and I let out a sigh.

For some reason, his shoulder shivering from time to time.

“Ayanon〜, what’s wrong? You don’t look very well today.”

I don’t know whether she knows my feelings or not, Izumo san called out to me casually.

“Ah, Risa. it’s just….”

She tilted her head at my vague response.

“Seriously, what happened? Sorachi and Asunyan aren’t feeling well either, and even Ayanon is in a bad mood. Last time, all three of you were strangely excited〜”

As I thought, something had happened to them too…..

However, I would rather confine what’s  inside my heart to someone. If it would make me feel a little bit better, then I will talk to her.

“No, I just saw something unpleasant the day before yesterday…, and it made me feel depressed.”

“What do you mean?”

“…About the story I told you the other day. I saw that person in town the day before yesterday.”

“Hee〜, what a coincidence. But that person hasn’t noticed yet, right?”

“Yes, he doesn’t seem to notice me at all.”

She nodded as she listened to me. She understood quickly thanks to our conversation at the girls’ party the other day. I’m glad I told her….

“So, what did he do the day before yesterday?”

“Un, something with a woman…..”

Ding dong ding dong ! !

Just as I was about to tell her the main problem, the bell rings.

Then I heard a thud in the area in front of me. When I turned to the direction of the sound, I saw Kawabe kun rubbing his head for some reason.

“Ayanon, the break is over, so can I talk to you later?”

“I see, well there’s also something I want to consult about, so please….”

As I was wondering how he’s doing, we returned to our seats and received a lesson.

Even at that time, I’m curious about him and stared at his back.

After school, Izumo san came to my seat to continue our conversation.

As for Kawabe kun, it’s unusual for him to hang out with his other classmates.

Normally, he would go straight home…..

“So, Ayanon. Tell me the rest of the story ! !”

I tried to comprehend Kawabe kun’s actions for the past few days, and when i followed his back with my eyes, Izumo san came and asked me about what i said earlier.

As I was about to talk to Izumo san, Miuchi san came.

“Eh, what? What are you two talking about?”

“Ayanon’s love story〜. It seems like something had happened〜.”

She was probably interested, but when Izumo san explained it to Miuchi san, her eyes started to get moist.

“Eh, then can you  listen to my story too !?”

“Eh, okay? Then can you tell Sorachi too? She doesn’t seem to be feeling well either…”

“Yep, okay ! !”

“Well, let’s do that.”

We agreed with Izumo san’s suggestion, and as we moved to Kaizei san’s seat, she was preparing to go home.

“Sorachi, Sorachi ! ! Are you free now !?”

“Y-yeah. I’m just about to go home now, so I’m free….”

“Then, why don’t you come to Mac with us now? The two of them wanted to talk about something〜! ! you’re not feeling well too, so?”

“Yeah, it’s okay….”

Kaizen san, who was a little worried about Izumo san’s suggestion, reluctantly said OK.

Then we left the school and walked toward Mac.

“Ah, wait a minute ! !”

Kaizei san stopped us while we’re walking and talking for a while.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can I leave my  stuff at home for a moment?”

When Miuchi san asked Kaizei san what’s wrong, Kaizen san pointed to a certain house.

There was an ordinary house right there, with the name Kaizei written on the nameplate.

“Eh, so this where your house was Kaizei chan?”


“Ehh〜, that’s nice. It’s not far from school ! !”

When Izumo san and I said that, Miuchi san smiled.

“Then why don’t we talk at Kaizei chan’s house ! ! it will be quieter than outside, is that okay?”

Seeing Miuchi san’s eyes light up, Kaizen san said [Eh?] with a tense look on her face.

“Agree ! ! I’ll go buy something from that vending machine ! !”

Izumo san is also enthusiastic with Miuchi san’s suggestion, is it okay? Kaizei chan who’s being pressed gave in and nodden.

“Yay ! !”

She looked desperate as she glanced at the two of them who’s buying some juice from the vending machine  in a rush, so I became worried and asked [Are you alright?] and she nodded with a bitter smile.

After they bought the juice, we went into the Kaizei household to talk about each of our feelings.

After several hours we didn’t expect to meet a shuraba.

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