Some time had passed since the study group.

The tests finished before the long holiday period of Golden Week, and when the students had to attend school in no time, the results were posted out.

Although the individual scores were given on individual sheets of paper, the overall score was disclosed to the whole class in order to raise a sense of competition.

This caused the noticeboards for each of the grades to be overflowing with people–.

“Yay! Thirty-seventh place!”

The cute gut-punch of a flamboyant-looking girl is shown beside me.

She must have got better grades than before. Watching her like this, as the person who taught her, there was something that filled my heart with pride.

“What was your rank before?”

“Eighty-third, I think?”

“Oh, a great leap forward.”

“It’s thanks to Tsukkun-sama, thank you very much.”

Suddenly, Yuzuha lowered her head.

Maybe it’s because there’s a crowd of people passing by, but combined with my appearance, a few eyes are drawn to me.

“So, what rank was Tsukkun?”


Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen it since I just got here.

I had a good feeling, so I don’t think my ranking is that bad…

[Hey, Irie’s in first place again. ……]

[It’s about time someone pulled that guy off.]

[As long as he’s around, first place in this grade is a pipe dream, isn’t it ……?]

I think I was first.


“……, I think you should show a little joy.”


The first place is still the same as the last time.

Honestly, I’m not really happy about it, since the content was something you would understand if you had taken the class properly.

Oh, that’s right, I have to think about what I’m going to make for dinner today.

“…… I’d like to set the table with something using red rice and sea bream.”

“Yeah, I found it quite pleasing, surprisingly.”

I’ll have to make a trip to the supermarket as soon as possible on my way home.

I-I’m not particularly happy about it!

“But you should celebrate, right? I’m going to reward Tsukkun for his hard work!”

We know the ranking, and we move away from the crowd.

“A reward?”

“Yeah, my mum’s been teaching me how to cook lately too! Sometimes I’ll serve it to you myself!”

“Heee, so Yuzuha is cooking? Why are you doing that?”

She hadn’t even shown any sign of cooking until now.

What in the world is going on?

As I was pondering such doubts, Yuzuha blushed a little and looked away…

“I-I thought it would be fun to stand in the kitchen together…”

“I-I see.”

Her words were so direct that even I blushed.

At times like this, I’m in trouble because I don’t really know how to respond.

“Ah, now that I think about it, it was today, right? We’re deciding the participants for the forest school!”

Yuzuha changes the subject, as if to deceive.

We reached our own classroom at that moment, opened the door and went inside.

“Well, Golden Week and the tests are over. The teacher said we should decide, and considering how many days we have left, it should be today.”

The problem is the number of boys in the class.

Each class has one girl and one boy. If the boys are able to pair up with Yuzuha, who is so popular that she is called one of the three most beautiful girls, there is no doubt that there will be a fierce competition.

“I brought the Merikensack that Yuzuha gave me, so I think I’ll be fine. ……”

“That’s definitely a line that would make someone not okay, isn’t it?”

Well, that’s a joke.

There should be no doubt that the competition will be fierce.

“……Yuzuha has asked me to do something about it, and I’d like to win one slot somehow.”

To do so, I will have to look at using the school cafeteria to make a takeover.

As I was thinking about this, suddenly —.

“T-Tsukkun…. your voice came out”

Suddenly, my sleeve was pulled from the side.

Yuzuha’s face was even more red than before, and it looked like it was about to start steaming up.

However, I don’t know why it’s turning so red.

“Hmm? No, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes, that’s right though!”

“Well, it’s an event that I don’t have much interest in, but if it’s Yuzuha’s request, I’d like to grant it.”


Yuzuha’s face turned bright red and for some reason she slapped my chest. it hurts.

“Well, leave it to me. I’ll try to win a spot somehow.”

“Y-yeah… I’m looking forward to it!”

Yuzuha’s face was still red, but she clenched her fists cutely and looked at her with anticipation in her eyes.

…If I can’t meet these expectations, I’m not a man.

Shiori san also said that she was looking forward to it, and I couldn’t ignore what the two girls said.


As I recall, it was the last homeroom to decide.

The game is right then.

We have to prepare a lot for the moment that’s coming…


[Shit! I turned down a bribe of a week’s worth of school cafeteria ……!]

[So it’s Irie after all!]

[If only I’d played then, I and Minase-san could’ve worked together under the stars!]

[[[[[Damn it!!!!]]]]

In the end, the bribe failed.

Instead, in a fiercely contested game of rock-paper-scissors, I succeeded in wresting one of the slots away without incident.

I was so overjoyed that I unintentionally let out a yell, and my defeated classmates crumpled to the floor.

After all, it was such an important match.

But I was concerned that the gazes of the kids girls than Yuzuha seemed to be cold in some way.

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