Monday lunch break after the holidays. 

We’re attending class as usual, but for some reason the class atmosphere felt heavy.

When I searched for the cause, I found that each of the three most beautiful girls in class looked depressed.

My  step sister lay face down next to my seat, and my childhood friend looked up at the sky as if her soul had been drained. And speaking of Idol sama…..for some reason, she’s been looking at me.

… I’m not imagining, right?

I’d like to think so too, but for some reason i can feel her eyes on me, so i looked around the class, and it’s always the Idol sama who were looking at me.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a passionate gaze, she was looking at me with a terrifyingly cold gaze.

….Am I doing something wrong?

Even though I feel suspicious about it, I put my face down on the desk and try to escape her gaze, but her gaze still pierces my back.

And every once in a while, I let out a loud a big sigh. If you do something bad, you would inevitably attract hate from the whole class.

In my head I desperately try to remember what I did, but there’s nothing. In fact, there’s no way I did something bad because there’s no point getting in contact with her.

…..No, I met her in the library, but if I’m an eyesore to you, then don’t talk to me in the fr=irst place. Rather, she was the one who approached me ! !

Various explanations came across my mind, but in the end I didn’t understand the reason.

“Ayanon〜, what’s wrong? You don’t look well today.”

Then, as if it was heaven’s help, someone called out to Idol sama.

…..I don’t know who it is, but naisu ! ! 

I lay down my face, and squeezed my hands really hard.

At least, now I know why she’s staring at me….

“Ah, Risa. it’s just…..”

It seems that the one who called out to Idol sama was my natural enemy, Izumo Risa.

…..Bravo, even though you’re an enemy, 

I can’t say it out loud, so I praise her to the fullest in my mind. Because, if i said it out loud, i’m sure a curse word would come flying at me.

“Seriously, what happened? Sorachi and Asunyan aren’t feeling well either, and even Ayanon is in a bad mood. Last time, all three of you were strangely excited.”

It turns out that my natural enemy has been calling the three big idols by strange nicknames ! !….but that’s not important right now.

More importantly, the other two don’t seem to be in a good spirit.  

As for my step sister, even though she’s a family, she hasn’t talked to me since the day we had our fight. Or rather, we haven’t seen each other, so it’s over.

My childhood friend was still herself, and I saw with my own eyes that she was fine until the day before yesterday. I wonder what happened to her before today, but more importantly, it’s the Idol sama.

Tell me why you’ve been looking at me with those cold eyes ! ! my natural enemy, do whatever it takes to find out, please ! !

I listened while praying to the heavens. 

“No, I just saw something unpleasant the day before yesterday…, and it made me depressed.”

“What do you mean?”

“…About the story I told you the other day. I saw that person in town the day before yesterday.”

“Hee〜, what a coincidence. But that person hasn’t noticed yet, right?”

“Yes, he doesn’t seem to notice me at all.”

The tone of Idol sama who’s speaking with my natural enemy becomes stronger, and her gaze becomes more piercing. 

……WHY? First of all, I don’t understand the topic of the conversation about the other day, and I should have nothing to do with it. But why are you looking at me with cold eyes?

“So what did he do the day before yesterday?”

“Un, something with a woman….”

Ding dong ding dong ! !

The chime rang, signaling the end of the lunch break, as if to interrupt Idol sama and the other’s conversation.

Bang ! !

When I heard the cime, my hand slipped and my forehead slammed against the desk.

After that, Idol sama and the others were glaring at me (i feel like they heard the sound).

While rubbing my forehead, I was worried about the continuation of the interrupted conversation, and felt uneasy.

“Ayanon, the break is over, so can I talk to you later?”

“I see, well there’s something I want to consult about, so please….”

The voice of Idol sama who lost its energy makes me even more curious about the topic of the story.

However, time goes by so fast. 

There’s no way to know the answer once the fifth period has started.

I scratched my head while thinking about the answer. Well the answer to the equation didn’t matter now.

Needless to say, I kept feeling her gaze on my back during class.

After school, I started preparing to go home without knowing why she’s in a bad mood.

“Riku, are you going home?”

“Yeah, I’m going home, why?”

On the way home, Genpaku talked to me.

“Are you free right now? I want you to hang out with me for a while….”

“It’s unusual for you to invite me, Genpaku. What happened?”

“No, I’m gathering people for bowling, so I wonder if you would come once in a while, Riku.”

Basically, I go straight home, so I don’t get to hang out with my classmates that much.

“Okay, got it.”

“Seriously !? Yosh ! !”

Genpaku raised his voice with a happy tone, and went over to the others along with me.

Is it okay for me to hang out with my classmates today just for today? The reason why I thought of that is because I was fed up with the Idol sama’s meaningless gaze all day today, and by the end of the class, I was quite stressed out.

That’s why I think it would be nice to release stress by moving my body.

However, that wan’s the case.

Because Genpaku was always surrounded by handsome guys who were on top even among the class.

If I, who’s a gloomy person, were around them, I would melt and evaporate instantly.

We headed to the bowling alley while somehow maintaining our condition in that sunshine group.

No one had any idea what would happen next.

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