(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

The destination is supposed to take place at a campsite about two hours each way.

It’s quite well equipped, probably because our school uses it every year. I remember last year, that’s why I got so excited.

But today, I’m not in a position to get excited, I’m in a position to lead.

I have to interact moderately and organise things so that everyone can have a good time—

(Fufu, it sounds like fun after all.)

The inside of the bus is filled with happy voices.

It was a forest school a little while after they had been introduced to a new environment. It’s time to have someone to talk to to some extent.

I think it’s because you can talk to people you don’t usually talk to when it’s an event like this, so it’s exciting.

Unfortunately, we and the third-year students are sitting at the front of the room, so we can’t really see what’s going on behind us.

It was something like this last year too. …… I miss it.

As I recall, that time Tsukkun said, “Let’s have a karaoke competition!” I remember that Tsukkun got the whole class involved and got the whole class excited.


Beside me, Tsukkun is fast asleep.

I think he still has some of yesterday’s sleepiness left. He’s sleeping like a baby.

(He’s been taking care of me lately, so I have to let him sleep at least this time.)

Because he joined us today just for me.

I really wanted to talk to him too, but I’ll let him sleep until we arrive. Of course, I’ll wake him up when we get there.

I listen to the happy voices of the first-year students and watch the scenery through the window.

Then the bus rattles—



With that beat, Tsukkun’s head landed on my shoulder ……!


Tsukkun does not seem to wake up.

He is sleeping comfortably with his head on my shoulder.

The skinship from the person I love came unexpectedly. At once, my heart beat violently.

If I were the usual me, I would probably get excited and leave, but… I have to hold back so I can get Tsukkun to sleep!

Well, of course I don’t hate it! ? In fact, I’d say I’m happy…!

(I mean, Tsukkun is so cute ……)

He usually looks cool, but right now he has a defenceless, adorable face like a child.

Not so long ago I didn’t think anything of Tsukkun’s sleeping face, but now I’m so fascinated by it.

When I visited him in his room, I wondered if I was being rude. I tried not to look at him, but…


I didn’t want to wake him up, so I gently stroked his head.

For some reason, I felt like patting his head, so I gently put my hand on his head.

I’m like a big sister when I’m like this. These days, I feel like I’m always being pampered, so it’s kind of refreshing.

“Aaah, I knew you two were dating!’

At that moment when I was doing that.

Two female students came out of the back seat.


The suddenness of the situation took me by surprise.

The two girls then look at Tsukkun with some kind of mischievous smile on their faces.

“Eh, isn’t it more difficult to say you’re not in a relationship when you’re shown this kind of appearance?”

“No way, I can’t believe the seniors are making out like this so openly”

I-It is true that if they see you like this, they might get the wrong idea. ……!

“I’m just a childhood friend of …… Tsukkun’s”.

Of course, I wish we could date.

However, right now we don’t have that kind of relationship, it’s just my unrequited love.

“Heee, childhood friends. But even though you’re childhood friends, you’re pretty close, right?”

“I have a childhood friend too, but we don’t get on at all anymore, and we don’t talk.”

“Is that so?”


Tsukkun and I have never been so close to each other.

Well, we didn’t go to school together every day, but we did visit each other’s houses and talked at school.

To be honest, I just thought that childhood friends are like that kind of relationship. ……

“I mean, Minase-senpai is really cute!”

“Really, I envy her a lot! Her face is small and her skin looks so smooth.”

“Hahahahaha …….”

I was praised from the front, and I felt a little embarrassed with a wry smile on my face.

“Minase-senpai is definitely popular, right? Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Eh, no,…… I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone,……”

“Really? Even though you’re so cute and you have such a kind aura about you!?”

Because the prince was occupying my mind.

I’ve always had feelings for the prince, I’ve had confessions and stuff, but I had no intention of going out with anyone.

They looked really surprised, as if that was supposed to be a surprise.

But they soon started to look like they were convinced of something.

“Ah, but when someone like Irie-senpai is beside you, you can’t really look at the other boys too much.”


“Eh, isn’t he really cool? I heard that he’s got some serious specs, and above all, that thing he was doing earlier!”


I unintentionally tilt my head.

“Look, it was when the boys were making a fuss about Minase-senpai! Irie-senpai, he casually defended Minase-senpai, didn’t he? Those who understand will understand!”

“Right, that’s what I thought! He did it so casually, and when I saw the way he nailed it to the wall, I felt a warmth in my heart!”

“I-I know!”

The two of them agree with each other.

After all, he looked cool even when I watched him from the side!

“That’s right, he’s really casually protective! And Tsukkun is always supportive of people’s efforts, and if someone is in trouble, he will never abandon them, even to the point of putting his own body on the line! He’s also a bit silly, but that’s what makes him fun, and he’s so tough that you can’t help but want to lean on him to be pamper, and the gap between his soft eyes and smiling face that he sometimes turns to you is so great that it makes your heart tighten.–“

After saying that much, my mouth stops.

Because the two people behind me are looking at me with a huge grin on their faces.

Here, I finally come to my senses.

And I feel embarrassed that I was unintentionally talking excitedly…

“Hee, you’re madly in love with him, aren’t you?”

“Minase-senpai, you’re so cute!”

Of course it’s my fault. When the topic of Tsukkun came up, my mouth naturally fell open.

Still, I never thought it would heat up this much.


My face was bright red all the way until the bus arrived.

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