Tropical Waterland is the largest swimming pool facility in the prefecture.

It is a standard summer leisure facility equipped with a spacious pool, a flowing pool popular with children, and a wide variety of water slides.

Since this is the middle of the summer vacation season, the place was crowded by many couples, families, and friends.

After passing through the entrance gate, I finished changing into my swimsuit separately from Hanabi and the others and waited for the four of them to finish changing around the entrance of the poolside.

After a while, a group of four beautiful and eye-catching women came from the entrance.

One of them, Futaba senpai, with her flaxen hair tied in a loose side-tail, waved her hand in my direction.

“Hey, Asahi kun~!”

When I waved back with a reserved wave of my hand, I was thought to be the companion of that beautiful group of four by those around me, and perhaps that’s why I was attracting strange stares. The stares from the male visitors were particularly painful…….

When Futaba senpai came to me, she turned around to show off her swimsuit.

“This is my new swimsuit~, what do you think?”

It is a bikini type black swimsuit with frills around the chest area.

It was very revealing, and Futaba senpai’s ample breasts were exposed without reserve.

This might be a bit stimulating for me……

“T-they are very beautiful…….”

When I said that while averting my eyes, Juri senpai was glaring at me with moist eyes.

“What are you looking at with those perverted eyes?”

“I-I’m not looking at you with perverted eyes…….”

On the contrary to Futaba senpai, Juri senpai is wearing a hoodie-type rash guard that covers her bare skin.

Maybe she was embarrassed by her swimsuit, so she closed the front zipper all the way to the top.

Suddenly, Juri senpai noticed my gaze and pulled the hem of the rash guard to cover her legs, her face blushed.

Nagisa senpai, who was standing next to her, tilted her head curiously.

“Juri, why are you wearing a jacket?”

“I-it doesn’t matter……”

“Eh, it’s a waste to hide it even though you bought a cute swimsuit~”

“Right, I don’t think Juri has any need to be shy because she has a good style.”

Hanabi also called out to go along with Futaba senpai’s words.

But Juri senpai was still stretching the hem of her rash guard.

“Look, you can’t swim with it on, can you?”

“U-ugh,……I know, but……”

“We’re going to have a lot of fun today, right? Yesterday you were looking forward to it so much.”

“Come on, come on~ Juri chan, let’s see your swimsuit~”

“No, no~~!”

Juri senpai’s rash guard is stripped off by Futaba senpai and Nagisa senpai.

Then, Juri-senpai crouched down to hide her body while dyeing her ears bright red.

Hanabi, who was watching the situation, said to them as if to admonish them.

“Futaba, Nagisa. If Juri doesn’t want to, you shouldn’t force her.”

“Y-you’re right. I’m sorry, Juri chan……”

“I’m sorry too. I got carried away…….”

“I-I’m not saying I don’t like it…….”

Saying that, Juri senpai reluctantly stood up and folded her arms behind her back.

Senpai is wearing a brightly colored one-piece swimsuit.

It was a design that pushed the cuteness of women to the front.

Suddenly, Juri senpai glares at me with teary eyes.

“H-how is it……?”

“Y-yes. I think it’s very cute.”

“……Is that so.”

Juri senpai turns her back on me and just walks away.

“I-I’m going first…….”

“Ah, Juri chan, wait a minute~!”

Futaba senpai also chased Juri senpai towards the pool.

Then, Nagisa-senpai, who was standing next to me, sighed.

“Geez, Juri isn’t being honest.”

“Right, I think Juri doesn’t like to be treated like a weak girl.”

“She seems to like cute things, though.”

The two of them laugh at each other as if they are watching something funny.

After a while, Nagisa senpai, who suppressed her laughter, turned her gaze towards me.

“Shall we go too?”

I suddenly caught a glimpse of Nagisa senpai’s whole body in my vision.

Nagisa senpai was wearing a white swimsuit with floral designs in some places, and I thought that the pure white and innocent atmosphere suited her.

“Nagisa senpai’s swimsuit is also very nice.”

“T-thank you…….”

When I said that, Nagisa senpai looked down, perhaps surprised that it had happened so suddenly.

Damn, I accidentally said my impressions of the swimsuit even though I wasn’t asked like when it was with Futaba senpai and Juri senpai. Whoa, I’m seriously grossed out…….

Even if I regret it after saying it, it’s already too late.

I suddenly felt the urge to slam my head on the ground.

But Nagisa senpai looked up and said in her usual tone,

“Let’s go.”


And when I was about to start walking after Nagisa senpai

Suddenly, the area around the pocket of my swimsuit was pulled lightly.

When I turn around, a dissatisfied Hanabi looked up at my face.

As I was tilting my head, wondering what she wanted,……Hanabi muttered something to me.

“……What about me?”


So, do you have anything to say about……my swimsuit?”

Hearing that, I turned my gaze around Hanabi’s whole body

The top is a camisole-like top with ruffles and skirt-type bottoms.

Both were unified in black, and although the degree of exposure wasn’t that high, the protruding shoulders and the black color exuded a feminine charm.

But even if you ask me what I think of them…….

“Hmmm, looks hard to swim?”


When I said that, Hanabi suddenly turned away in a bad mood and went to Nagisa senpai.

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10 months ago

Lol, What’d she expect when she acts cold to him all the time. Go away with your tsundere brocon nonsense!