“Hm, where did everyone go?”

I followed Hanabi and met up with Nagisa senpai in the area where the sign “Wave Pool” was posted, but when I looked around, I could not see Futaba senpai or Juri senpai.

Then Nagisa senpai pointed to a position a little further away and said.

“Juri and Futaba would have gone to rent a floatation ring. I think they are renting them over there.”

Floatation rings, yes, it looks so nice to float on the water.

After a while, two people came back from the crowd with float rings in their hands.

“I borrowed one for everyone.”

Futaba senpai handed me a large floatation ring.

Next to her, Juri was putting a floatation ring on her waist with an itching look.

“Let’s go swimming right away !”

“Hey, Juri, you should do some preparation exercise first—“

Nagisa senpai tried to stop her, but Juri senpai continued running toward the pool.

After that, Hanabi and Futaba senpai also went to the running water pool.

Sigh….Nagisa senpaii sigh.

“Geez, Juri is too excited…….”

“Haha, she must have been looking forward to it a lot.”

Juri senpai had been embarrassed until a while ago, but maybe she’s gotten used to it now, or perhaps she’s more excited than embarrassed.

I don’t know where her embarrassment went, but she seemed to be really enjoying herself now.

I had always had an image of Juri senpai as a cool person, but now that we have started talking a little more recently, I can see a glimpse of her innocent side.

She was much easier to talk to and kinder than I had expected.

As I watched the three of them head to the pool, Nagisa senpai suddenly turned her attention to me while doing careful preparation exercises.

“Asahi san, you should keep your body moving as well.”

“Right, I need to stretch my muscles properly.”

As I was told, I followed Nagisa senpai’s example and did careful preparatory exercises……

–After ten minutes.

“Um, senpai? Shouldn’t we get going now……?”

I had been stretching my body for more than enough time, so I called out to her.

“I-I guess so. Let’s go…….”

Finally, we came to the pool with our floats in our arms.

But by the time we came to the poolside, all three of them had already been swept far away and completely lost.

Well, They’re old enough not to get lost, and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.

So with that in mind, I strapped a float around my waist and got in the pool.

Oh, it’s nice and cold.

Then I grabbed the edge of the pool and waited for Nagisa senpai to come in…….

Senpai clenched her fists tightly around her chest, her face was tense, and she didn’t quite want to enter the pool.

I saw that, and suddenly realized.

“Senpai, could it be that you don’t know how to swim?”

“….Y-yes. I have always been bad at swimming.”

“It’s fine even if you can’t swim, we have floats.”

“B-but I’m still a little scared…….”

It’s true that it’s not just a pool, there’s a stream of water, and I understand a little bit of the feeling of being scared.

However, I wanted Nagisa-senpai to enjoy it too, since I came all the way with her.

“Then, let’s get in the same float with me.”

“Eh, you want to be in the same float with me?”

“Yes, this float is big and I think two people can go on it. If you get scared, I will swim to the side of the pool.”

When I said that, Nagisa senpai seemed to hesitate for a while, but…

Finally, she grabbed my hand.

“Then, please take good care of me…….”

When I approached Nagisa senpai, she cautiously put her foot into the hole in the float, and dipped into the pool.

We both put our feet in the same floatation ring hole and floated on the water.

“How is it, Senpai, is it scary?”

“N-no. It feels really good.”

“That’s right. Let’s go, then.”

I said, and I took my hands off the edge of the pool, and the floats started to move with the current of the water.

The float rings started to move with the current of the water.

When I looked at her, I saw that Nagisa senpai was still holding on to the float with a nervous look, as if she was still a little scared.

“If you get scared, please feel free to tell me anytime.”

“Y-yes. Thank you…….”

Just like that, the float moves slowly.

As time went by, Nagisa senpai’s fear had faded, and now she was floating on top of the water while holding on to the float in a relaxed manner.

–As time went by, I realized something.

No matter how big the float is, if two people use it, it will be a little cramped and they will inevitably stick to each other’s bodies.

And now we are both in our swimsuits.

Our skin is more exposed than usual, and our bare skin is in direct contact with each other.

I was strangely conscious of the soft feeling on my back and sides, and I was aware that my heart rate was rising rapidly.

Then, Nagisa senpai, who had become accustomed to the water and had more time to get used to it, noticed what was going on and shifted uncomfortably.

Then, she looked around and muttered quietly.

“U-um, I wonder if the people around us are couples…….?”

I looked around and saw many men and women using the same float as we were.

The couples were flirting in the float, daring to keep their bodies close to each other.

G-good grief, I wasn’t aware of it at all, but only couples use floats together like this…….

I nod while regretting my careless actions.


“P-perhaps they think we are……a couple too….”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way……”

“I know,….. I know you said that for my sake, Asahi san.”

“Um…..should we go up soon……?”

As expected, Nagisa senpai wouldn’t like it if we stayed like this, and she enjoyed the flowing pool, so I suggested that, but Nagisa senpai shook her head while blushing her cheeks slightly.

“N-no. we can stay like this for a little longer…”

“I-I understand…..”

Apparently, Nagisa senpai didn’t enjoy the flowing pool enough.

And so, we were wrapped in a strange atmosphere, skin-to-skin, and floated on the water for a while.

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