“────, yes, ok.”

“You’ve got it all in one shot, Nanahoshi-san! The next coordinate has a mature look, so can you make your expression mature as well?”


Until just now, Nanahoshi was wearing clothes that were similar to those she had worn when she went out with me before, such as for high school girls or college students, and was making cute expressions and poses, but—When we started shooting, she wore a black lace outfit and a tight black skirt that looked like something an adult woman would wear, and she looked so mature that it was hard to believe that she was the same person from earlier.

The model’s personality could be interpreted as if she was doing modelling work as a part-time job, but this does not seem to be the case.

She takes her work very seriously and takes it seriously.

As I was thinking this, one of the staff members spoke to me.

“Boyfriend san, are you familiar with her modelling work or something like that?”

“I don’t know much about it at all.”

Regarding the model, there is only information that she appears on the cover of a magazine.

“You might not understand it, but Nanase-san is really amazing, right? There are almost no people who can do everything in one go.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, there are usually differences in interpretation with the producer, and it’s basically a process of reconciling these differences over the course of several takes.”

I see. …… If that’s the basic idea, then it can certainly be said that Nanahoshi is amazing.

Despite the fact that she has changed her coords several times, and the producer has made different requests each time, there has been nothing other than “Okay~”.

When I was once again able to notice Nanahoshi’s awesomeness, the staff member grinned a little and said.

“Well, the fact that her boyfriend is here today might be a big factor. She’s always been one for everything, but today I feel like she’s more motivated than usual.”

“I see. I’m glad.”

After that, I watched her take a picture for a while, and in the middle of it, it seemed like it was time for a break, and she ran up to me and said with a smile.

“Toiro! How do you like it? Me when I’m working as a model!”

I was surprised that she was still treating me naturally as a girlfriend, but I responded honestly to that.

“You’re shining, I think you’re perfect”


Nanahoshi’s cheeks turned red and her mouth lined up in happiness.

“The others come naturally, but when you call me by my name, my mouth grins ……!”

“Then instead of your first name, I’ll use surname────.”

“N-No good! Um…L-look! You’ve already called me by my name in front of the producers, so if you suddenly call me by my last name, they might get suspicious! that’s why! right! ”

I think that Nanahoshi’s true feelings are probably different, but since what Nanahoshi just said is true, I have no choice but to accept it.

“Right, then I’ll just keep calling you Chiha”

“Chiha ……!
…… Kyaaa~!”

Nanahoshi covered her face with her hands and ran towards the green bag.

“…… it was time for a break, but instead of taking a break, aren’t you in an unfamiliar state of mind?”

There was a moment when I wondered if she could work as a model in such a state—-When filming resumed, Nanahoshi continued to perfectly match the outfits and respond to the producer’s requests.

──── And at 13:00, the shooting was over.

“Thank you~!”

Nanahoshi said in a loud voice, and the staff members said words of appreciation for Nanahoshi.

The producer also came to us at the same time.

“Nanahoshi-san, thank you so much for your hard work. …… I thought two hours would be pretty tight with the amount of filming we did today, but thanks to Nanahoshi-san, we were able to move with plenty of time to spare.”

“Not at all! Leave that much to me!”

Seeing Nanahoshi who said that, the producer raised the corner of his mouth a little and said.

“I’m sorry, I was intruding. …… Please, as a reward for your hard work, have Toiro-san pat your head.”

“I-I’m not trying to do that!””

“Is that so? But Toiro san….I think it’s time for you, as her boyfriend, to take care of your girlfriend.”

I didn’t know if patting her head is a way …… because I’ve never had a girlfriend in the past, but if it would be unnatural if I didn’t do that, I’d have to do it.

When the producer said that and left us, Nanahoshi opened her mouth, somewhat embarrassed.

“T-that producer, he’s so serious about his work, but sometimes he jokes around like that!It’s really embarrassing ────”

I patted Nanahoshi’s head as the producer said, in order to work on such a Nanahoshi.

“…… Eh?”

Nanahoshi raised such a voice, and since this was meant to be a blessing, I patted her on the head and expressed my gratitude.

“──── you did a good job, Chiha”

When I told her that, ──── Nanahoshi stopped moving completely.

It was not only the arms and legs that stopped, but also the face, neck and even the eyes did not move at all.

“…… Chiha?”

I didn’t know the cause of her sudden complete lack of movement, and thought it might have something to do with the end of her modelling career, so I asked the producer about it, and he simply said, ‘Aaah, I understand’, and then he approached Nanahoshi and whispered in her ear in a voice I couldn’t hear.


Nanahoshi raised an inaudible voice, rapidly reddened her face and resumed her movements, and ──── then she seemed to be embarrassed, but was angry at the producer-san.

I don’t know what the producer said to her, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that Nanahoshi Chiha is someone to whom I can’t really predict anything.

……I’ve had no choice but to deal with Nanahoshi until now,──── but maybe I have more of a personal interest in Nanahoshi Chiha than I thought.

Even if …… that’s the case, what I have to do is still the same.

Keep Nanahoshi away from me and erase the existence of Toiro──── erase?

If I erase the existence of Toiro, does that mean that the time I have spent with Nanahoshi as Toiro will also disappear?


I was thinking about this in my head while Nanahoshi and the producer were having an argument.

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