After enjoying the wave pool with Nagisa senpai, I went up to the poolside to look for Hanabi and the others, and we soon met up with them, as if they were also looking for us.

“Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you, okay?”

“That’s because Juri was so excited like a child that she went ahead, okay?”

“I-I’m not excited !”

Seriously…..Nagisa senpai let out a sigh and Juri senpai turned away.

Then, Futaba senpai, who was calmly watching over the two of them, spoke to them to change the subject.

“Good timing, we were just talking about going to the water slides.”

“Oh, that sounds great.”

Speaking of water slides, they are one of the main attractions at Tropical Waterland. I believe there are various types of water slides, including boat rides, in addition to the regular water slides.

However, one concern suddenly came to mind.

“Nagisa senpai, do you think you’ll be okay?”

From the way she looked earlier, it looks like it’s going to be tough, but……

Just because you’ve overcome the wave pool, if you suddenly asked if you can slide down the waterslide, you probably won’t be able to do that.

Then, Hanabi was thinking about the same thing and made a thinking gesture with her finger on her chin.

“Indeed, Nagisa might find it difficult…..”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be waiting around here, so you can all go.”

“But as expected, we are all here together, and it’s bad to make Nagisa chan wait alone~.”

“No, I just wanted to take a break, so it’s fine.”

There must be some parts that I’m worried about, but it seems that she really want to take a break.

Juri senpai nodded her head.

“Well, if Nagisa says so, then…..”

“Well, let’s go.”

“I’ll be right back, Nagisa chan, so please wait for a moment~”

“Yes, be careful.”

Then Nagisa senpai waved me off lightly, and the four of us, me, Hanabi, Futaba senpai and Juri senpai–came to the area where the water slides were.

As expected of the main attraction, there were long lines of people waiting to get in.

We decided to line up for the standard water slides among the many types.

Juri senpai sighed as she counted the number of people in line.

“I guess we’ll have to keep Nagisa waiting…….”

“Then? The turnover rate seems to be rather good, and it will come around soon, right?”

Hanabi’s forecast was right on the money, and our turn came around in no time as we waited, exchanging some random conversation.

Hanabi and Futaba senpai, who were lined up in front of me, were greeted by a staff member.

“Are you guys friends?”

“Yes, we are~”

“Actually, only two people can ride this slide at a time.”

Futaba senpai turned to Hanabi when she was told that.

“What are we going to do, Hanabi chan?”

“I don’t mind either way, but…..well, if you’re scared, I can go with you, Futaba.”

“Ah, aren’t you the one who’s scared, Hanabi chan~”

“I-I’m not afraid of anything……!”

No, that’s probably Hanabi when she’s scared.

As you can see, Hanabi must have been bad at psychic phenomenon and thrill rides.

Futaba senpai seemed to understand Hanabi’s characteristics very well and nodded her head while smiling gently.

“All right, then let’s slide together~”

Andjust like the staff had explained, the two of them got into a position……Hanabi hugged Futaba senpai from behind, and it seemed that they were now ready to slide.

“Then let’s go, three, two, one–slide !”

With a shout, the staff pushed Hanabi’s back, and the two slid down the steep slope.

A high-pitched “Hyaaa~~~” sounded, which could not be taken as either a scream or a cheer, and after a while there was a splash in the pool that could be seen directly below.

Then Juri senpai, who was watching the scene next to me, let out a voice…….

“T-that’s pretty fast…….”

“Yes, it might be more powerful than I thought it would be…….”

As we were getting scared out of our wits, one of the staff members called out to us,

“The next couple is next.”

[ [C-couple….. !?] ]

“Then, please have your boyfriend sit down first and spread your legs.”

The turnover rate of this water slide was made possible by the skillful hands of the lady.

“Please sit between your boyfriend’s legs, Ms. Girlfriend.”


When Juri senpai was puzzled and confused, the staff gently smiled at her.

“It’s okay, your boyfriend is here so I don’t think it’s scary !”

It is not clear if she felt rather rushed by these words, or if she was pressured by the long line behind her, or if there was another factor at play…..

Juri senpai gulped as if she had made up her mind, and sat down maturely between my legs.

Then, mixed with the smell of chlorine from the pool, a fresh citrus scent spread out.

As I was aware of my heartbeat accelerating, the staff lady continued her explanation.

“Then, it’s dangerous, so Mr. Boyfriend, please give her a big hug !”

“Eh, hug……”

“If you don’t do that, it could lead to an accident, so we ask for your cooperation.

Certainly, Hanabi was hugging Futaba senpai from behind just now.

As expected, Juri senpai doesn’t like it…..

“W-what are you doing? You’re making the person behind you wait…….”

“B-but Senpai…..”

“I don’t care what you do, so get on with it.”

“Okay. E-excuse me…….”

I timidly put my arms around Juri senpai’s waist and hugged her tightly.


Then, Juri senpai shook her body.

“A-are you okay…..?”


Juri senpai nodded while her ears turned red.

Senpai’s tight waist is so thin that it might break if I put too much force on it, and the feel of her smooth skin makes my heart pound.

I hugged her while paying more attention to her delicate body than I thought.

I was in that position for a short time, and I was still in a state of shock.

Suddenly, I hear the call from behind me.

“Okay than–three, two, one–slide !”

At that moment, we were pushed back and fell down the steep slope.

“Whoaaaa ~~~ ! !”

It’s many times faster than I thought, we slid down, slicing through the water.

I felt a visceral floating sensation, and then, at a sharp turn, gravity suddenly pulled me down.

Because of that, I lost my balance–.

I felt a soft touch on my hand–

“Hyaaa !?”

At the same time, a small scream came from the front.

And while I was sliding down at a tremendous speed, I noticed.

I noticed that I had grabbed Juri senpai’s breast when I lost my position at the sharp turn earlier……

All of my nerves were being controlled by the soft touch of her breasts, which were just the right size to fit in my hand.

I immediately tried to move my hand away, but the angle of the slider became even larger and faster around the final stage.

At that moment, I remembered what the staff had said earlier about the danger of not holding on properly, and I couldn’t let go of my hand.

“W-where are you touching me~~~ !”

“I-I’m sorry ! But that’s not the point~~~!”

And in the next moment, there was a splash.

When I put my face on the surface of the water and brushed my hair, I met Juri senpai’s gaze, who stared at me while hiding her chest with her arms.

Her face was bright red and her tearful eyes were shaking as if she was pleading for something.

“S-sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose……”

“……I’m going to make you take responsibility.”

“W-what do you mean……?”

“Hmph, nothing……!”

Juri senpai pouted and turned away, then went to the poolside.

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