Episode 52 – Training?



I could not resist and had to stay at the Kohinata’s house due to the enclosure by Shizuka-san and Kohinata’s mother – Yuka-san, but of course I was not prepared for such a situation and had nothing to prepare for my stay.

I had no loungewear, no spare underwear, and no toothbrush.

But fortunately, my house is located very close to the Kohinata house, so it is not a big hassle to go back to the house to get my stuff.

Yuka-san said to me, “Why don’t you take a bath at my place?” But I firmly refused to do so. As expected, I don’t have the guts to use a bathtub that three women are using.
I am not accustomed to being with women, so the bar is too high for me. I would need a high jump stick.

I temporarily retreated from the Kohinata house, took a bath, got ready, and then flew back to the battlefield. I had left my study materials at the Kohinata house, which was my original purpose, and I had brought everything I needed to stay the night. I was fully prepared.

I had dinner with the Kohinata family, and like Shizuka-san, Yuka-san knew that I am not good with women who talk a lot. Apparently, Shizuka san had already told her.

Thanks to their consideration, I didn’t get goosebumps or nausea. There wasn’t, but …… “What do you like about Asuka?” or “What do you like about Tomoki-kun?” And so on.

The girls would ask us a lot of questions that were difficult to answer, as if they had found some interesting toys. I didn’t feel bad, but I was mentally exhausted.
By the way, Kohinata’s face turned bright red and she looked down.

After dinner was over, I moved to the guest room to prepare the futon. I offered to wash the dishes, but Yuka san refrained from doing so, so I quietly withdrew.

After finishing putting on the sheets and pillowcases, I folded them up and put them in the corner, then moved the desk to the center of the room again. I spread out my study materials in a formal way, but I couldn’t concentrate on them at all.

“Kohinata …… what kind of pajamas is she wearing?”

Kohinata is currently bathing.

In other words, a female classmate is currently naked under the same roof. I was wearing loungewear, which is supposed to help me relax, but unfortunately it had no effect at all, and I was staring blankly at my Japanese history textbook in a state of agony.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Soon, a white rabbit comes into the guest room after taking a bath.
No, of course, it is not a real rabbit, but a kohinata wearing a stuffed rabbit costume. The rabbit’s ears on the hood are hanging down and bouncing up and down whenever Kohinata moves.

“…… Oh, oh. Cute loungewear.”

I was momentarily upset because it was different from the ordinary loungewear I had expected, but the word “cute” that came out of my mouth was not false.

Perhaps pleased by my compliment, Kohinata put her hands on her hips and let out a sniffle. Then, as if to say, “Look, look, look,” she spread her arms out to her sides and began to spin around and around on the spot. Apparently, she also has a little pom-pom tail on her hips. …… I wonder if it’s not hard for her to sleep with that thing.

While thinking about this, I was sitting at the table and looking at every part of Kohinata’s body.

Then, she gave me the usual head-butt on my chest.

She was a little warm after her bath, and the scent of Kohinata was stronger than usual, stimulating my sense of smell. My brain is filled with an unhealthy pink color.
But isn’t Kohinata’s pampering becoming more pronounced lately? …… It’s not my imagination, is it?

“IS-stop, Kohinata. You’re drying your hair so nicely, it’s going to get shaggy. And don’t start poking your head in until you’re done studying, okay?”

I push Kohinata’s shoulder and break contact with her.
I only postponed the problem, but in this way I managed to avert a crisis. If Kohinata kept squeezing me in the bunny style, I might accidentally hug her. That would be out.

Kohinata let go of my body, but she didn’t look dissatisfied, instead saying, “Oh, yes!” and straightens her posture as if a surprise mark had appeared on her head.

Then, with a panicked look, she took her study materials from her bag in the corner of the room and immediately spread out her notebook next to me and started to study–but then she started to glance at me.

“? What’s wrong?”
“…………(Furu furu).”

I asked about the mysterious behavior, but Kohinata shook her head as if to say, “It’s nothing”.
She probably doesn’t …… realize that centrifugal force is causing the rabbit’s ears to flop against my cheeks. Well, that’s okay.

I’d like to say I’m going to concentrate on my studies, but what in the world am I supposed to do with this cute little costumed Kohinata in a pajama next to me?

Is this some kind of training?

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