After listening to Hisui’s whole story, I was once again thinking about the girl named Yukihana. At first I thought she was a cold, isolated person, but deep down inside she longed to understand and fit in with someone. And to reassure her mother, whose light of life was fading, I thought she was keeping quiet about the fact that she was on the road to becoming a loner.

Come to think of it, maybe she’s just stubborn and a pain in the ass.

“And it was in such a complicated situation that Shinya got involved?”

Apparently, Hisui overheard the conversation between Yukihana and her father. According to the conversation, the chairman apparently has an investment in the hospital where Yukihana’s mother is hospitalized. Depending on the situation, her mother may be in danger.

“And with her current condition, her life could be in danger if she were to be kicked out of the hospital, or if something like malpractice were to occur….huh.”

A normal human being might just be mortified. However, Yukihana, who has always been alone, has taken on such a thing. It’s only natural that her weak spirit would go crazy, and in the end, she’d become even more depressed than before. It seems that the reason why she went home without saying a word at school recently wasn’t just because she had a communication problem.

“For now, if she doesn’t read the letter I left, I won’t be able to proceed.”

I left that letter on her desk, assuming that Yukihana, in her current state of mind, would probably read it, but I’m sure she would not be able to throw it away. Once you see what’s inside, you can’t easily tear it up. The letter could be a hand for Yukihana.

“It’s been a while since that day, and from my reading, I’d like to think it’s about time they took action…….”

As for this part, I can only hope that Yukihana will have the courage to take the first step. I’m sure that the person mentioned in that letter can help Yukihana. No, he has the ability to do so.

And when all is said and done…..

Yes, this is my own battle too……

—Brrr !


As I’m thinking about this, my phone vibrates on the bed. I walk over to my bed to see who’s calling, pick up my phone and look at the screen.


Then I received a call from the person I had just pictured in my head. It was not my phone number on the letter, so it was strange that Yukihana would call me at this time. I pressed the call button with this doubt in my mind.


[……Good evening.]

I heard Yukihana’s feeble voice coming from the speaker. I was surprised that this guy was so disciplined as to greet me.

“What do you want?”

[…..I have something to ask you.]

Yukihana’s tone of voice was different from when I met her at school today, and a little stronger. It seemed as if there was a slight mental weakness ringing in her voice. This could possibly be……

[Did you put something on my desk?]

“That’s too abrupt, I don’t know what you mean.”

I’m going to fool around with that for the time being, but it seems that Yukikhana is asking me that with certainty. You can see this as being seen through when I disguised myself and entered the house at that time.

[That newcomer, is it you?]


[You trespassed in my house that time, and you broke into my room too, didn’t you?]

As expected, she sensed everything. But if I don’t admit it, even Yukihana won’t be able to pursue it strongly. That’s why Yukihana can only say things like asking. If she says anything more than that, she will be giving unnecessary information to someone who may not be involved.

–I have no idea what you’re talking about.

It’s easy to say that. But I have to change here. No, if I don’t face Yukihana without running away, she won’t face me either.

It’s been a few months since we sat next to each other. We have been looking in the opposite direction for a long time. In fact, we’ve always been intuitive and never thought we could trust each other. On the contrary, I had played a dark role in ruining her friendships.

And here was the first time talk to me over the phone.

“Ah, yeah.”

We faced each other.


“Why are you mute?”

[……No, it’s nothing.]

I’m sure she didn’t expect me to answer properly. In that sense, if it surprises her, it’s worth the effort to reveal it. After a short pause, Yukihana asks me with a questioning tone.

[Are you admitting to trespassing? I’m calling the police.]

“Can you call over a police to your house?”


“If you’re going to hold a grudge, hold a grudge against sloppy security.”

As long as you have someone to help you, you can enter that house as much as you want. And now that you’ve learned the general structure of the house, you’ll be able to break in alone this time. And Yukihana would soon find out. She would soon realize that her brother had helped me break into the house. And she would naturally blame Hisui for this.

[What’s with your attitude when you go into a woman’s room?]

“I don’t know, I haven’t had many chances to go into women’s rooms. At least to me it’s just a nerd’s room…….”

[Gyaaaa ! ! !?]

I could hear Yukihana screaming with an unbelievable volume that I had never heard before. I never thought she could scream so loud. Usually, Yukihana puts on a mask and decides to keep quiet, but I guess it is her nature to not try to hide any of these feelings.

Okay, I’ll take the offensive here.

“I see that there are a lot of goods there. Piles and piles of figurines and posters of anime characters were hung on the walls. Oh, come to think of it, there’s even a retro robot in the showcase……”

[~~~~~! ! ! !]

It seems to have worked quite well. As expected, he was doing geek activities that exceeded the limit. I’m not a big fan of anime and other contents, but I thought the state of that room was pretty bad. After all, the unopened box was about to collapse at any moment.

“So, what part of that room is a woman’s room?”

[……Since it’s my room, it’s enough for a woman’s room.]

“If that’s the case, it’s a very weak security system.”

After all, I was able to enter so easily. You’ll have to replace the lock with a newer one. Well, it’s like a confession that I actually entered the room.

“So, did you bother to call me to confirm such a thing?”


“Then what?”

So I waited for Yukihana to catch her breath, then changed my posture and sat back in my chair. I could feel Yukihana’s breathing through the receiver. That was enough to tell me how nervous she was.

[…..Why do you know that phone number?]

“You mean you called…..if that’s what you’re asking me?”

[Answer me first. Why, of all people, you…..]

I’m sure she wants to ask me why I have that number. But I can’t talk about unnecessary things to this guy right now.

The information is sourced from Miura, but there is a risk that various things will be exposed if the matter is questioned deeply. If possible, I would like to postpone it a little longer.

“More importantly, did that guy say anything to you?”

[……Leave it to me.]

“I see. Well, at the very least, you’re going to cooperate so as not to be a burden.”

[W-wait ! Just tell me…….[

Yukihana said so as if shouting, but I quietly hung up the call. The call rang after that, but after a few moments, the phone went quiet. She must have sensed the futility of the situation, because she thought I was being straightforward, but then I pushed her away again.

“I guess I’ll just have to help Yukihana resolve her own ties from the shadows……”

It’s just like the old me. No, in the past, I would have helped her by standing up and protecting her, and it might be my first experience to support her like this.

“Well, it’s all about relying on others.”

There is a certain amount of uncertainty, and a little while ago, I would have ignored this and thought of ways to avoid losing out.

But this is something I need to do.

Once this one is resolved, I’m……..

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11 months ago

Hm… feels like she’s going to be the FL

11 months ago
Reply to  noobstar

From his side? I can’t really see him falling for anyone. From her side? Sure, but at the least, Kisaragi and Shinkai (and probably blond kohai too) fell first.