“–Juri, please hurry up and get ready. Everyone has already finished getting ready.:

Natsume Nagisa senpai peeked out of the doorway of the living room.

When her eyes met mine, she stopped moving.

“N-Nagisa-senpai……good morning……”

“G-good morning…….”

When I saw Nagisa senpai’s face, I remembered what happened last night and felt awkward.

I wonder if she feels the same way, Nagisa senpai lowered her gaze and looked somewhat restless.


We did not look at each other and were enveloped in an unnatural silence.

Not wanting to be in such an uncomfortable atmosphere, I opened my mouth.

“Come to think of it, where’s Hanabi…..?”

“H-Hanabi is changing her clothes in her room.”

“I-is that so.”


No, I’m not good at conversation……!

I wish I could have broached the subject in a way that would have led to a more natural conversation, but it seems I don’t have such advanced communication skills. I knew that, but…….

When a heavy silence fell between Nagisa senpai and me again.

Juri senpai, who had been looking at us suspiciously, looked into Nagisa senpai’s face.

“Nagisa, why do you have dark circles under your eyes?”

“Eh, no way……”

“Are you staying up late yesterday?”

“I-it has nothing to do with Juri…….!”

“What, are you hiding something from me again?”

“I’m not hiding anything……! M-more importantly, you should get ready soon.”

“Hey, all right, mother Nagisa.”

“Who do you call mother……”

Juri senpai threw the leftover toast into her mouth, cleared the table and left the living room.

Me and Nagisa senpai are alone in the living room.


Strangely conscious, I stood there, feeling uncomfortable, as Nagisa senpai stared at me.

“U-um….Asahi san…..”


After that, Nagisa senpai put her hand on her chest and kept silent for a while.

After a while, she looked up as if she had made up her mind.

“The thing that happened yesterday is…..a secret between the two of us.”

Nagisa senpai, whose eyes were moist, dyed her cheeks red and said so while putting her index finger to her lips.

I feel an indescribable tampering with that gesture, and I can’t help but look directly at Senpai’s face.

I was embarrassed to let Nagisa senpai see my face blushing, so I averted my gaze and covered my mouth with my hand.

“I-I understand…….”

Nagisa-senpai also averted her face and shut her mouth, perhaps because the tension was transmitted to her as well. After being silent for a while, Nagisa senpai spoke quickly.

“T-then, I’d like to fix my makeup for a while, so please excuse me……”

“Ah, yes.”

Saying that, Nagisa senpai quickly left the living room and went upstairs.

It was only me in the living room.

At that moment, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I let out a deep breath.

I feel awkward with both Juri senpai and Nagisa senpai because too many things happened yesterday…

I was the only one who seemed to be more awkward than anyone else.

I took some milk out of the fridge, prepared some cornflakes and sat down at the dining room table.

It looks like Hanabi and the others are going somewhere after this, so after breakfast, I’ll just stay in my room until then. If I saw them now, I wouldn’t be able to look them in the face……

After shoveling breakfast cereal into my mouth, I left the living room and headed to the changing room and bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

It was when I put my hand on the bathroom door and tried to go inside.



There were boobs.

A plum breasts covered by a beautifully embroidered red bra.

When I opened the door to the bathroom, I found Kohanai Futaba senpai in the process of getting dressed…..with her arms raised to put on her blouse, exposing her upper body in an unprotected position.

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