When Nanahoshi and the producer’s argument was over and Nanahoshi and I were about to leave this filming studio, ──── again, the producer spoke to us.

“Nanahoshi-san and Toiro-san! Can I have one last thing?”

If I could, I would like to leave this filming studio right now and end my fake lover relationship with her, but if it’s the last time, it’s okay to ask.

“Yes, what is it?”

When I asked that, the producer said.

“I’m thinking of doing a sort of launch for this shoot at some point next week.”

“I see.”

The launch of the shoot, that’s none of my business.

“So, of course we’d like you to come, Nanahoshi-san, but if you have time, Toiro-san, would you be able to come too?”

It’s perfectly natural ──── to want the model Nanahoshi, who can be said to be the star of the shoot, to come, too, but Toiro-san too?

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard those words, but the producer and Nanahoshi were looking at me and waiting for my response, so I guess I didn’t hear it wrong.

…However, going to the shooting launch meant that I would have to pretend to be her boyfriend on the spot again.

I don’t mind just going to the launch of the filming, but having to pretend to be her boyfriend again is something I don’t want to do, and I definitely don’t want to avoid it, so I say.

“Sorry, I’m busy next week so it might be difficult.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Producer, I think it’s going to be difficult for Toiro because he’s busy next week with tests and stuff. …… right, Toiro?”

If it’s about me avoiding Nanahoshi, or if it’s about me having to pretend to be her boyfriend, Nanahoshi must have felt sorry for me, because she covers me

I gave a small nod to Nanahoshi who asked me that.

Nanahoshi doesn’t know that I’m a student of the Special High School, but as next week is the test period of the Special High School, I’m not lying to her, just in case she thinks it’s true.

Well, there’s no reason for me to be busy just because it’s a test.

When I was thinking about this in my mind, the producer said.

“Then let’s do it after the week after next!”

…… Eh?

“Why do you want me that badly to be part of the launch?”

“You’re Nanahoshi-san’s boyfriend, remember? The staff seem to be interested in you, and I’m sure Nanahoshi-san would be happy to have a boyfriend too.”

…… Speaking of that, I can strongly feel the staff members’ eyes on me from the back of the studio.

Maybe the producer is right and they are interested in me.

When I was feeling those gazes, Nanahoshi glanced in my direction and then replied awkwardly.

“T-that’s, well, …….”

Emotionally, Nanahoshi would probably want to deny it because of me, but if I deny it here, it’s like saying I’m not happy.

If that were the case, it might lead to people suspecting that we weren’t lovers, so I guess I have no choice but to answer that way.

“Then leave it to me! I’ll adjust the schedule through Nanahoshi-san, so please let me know the dates you’re free by the end of next week or so!”

…… I could only nod at that producer-san’s momentum, and when I nodded, the producer-san walked over to the staff members.

…… I can’t say what that producer-san’s momentum is, because it’s probably not only an interest in me, but also a kindness towards Nanasei.

And then, when me and Nanahoshi walked out of the filming studio together, ────

“I-I’m sorry, Toiro-san! I didn’t imagine at all that the producer would try to get Toiro-san to join the launch with such great vigour!”

Nanahoshi apologised.

When it comes to the feelings of the producers and staff, it’s no wonder they’re concerned about the fact that Nanahoshi Chiha, a famous model, had a boyfriend they thought she didn’t have.

“There’s no point in saying anything about a decision that’s been made, so there’s no need to apologise.”

“But the promised is just today. ……”

“Just one more time. We’ll pretend to be lovers just one more time, and this relationship will end. There won’t be much of a problem if we have a little more time to pretend to be lovers.”


When I said so, Nanahoshi tied her mouth once, then dyed her cheeks red and said somewhat happily.

“I …… can see Hitoshiki-san at least one more time, right? …… I’m a little sorry for Toiro-san, but I’m still …… happy”

When I look at Nanahoshi, I don’t know.

Is what I am doing correct?

Is it right to lie and hide?

But I can only do so ────

“Toiro san? You look pale, are you not feeling well?”

I shook my head and tried to shake off what I was about to remember, and then I stepped forward and said.

“Nothing, let’s go home.”

“…… Yes!”

After that, me and Nanahoshi got on the train together and went home together, talking with Nanahoshi until we reached the point where we had to split up to go home.

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