I am Reizie Ayano, my family is rich.

I was born to a father who’s an executive of a former conglomerate and a mother who runs her own esthetic company, and I have lived a life without any inconvenience.

I was able to buy what I wanted on a daily basis, and was often taken overseas. A life without any inconvenience.

If i had been born in a normal family, i would have been able to do things that i would never have experienced, and i thought this life was just the way it is.

But there was one thing that i couldn’t get.

It was freedom.

Since I was in kindergarten, I have been going to places where rich people gather, and I grew up doing what my parents told me to do. When I was young, I used to think that it was the right thing to do.

I thought I understood that i t was a luxury for me to live in an environment that everyone would envy, but for me, I felt suffocated as I entered my rebellious phase.

My parents always told me to be excellent, to be respectful, and not to ruin the family’s reputation. I have also received guidance from my caretaker about appearance and manners.

Naturally, the middle school that I went to was also a so-called school for refined ladies, and its school culture emphasized purity and innocence, and forced students to follow a strict code of discipline.

As for friendships, they were all naive young ladies who were brilliant yet somewhat lacked a sense of humanity. When the girls found out my family background, they all gave me a fake smile.

When I realized that the people around me were only looking at my family status from that smile, I grew tired of that atmosphere, and the number of people I could talk to about my true feelings decreased.

When I think about it now, I shiver to think that I was one of those people who made a fake smile, and I’m disgusted that I still haven’t gotten rid of that habit.

That’s why, deep down in my heart, I wanted to get out of this environment.

So when I was in my third year of middle school, I begged my parents so I could go to cram school.

Originally, I didn’t need to go to cram school because I had an excellent tutor who taught me privately.

Rather, I was more worried that my grade would drop, but I wanted to spend time without worrying about my family background, i felt sorry for my parents, but I used a lot of excuses to push my own intentions.

My parents gave in to my enthusiasm, they allowed me to go to regular cram school with a pick-up service and as long as my grade didn’t drop.

It was a joy for me to have the freedom that I had won on my own for the first time, even if it was only during the entrance exam period.

There I met the person who would change my future, but at that time I was ignorant of that fact.

The next week, for the first time, I went to the cram school that my parents had chosen for me.

When I was looking at the scenery outside from the car on my way to the cram school, I saw a group of students who probably went to the same cram school.

The car in which I am riding pases by the cram school, the girls are walking around having friendly conversations with each other and the boys seem to be having trouble attending the cram school, all in a state of sadness and joy. Then, the car stopped, and my adventure began.

I usually wear contact lenses, but when I go to cram school, I wear plain glasses.

At school I often stand out because of my family background and my appearance.

During daytime, there were only young ladies at school, so I had no problem standing out.

But it’s evening right now.

Due to my family background, I heard that there are a lot of risks because a male students are at the school, so I want to avoid standing out in a bad way.

The result was excellent, and even when I entered the classroom no one looked at me.

I felt at ease, and I was not taken advantage of by anyone.

The absence of troublesome socializing, fake smiles, and the smell of sweat and antiperspirant spray peculiar to young people, which I would not normally smell, gave me a sense of security.

The smell may be unpleasant for ordinary people, but for me, it gave me a momentary sense of freedom.

After entering the classroom, I looked around the room to secure a seat.

However, the other students are already sitting on it, so I can’t really choose a seat.

I could see some students talking to each other, though I didn’t feel like talking to other students because I came to study, so I looked around to see if there were any places with few people.

Then I found an empty space like a separated small island, and when I moved to sit there, there was a boy.

A boy with long bangs and barely visible glasses, his clothing sense was unflattering.

Other than that, he wasn’t particularly filthy, but he stood out in a different way than I normally do.

No one wanted to be around him, so naturally I sat beside him.

The people around muttered something.

I regretted sitting next to the type of people that I had never seen around me, but it’s rude to leave once you’ve sat down.

As I was getting ready for class, I looked with a sideways glance so that he wouldn’t notice me. He was writing something on a loose-leaf without paying any attention to other students.

…..What an earnest boy.

From the outside, he looks like an odd kid, but the eyes hidden behind his hair are doing what he has to do without worrying about the gaze around him.

I felt a somewhat aloof atmosphere from his appearance, and it seemed to me that he was living a life that was the exact opposite of what I had been living according to the background of my family and surroundings.

However, he is avoided because of his appearance.

I felt somewhat sympathetic to him because I thought he might be judged based on his appearance like me, so I decided to continue taking classes at this seat from that day onward.

I didn’t know back then that this boy would be my first love.

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1 year ago

Thanks for this great translation once again! The idol is the best girl so far imo

1 year ago
Reply to  Yasushi7

Not that there’s much in the way of competition. The step sister and gyaru are complete shit people in every way possible and the childhood friend is an insufferable self-righteous twat.

1 year ago
Reply to  memename

Youre not wrong

1 year ago
Reply to  memename

I can guarantee you, mc will become the humanity kindest person and forgive them all. That’s how these romcom work like words don’t hurt a man and should forgive them. Sometimes I think these authors just make a joke of mental suffering through these stories

1 year ago
Reply to  Kotaotaku

Yeah bcuz most of the novels mc have brocken character i mean he’s play m.arts and novaliest most he be strong mentality and confidence and him self and just kick those beaches

10 months ago

The next chapter button is missing.